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  1. On the black rotating plate are two different sized holes, one set for small case heads like 223, 22 hornet etc, and the larger holes for the cases that don't fit in the small holes, like 308, .416 Rigby etc. Only cartridges I have that don't fit are the 50BMG and 577/450 Martini, although there is an optional case feed plate for those size cases.
  2. Yes, the only cartridges I shoot that require an optional rotating plate with larger holes for the case head are the 50BMG and the 577/450 Martini. I have used it for my 45-110 brass with ease.
  3. I've been annealing my high power competition brass for quite a few years using this annealing machine, a Bench Source Vertex. I got it initially just for prepping my 7.62x51 and 30/06 brass but later started using it for other cartridges that I reload as well. I have reached the age where competitive shooting, ie expending several hundred rounds a day on weekends is no longer feasible for me. I have plenty of prepped brass in each caliber to last me quite a while of non-competition shooting. Even if I use it all up (highly unlikely) what little I'd need to reload in the future doesn't justify running large quantities brass thru the automated annealing process. Therefore, since I no longer need my machine, I wish to sell my Bench Source. Obviously I have used it, but it has never failed once. It just plain works! Also, I keep my gear clean and well maintained, and while many years old, it is in near perfect condition. It so clean it could almost pass for new. There are no nicks, dings, damage or any other defects, mechanical or electrical. Function is and has always been flawless. Included with it are two bottles of Tempilaq, one for 650 degrees and one for 400 degrees, plus a bottle of thinner/cleaner for the Tempilaq. These are used to establish the proper annealing temperature. The torch nozzles are included, but you'll have to obtain your own propane torch cylinders, I'm not going to ship them with the machine as you can get them at any hardware store, they are for the standard style hand held propane torch. I've included a link to a youtube video that explains how the device works and shows one in operation, including how to set it up using Tempilaq. This video is not of me or my machine, although my machine looks identical to the one in the video. You can see the propane cylinders it uses, just the basic hand held propane torch style. If you reload large amounts of brass and feel annealing is for you, then this device allows you to get very precise/repeatable results at a rate of 400-600 cases per hour. The rate varies with the type of cartridge based on how long the neck takes to reach the correct temperature as it passes thru the flame. My 22 Hornet and 218 Bee brass are almost instantaneous, my 338 Win Mag, 338 Lapua and 375H&H take a few seconds each. https://video.search.yahoo.com/sear...=d35efc5b8cc82071c0a96f23d732dc57&action=view I've attached a few pictures of my machine, I'm asking $400 which includes lower 48 US shipping. For AK and HI shipping, any additional cost over what the lower 48 shipping cost might be would also have to be added. Sorry, no international sales.
  4. Thanks, just wondering if you had a 30". I have a pair of old TC Hawken .50's, a standard 28" and a factory 30" which is supposed to be pretty rare. When I got it, I contacted TC because it looked "strange", longer than the other TC Hawkens my shooting buddy's had. TC sent me a letter telling me they made a special run just for sale in Delaware because at that time (late 60's? early 70's?) Delaware required a minimum 30" BP barrel. The gun isn't marked "Delaware Model" or anything like that, just has a longer barrel than any other TC Hawken we'd seen from that era.
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