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  1. When I needed a new washer, maybe 15 years ago or more, the guy at the parts house told me to get a Speed Queen. At the Speed queen dealer I asked about front loaders. His reply was that the only reason front loaders exist is for Europeans who live in small houses and have to stack their washer and drier. Told me I'd be better off with a top loader. My son has had a couple front loaders, he said he'd never get another. The only thing I did to my SQ was change a belt because my grand daughter often overloaded it.Β 

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  2. Sears invented the loss leader, sold stuff everybody needed at a loss. Once they figured out how easy it was they'd order bigger more expensive stuff. I have a bookcase/ writing desk, on the back is my grandfathers name and the town he lived in. At first I couldn't figure out why he wrote his address on his furniture, then realized it was probably Sears that did it when they shipped it to him.

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  3. I loaded a bunch of 158 gr rnl in 9mm cases once. They worked fine in a ruger, but wouldn't work in a S&W, the smith had a tighter chamber and would choke on them. I'd load up about 10 and try them.

  4. I have a CZ 452 and a Savage MKII. The CZ is a light barrel, the Savage has a heavy barrel. Both are about the same with their preferred ammo , SK standard plus, but the CZ seems to shoot other brands a little better. The thing about Wolf ammo is they don't make any ammo they just import it. Wolf target .22 is made by Lapua who also makes SK standard plus.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Sgt. C.J. Sabre, SASS #46770 said:

    The trigger guard looks right, and you can just see what looks like the cocking handle on it. That square thing is the buckle on the strap of the ill fitting holster she has it in. What I wonder is where is the Bolt Action handle on it.

    The bolt must be under that buckle.

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