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  1. A 200 gr 45acp bullet only has to be doing 750 fps to make WB power factor. That's 249 fps SLOWER than the max velocity for COWBOY loads. Match directors that offer "Pike" class normally (and should) set targets appropriately.
  2. I use APP and Hitech coated bullets all the time with no issues whatsoever. Nothing special required.
  3. Yer not see'n "short sleeved" shirts, yer see'n long sleeved "Mongo Vests".
  4. It's spelled with a C. And NO, it doesn't all start here. There are a lot of places with far more restrictive laws than Ca! Wyatt Earp was enforcing a "no firearms" ordinance at the OK corral.
  5. What, Mongo no have JB Weld?
  6. Mongo no have sawsall, hammer and chisel?
  7. I shoot these as well. Perfect FC, FCD or FCGF pistols. I also found a 44 mag cylinder too! Works great. Ruger isn't making these any longer and supply is drying up. Sacramento is a stand up lady and I salute her for her "no dealer" policy!
  8. Still looking, it turned out to be the old police model.
  9. Nice pair of big antique spurs. Perfect for Classic Cowboy! $150 shipped.
  10. Looking for a new model take down (not the old "police" model) Must be .40 S&W (not 9mm) PM with info if you have one for sale. Thanks!
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