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  1. I think that's already been pointed out. When I bought my first set of dies, 40 or more years ago I was asked what they were for , AR15, then you need small base.
  2. From every thing I've read Colt has never chambered an AR in .223. Even the ones marked .223 were 5,56
  3. I think it was a Fortis RED. https://fortismfg.com/ar10-fortis-762-red-brake-blk
  4. I had a AR10 .308 with a good muzzle brake, that kicked less that my 5.56 carbine. Got rid of all my FAL's, they kicked too hard.
  5. I'd just get one of these, https://palmettostatearmory.com/blem-psa-pa-15-16-nitride-m4-carbine-5-56-nato-classic-ar-15-rifle-with-13-5-m-lok-rail-black.html remember you can change any part to suite your needs later.
  6. I started with .44 spl, have a 94 Winchester that feeds them fine. One thing I noticed with that gun is that with reduced .44 mag loads it key holes a lot, same load in spl cases shoot fine.
  7. The scarecrow said, "The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an Isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side." Not the opposite, just plain wrong.
  8. The scarecrow didn't have a brain, just a diploma, pretty common actually.
  9. Looks like something my teen aged self would have done, stuff small sized leather boots in large size crocs to screw with people.
  10. my favorite rabbit hole, good stuff. https://www.rabbitholedistillery.com/pages/boxergrail
  11. I heard somewhere that in WWII after the Germans overran France they found several of those. The officers fired them up and used them as bumper cars.
  12. Maybe they came off the left side of a Dodge.
  13. Didn't all Chrysler products have left hand thread lug nut on the left side of the car until the 70's at least?
  14. My cousin had a set of kerosene lamps. I asked why there was no oil in them, he said he couldn't get them open. After a bit of struggle I figured out they were LH thread. Why would anyone put LH threads on a lamp?
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