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  1. 4 hours ago, watab kid said:

    i like your taste in revolvers , as to buying , why not have your local gunsmith order it for you or just go to taylors and order it yourself , its easy with these , 

    Taylors has this too.


    The reason I buy as I do is bargain hunting.


    The old timers bought used guns cause they were already broken in.

  2. Thinking Facebook no likey Midway USA.


    I bought a used color case hardened Uberti 1858 and I received a multitude of Attaboy comments on the Sass Facebook page.


    I was amazed when I was on the MIDWAY USA site. Lo and behold you can buy one just like the 2020 version I bought on Gunsmakemebroker.  Make sure and enter “color case hardened” in your search.


    I said Duh you can buy one just like mine at Midway and how to look it up.


    They kicked me out of Groups.


    Buy em up fellas! when I come back after Easter I figure I can say WOW they already sold out.


    They have the shorter barreled version as well.



  3. I was sooo pleased to go to a Site that had everything Percussion Caps, Pistol Primers, Powder etc. etc.


    You can only use PayPay, Venmo,


    No Credit Cards


    They are Scammers, Kinda looks like they Cut and Pasted from Graf and Sons to create the site.


    They didn’t get to me.  Praise Be!

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  4. 27 minutes ago, Painted Mohawk SASS 77785 said:

    Howdy..Just reading your avatar...are you saying you are an ex Aussie ?..cheers

    Nope, confused.


    one of my buds was in the Navy and married an Australian.  She lived in Dallas with him awhile.


    Then they moved to Australia and he worked for Ford.  He passed away, but I interact with his wife regularly playing Words with Friends.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Pat Riot said:

    I considered making my own percussion caps, but I decided to go on a mission to find and buy caps and quit complaining about the price. 
    I figure high priced caps beat a high priced injury due to an absent minded mistake. 

    I think pie plates instead of beer cans prevents cuts.  We got all kind of pie plates due to both my wife and I jonesing pumpkin pies November through December.

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    Best price or best vendor to buy the percussion cap maker and powder?

    Best size to buy #10 or #11’s. I usually buy #11’s and squish em out of round.  They seem to stay put better.  I’ve read these little beggars be sharp.

    I have 7 tins of Remington #11’s.
    No, I bought these before the shortage/price gouging.


    We have a lot of pie tins from a few Christmas seasons.  It’s my wife and my winter obsession.  PUMPKIN PIE!  I have read a couple places they are the best go to to material.  Beer cans b sharp.


    Something to do whilst watching wifey TV shows and acting interested.

    Driving down prices of percussion caps one cap at a time!


    I do realize this may be foolish.



  7. Here is what I like except with 6 shell pouches for 2 12 gauge shells.  I plan to practice shooting sporting clays and trap to practice speed loading.


    i would like the belt to be black.  The belt needs to fit my 52” girth.



  8. 23 hours ago, Pat Riot said:

    Forgive my ignorance, but I thought the flints on flintlocks were held in place by a patch of leather. Am I mistaken?

    I ask because I think I want to buy a flintlock pistol kit for a project this summer. 

    It is the norm to use leather.  Lead does not slip as easily IMHO

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  9. 1 hour ago, Fretless said:

    That might be because your post didn't actually ask about anything.  It just expected the reader to know what you were referring to.  Also, I'm not sure if people call what you are looking for a "double up belt".  That's not a phase I've ever heard before.


    Some people wear two belts; their gun belt and a shotshell belt (or shotgun belt).

    Others prefer an all in one belt that holds the holsters as well as loops for shot shells.  "All in one" is the phrase I've heard.

    Then there is the option for a "slide", which is a piece with shotshell and/or cartridge loops that attaches (slides unto) your existing belt.


    Any leather worker who makes gun belts will be able to make any of those options.

    Maybe I should call it a “pick two” or a “Doubles Loading” belt.  What bees the nomenclature?


    “Pick two” reminds me of the Three Stooges eye poke skit.


    The other thing I thought of is placement.  Seek the belt in the Merchants area or the buy sell feature the Wire has.



  10. On 2/27/2024 at 7:57 PM, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

    You only need 8 loops at most

    Not if I use it for Sporting Clays as well and practice my speed loading.  

    One who is not Mr. KnowItAll


    It’s cool if wanna unfriend me or mayhaps you learned something today.

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  11. 22 hours ago, Cypress Sun said:


    Maybe where you shoot, but not everywhere. Many clubs that I have shot at in Florida regularly have a stage (or stages) with 6 shotgun and on rare occasion 8 shotgun. Only having 8 loops leaves no room for dropping shells or missing targets. Although I don't like the belt pictured, I like having the ability to put as many, or as few, shells as I think is needed to complete the stage and I always carry 5 extra than the needed amount. I like the canvas belts.


    COC - Buy once, cry once...get a quality, well proven belt made by an experienced SASS shooter, maker and competitor. You won't regret it.

    COC Reply - I asked on the wire about who made a double up belt or slide


    Not one reply

  12. I smash my 44 caliber more or less pure LEAD balls on the concrete sidewalk in front of my house for all the neighbors to see.


    I SMASH MY BALLS flat impressing the natural rough texture of the concrete that caused us all scrapes on our elbows and knees when we were young.


    Even now you could experience this falling off your motorcycle in da street.


    Make sure you smash your balls on the concrete on both sides to give them texture to grip your flints.


    On my 50 caliber pistol I use 1/4 of a disk.  In my pistols mate 50 caliber rifle I use 1/2 a piece of my SMASHED BALLS.  

    I bought some flint from around a Polish Castle as the pieces were too small for weapons back in the day and they were cast on the ground around the castle.  Apparently quite a few over time.


    I live close to DFW airport.  I talked to the lady selling the flints as she was in the country.  She wanted to meet me at the airport until I toad her I was married.  Que Sarah Sarah.


    Your smashed balls will not become BALLS OF FIRE when you shoot your pistol . . .  Or rifle.


    Have fun Smashing your balls on the concrete sidewalk in front ‘cho house.





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