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  1. Btt i was asking too much for my SASS rig. This price is half of what I originally paid. Due to my stamina especially in the heat of summer I have retired from SASS
  2. Thinning the herd all my other muzzleloaders are 50 Caliber. I will throw in approx 90 Hornady .54 Swagged balls. Hot shot nipple. If you have steady hands and nerves pretty accurate. $200 + $20 Shipping
  3. 52” is my pant size. If ya notice the belt is kind of around my belly. I’ll measure it here after a while. Quality I dare say is first rate. The shotgun shells stay in place and yet easy to snag up to load. I wish I could remember where I bought it. The hunting dog buckle was an option. I could have bought a star. A sutler . . . This belt could last though two wars AND the charge up San Quan Hill!
  4. I bought the holster oft EBay . Right hand Black holster is for an 8” 1860 or 1858 cap and ball revolver. $35 delivered CONUS The two right hand brown holsters are a fit for a 4 3/4” revolver see eBay photo included. $20 delivered CONUS The polish capper works good on percussion revolvers. Not so much for single shot percussion rifles and pistolas which is all I be shooting. Ya don’t have to wait on the shipment from Poland. $30 CONUS THANKS for your kind consideration. Shameless Womanizer
  5. I’m thinking $35 delivered in CONUS. This fits my ample 52” girth. Way cooler in the summer heat than leather when yo belly b sweating. can be cut down to size or worn by a full figured cowboy. I wore it backwards and adjusted to the right as the match progressed.
  6. I have a 52” waist and the belt goes around my waist with 10 notches to spare. Note the 45 caliber 5 1/2 inch Pietta 1873 pistols that fit perfectly. $250 delivered OBO
  7. Pleeenty of leather on these. I wore em maybe 6 or seven times at matches. The soil on the soles is from the promised land. Texas. When your on indoor floors they slippery as all get out. Loud too.
  8. Size 12 Brogans. Just broke in so no blisters for you. Dunno if pictures illustrate Lil' Abner look. $60 delivered http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn107/shameless54/1B2FD573-08F3-4884-A7A5-63DE420B6C22_zpssxm7e4d7.jpg http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn107/shameless54/C5C67E2C-222E-48FB-871B-64F51BD593F6_zpse8xtyjnf.jpg
  9. http://909702.sites.myregisteredsite.com/new_page_37.htm Hard to Google Source above
  10. Wolfman! The 1858 Shoulder Stock came in. Way cool. Thanks for your advice. There is a Lyman .36 1858 I am bidding on I hope will work in her too.

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