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  1. Dark, but shiney. I bought it for a trade gun frolic with my black powder group. It rained and I didna go. Bought the barrel off eBay. I replaced the non existent clean out screw and cap nipple. The rod stay assembly was cannibalized and I did not replace. A hardware store dowel rod stays put, what the hell. i am thinking it’s perfect for buck shot deer hunting. But then, how would I know I buy meat from Winn Dixie.
  2. Unlike you, I’m so smart I burnt the hair off the back of my head. i wonder why I got sick of playing drug store Cowboy?
  3. Oops, I use an octagonal brass rod to load. This is not included. Need for my flintlock.
  4. Confederate Colonel’s Kepi $30 delivered
  5. $25 delivered in a priority mail envelope CONUS i should have looked in the mirror first. The forage cap band is not defective.
  6. How I have this pictured is how I’ll ship it in two separate boxes. Dark, but pristine bore. shipped CONUS only $200 delivered.
  7. Not quite as scarce as hens teeth, but I had to shop a while to find. Note the loading rod guide is missing. A dowel rod from a hardware store works just fine for shotgun load shooting. $175 Conus only delivered
  8. Pleeenty of leather on these. I wore em maybe 6 or seven times at matches. The soil on the soles is from the promised land. Texas. When your on indoor floors they slippery as all get out. Loud too.
  9. Size 12 Brogans. Just broke in so no blisters for you. Dunno if pictures illustrate Lil' Abner look. $60 delivered http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn107/shameless54/1B2FD573-08F3-4884-A7A5-63DE420B6C22_zpssxm7e4d7.jpg http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn107/shameless54/C5C67E2C-222E-48FB-871B-64F51BD593F6_zpse8xtyjnf.jpg
  10. http://909702.sites.myregisteredsite.com/new_page_37.htm Hard to Google Source above
  11. Wolfman! The 1858 Shoulder Stock came in. Way cool. Thanks for your advice. There is a Lyman .36 1858 I am bidding on I hope will work in her too.

  12. Tom

    I need your

    Paypal address


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