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  1. I work at LGS, one day a gentlemen brought in a Savage bolt action that he thought was chambered in 22 lr. He was complaing that it would jam, accuracy was poor, and a 22 cleaning rod would not fit in the bore. I looked it over and saw on the barrel it was chmbered in 17 HMR and told him that was the problem. He got a strange look on his face (probably felt like a fool). So he bought the correct anmmo and I never saw him again.
  2. Reminds me of this video I stumbled across on you tube.
  3. I'm assuming that the Chevy dealership would have hooked it up to one of thoses super duper diagnostice machines that is suppsoed to tell one everything that is wrong? If they did and cannot determine the problem it makes me wonder if these newer vehicles will have issues that they cannot repair.
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