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  1. A birthday present to myself a few years ago was two packs of 50 each full moon clips for my 45 acp revolvers.
  2. Almost certainly a defective gas block. I still want one. I'm sure Ruger will take care of it.
  3. Johnny Walker Blue Label, please. Neat. Glad to see ya drop by!
  4. My pride and joy (in the kitchen, anyway). GE gas cooktop, 5 burners. I dearly love this thing.
  5. The Carcano M91 has been described as a Mauser variant for some time. It also has Mannlicher characteristics. Ultimately, it's neither, being it's own critter.
  6. I know a couple of guys in a rusty '77 Chevy that, for 10% of what you owe, will make sure you pay up. They don't even know what a fedora is.
  7. My wife is scared of power outages, and has flashlights secreted all over the house. From my living room chair, I can see at least four, plus several battery powered candles. And, I routinely carry a flashlight in my pocket. That said, I like @Alpo idea, and will place one on the outside of the breaker box.
  8. It's not about treatment. It's about how much money can be extorted by those willing to use the legal system to their own means.
  9. I have carried Glocks (per department policy) on more than one occasion. I never failed to qualify with high scores, usually 100%. That said, Matthew Quigley said it best:
  10. https://americanhandgunner.com/discover/skeeters-last/ Good read...
  11. We are seeing substantially higher prices, and gas went back over $3 rather quickly after the mid term elections. Eggs are $4 to $5 per dozen, and there hasn't been a sale on chicken in almost a year.
  12. I've rode the lightning a couple of times, plus a few friendly fire stun gun applications from fellow officers. Dad almost electrocuted me once with a faulty extension cord and a terrazzo floor. That hurt worse than the Taser or the stun guns.
  13. Starline has them new for .25 each in the 500 quantity and .22 for the 1000 quantity. Once fired used should bring half of that plus shipping. So .10 to .12 each.
  14. Perfectly legal....on tv. Not so much in the real world.
  15. I am totally underwhelmed. While it will draw quite a bit of favor from the millennial crowd, unless gifted one, I don't see myself with that abomination.
  16. My autistic and mentally challenged stepson has been in residential care for two years. Late in October, the company who runs the homes advised us that they would be closing down. The reason was they could not keep qualified people to operate the homes. So, the day before Thanksgiving, Brandon came back home to live with us until another residential home is found. A local mental health agency has an empty house just remodeled and ready to move into, but cannot hire enough people to work it. Until they do, Brandon will be living with us again. So, yeah. The worker shortage is personal with us.
  17. "Modern" 44 Colt ammo is dimensionally the same as 44 Special, except the rim is smaller. Yes, it's safe to shoot in a 44 magnum gun.
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