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  1. If you think this post is confusing, you should sea mine.
  2. A couple was walking on the beach at sunset. Filled with the moment, he turned and asked "did you ever imagine in your wildest dreams that we would be here together?" To which she replied, "you're not in my wildest dreams."
  3. Relationship tip for men: Tighten the lids on all jars in the house. She’ll have to speak to you eventually.
  4. Be careful. I got a history of breaking up those parties.
  5. Married life after 60 During check-in at airport for a non-stop flight, the airline staff was very apologetic to the husband and said: "I am sorry sir, the flight is really full today. We couldn’t put you and your wife adjascent seats. Your seat number is 14A and madam's is 42H." Husband: "Oh, thanks. Do I have to pay anything extra to you for this favor ?" *Staff: "No sir, your wife has already paid."
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