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  1. I read that from 1847 until the 357 magnum came along (@1935) it was THE most powerful handgun in existence.


    The loading lever can be a challenge as it drops down sometimes.


    I read that the reason the 1st model Dragoon came along soldiers were blowing them up overloading them because of the length of the cylinder.  This and loading conical bullets backwards.


    I have had one.  Recently I bought a used ASM 2nd model Dragoon.  It I will never part with.  It’s a moose as well.


    I watch for used Walkers on Gunbroker.  Don’t see many.  People get excited and bid em up too high.


    Now, soldier On With The Hunt!


    When you buy a LaMat know that a Minie Ball fits perfect inside a 20 gauge plastic wad in the shot shell barrel. Snicker

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  2. 15 hours ago, Pat Riot said:

    I think since the first gun show I went to back in the early 80’s I have heard complaints about them:
    “Not enough guns I like”

    ”There are more knives than guns”

    ”What’s with all the jewelry tables?”

    “Whatever happened to all the (fill in blank) guns? All they have are (fill in blank) guns. 

    Etc, etc, etc, :)


    I will say the gun shows around here are a far cry better than the ones I encountered in California and Oregon. The whole show isn’t “Tacticool”  or “Faux Tacticool”.

    Where you live?  

    I was thinking they might be better in smaller towns here in Texas put on independently, not through a Company like Premier.

  3. IMG_4032.thumb.jpeg.830bb0b47662bee0be15faad23bc720b.jpeg“Walk a mile in my shoes”


    Justin Ropers size 12 D


    some wear on the heals less than 1/8 inch on the outer part of each heal.


    $50 + $20 for Priority Mail Box


    Money order, Pay Pal, or Venmo 


    I prefer my black civil war brogans









  4. Because of the laws of our great land I will have to meet you someplace in the DFW area.  

    This is perfect because my 69 year old retirement job/hobby is being a Lyft/Uber driver.


    The price tag still on them is $9.95.  What with the way things are I’m thinking $7.50 a can.  Buy all of them or none of them.  More about recycling and helping a bro out to me.


    PM me and I’ll get cha my phone number.


    Lemme know,


    Come On Christmas


    A kinder gentler former Shameless Womanizer.


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  5. 11 hours ago, Too Tall Bob said:

    As has been stated here - you have your wedge on the wrong side. But, I have another question:  You state this is an 1851 which is a black powder cap gun(note the markings on the barrel).  Then you say you are shooting it using tite group(a smokeless powder) in it.  Am I missing something?  Just curious. 
    Good luck in solving your issues. 

    You misunderstood, may have been the way I phrased it.  I meant I still had a tight grouping although I was shooting high.  I was using 20 grains Pyrodex may try 15.

  6. 8 minutes ago, Eyesa Horg said:

    The wedge goes in from the left with tab on top. From the side with the screw. You'll probably have to remove or turn the screw if it has an offset. The screw keeps the wedge from falling out when you take the barrel off. The wedge slides right by the screw in some of mine.

    Duh! Problem prolly solved.

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  7. Oh my!  Now I found a little plastic piece (why is it plastic?) that folds up I won’t have to send it back!




    I’m not wild about the sights.  I guess I need to practice (which is what I was trying to do).



  8. IMG_4019.thumb.jpeg.cef1ce89104f84cdd983d182981da74a.jpegl hope you can see.  The wedge pin won’t seat home.  I’m thinking working on the wedge on either side so it will fit correctly.  The opening is as large as it gets.


    Love the gun.  Shot high with tight group.  Only shot six due to wedge problem.  Didn’t have my plastic/rubberized hammer with me.


    Is there a good 1851 slick up video?


    Gee Pietta’s really slipping I called Cimarron today about my Tuco 45 I’m having to send it to Cimarron.  The firing pin won’t touch the primer.  Cimarron is cooperative.

    opps photos not in sequence.  Look at the gap between the flash shield and the cylinder.  The hammer can’t reach the primer.  I have not fired it or taken it apart.  WOW, just wow


    Oops photos ARE in sequence.

  9. 4 hours ago, Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329 said:

    Sprue should be facing up.  If facing down, it messes with the accuracy.

    Imperfections on the base cause accuracy problems.


    A properly sized roundball follows the rifling as it goes down the barrel, and spins giving very good accuracy.
    A RB shot out of a smoothbore is not very accurate.



    What up Dawg!

  10. When you load .454’s or .457’s in your 44 revolver a sliver ring gets cut off the ball.  Does the ball spin true to the cut off out the barrel or does it spin every which a way out the barrel.  

    I have shot cap and ball since I was a sixteen year old, 67 now and just now put the think on this.


    Also on cast your own round ball, should the sprue be centered down towards the powder or faced outward.


    I know these questions would be easy to lampoon, but hold off making sport of my query till folks that are a bit more serious answer first.



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