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  1. Yeah, from what little I have looked on some single triggers actuating the safety on and off changes the sequence. SaKaBa = Japanese for Coom ba yah? Now, I gotta find me a side by side cause “Red Leg Reilly” already done tode me I can’t use an Over Under at the annual SHORTGRASS RANGERS All Shotgun Shoot event on June 6th. I’ve got a bunch of SASS accoutrements to sell cheap to the faithful. Like to find me an old 28” Rossi mule ear before then I gotta bunch o black powder shells loaded up. My knees won’t let me walk the SASS walk much no mo.
  2. I want to read up on how a single trigger shotgun functions.
  3. You mean they won’t let you shoot 5 stand barefoot?
  4. My gnu SKB! The serial number on this has an NS before the number. The serial number on the barrel just has a matching number which is why I thought my SKB was made in Turkey. The receiver and the forend has the NS number. Nope JAPAN Cha Ching! paid $750 Way dumb luck. God takes care of little children and fools.
  5. Here we go it’s an 12 gauge SKB 505 Match with the adjustable shoulder pad, two screw in chokes, and a $125 Aluminum case. The only ones I have found so far are from closed gun auctions for $1300 without the fancy adjustable shoulder pad and screw in chokes. No mention of case.
  6. You would think I would know the model number, right? It’s a beautiful fine crafted weapon. This I know. Over Under
  7. Hey Goody - On a whim I stopped into a Cash America on FTW drive in Denton. The SKB O/O was the onlyest shotgun and one of three long guns they had in stock. This is common for the very few Pawn shops I have gone into. McBrides Pawn shop on Denton County Square had NO guns period. I could not believe it. It has one of those fancy schmancy butt extenders that is perfect for my LOP. Also external screw in chokes I will have to investigate. The breach has a modern day greener closure the has a distinctive clunk when you shut it. I went to a dine
  8. Thanks! I have since found a skeet ready SKB at a pawn shop set up with my LOP. whew hew! Tourney this weekend!
  9. Did Stoeger iron out the single trigger failure on their Shotguns? There are some pretty 20 gauge 26” shotguns on buy now on Gunbroker. TIA
  10. I won’t just talk about it let’s do it! all my attempts at cart building were abject failures. Shameless Womanizer
  11. I didn't get a FFL copy. 


    My email is    wright.steve64@yahoo.com  



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