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  1. You can rent an OU at the range. Will try. I’m a SxS kind of guy.
  2. I’m thinking of taking up 5 stand. Were I to buy a new or used SxS what should I get? I do better with SxS cause I point not aim with one. Single barrel shotguns, not so much. Currently I have a 12 gauge 1903 C Win 97 sawed oft and a Stoeger 12 gauge Coach Gun. Shameless
  3. Yeah, I’ll find a model I like and run some searches on YouTubevand elsewhere.
  4. This is more like what I was talking about. This one is $700 Its 110 cc. I could do a kids 50 cc cause I just wanna putt. Easier to climb aboard? I need to run over to Arlington to look at them. My knees and stamina are my issues.
  5. My 65th Birthday was the 12th! i have Medicare! I could purchase a hoveround for little to no cost! This could change the whole outlook of Land Run in Oklahoma! A new market for increased SASS membership, GERIATRICS!
  6. As an elementary teacher I think about the children’s book OXCART MAN.
  7. Golf carts are expensive. I don’t do used well. I was wondering if anyone has attached a vertical gun rack on back of a 4 wheeler. Im thinking a 125 cc or 250 cc. I won’t use it for any other use so I could use a 50 cc, but I’m thinking those are made for kiddos. I don’t walk so far so good anymore. My favorite place to shoot there is quite a distance between stages. cheaper Chinese models? pictures? Shameless
  8. Pleeenty of leather on these. I wore em maybe 6 or seven times at matches. The soil on the soles is from the promised land. Texas. When your on indoor floors they slippery as all get out. Loud too.
  9. Size 12 Brogans. Just broke in so no blisters for you. Dunno if pictures illustrate Lil' Abner look. $60 delivered http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn107/shameless54/1B2FD573-08F3-4884-A7A5-63DE420B6C22_zpssxm7e4d7.jpg http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn107/shameless54/C5C67E2C-222E-48FB-871B-64F51BD593F6_zpse8xtyjnf.jpg
  10. http://909702.sites.myregisteredsite.com/new_page_37.htm Hard to Google Source above
  11. Wolfman! The 1858 Shoulder Stock came in. Way cool. Thanks for your advice. There is a Lyman .36 1858 I am bidding on I hope will work in her too.

  12. Tom

    I need your

    Paypal address


  13. Tom

    I need your

    Paypal address


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