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  1. AIN’T NO FOOL LIKE AN OLD FOOL I thought this was a twice barrel shotgun. Duh, no need. So Sorry.
  2. I didn't get a FFL copy. 


    My email is    wright.steve64@yahoo.com  



  3. I’m stoked about the purchase. I was wanting a 28” Rossi mule ear shoots gun. Skeet and Sporting Clays. I could care less if I win. They scarce as hens teeth and higher than a cats back. aint no doubt with these weather the safety is on or not. Shameless
  4. Hey Dakota - is the email address your address or your FFL’s i sent an email to the address you sent me. lemme know. shameless
  5. I’ll buy it. I’ll pay ya on the 19th when Uncle Sam sends me my SS. ill PM ya my FLL info - The FFL is in 75067 Yall brag on me what has dealt with me in the past. Shameless Womanizer
  6. Pleeenty of leather on these. I wore em maybe 6 or seven times at matches. The soil on the soles is from the promised land. Texas. When your on indoor floors they slippery as all get out. Loud too.
  7. Size 12 Brogans. Just broke in so no blisters for you. Dunno if pictures illustrate Lil' Abner look. $60 delivered http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn107/shameless54/1B2FD573-08F3-4884-A7A5-63DE420B6C22_zpssxm7e4d7.jpg http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn107/shameless54/C5C67E2C-222E-48FB-871B-64F51BD593F6_zpse8xtyjnf.jpg
  8. http://909702.sites.myregisteredsite.com/new_page_37.htm Hard to Google Source above
  9. Wolfman! The 1858 Shoulder Stock came in. Way cool. Thanks for your advice. There is a Lyman .36 1858 I am bidding on I hope will work in her too.

  10. Tom

    I need your

    Paypal address


  11. Tom

    I need your

    Paypal address


  12. My address is -

    Tom Craven

    % Shameless Womanizer

    586 Julia Court

    Lewisville, Texas 75067

  13. Hi

    I would like to make an offer on the snap caps

    $23.00 shipped payment made though paypay

    Thanks for your time

    Item #5 A-ZOOM Action Proving Dummy Round, Snap Cap 38 Special Aluminum 6 Pack Mines are purdier cause they red Two Packages total of 12 6 are out of package I might of used them twicet. (What me practice? What wuz I thinking?) ...

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