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  1. Tried a new recipe Sunday. Chocolate Pecan Cobbler. Got it from a Youtube channel called "Meat Church". It was awesomely good hot with Blue Bell home made vanilla ice cream, but even better cold the next morning.
  2. Them little holes...that's where your dignity drains out.
  3. Every time I have a new pain, the first thought through my head is "so this is how it ends".
  4. Gambling addiction hotlines would do so much better if every fifth caller was a winner.
  5. I'm 6'2" tall. Strangers ask me to get stuff off the top shelves for them.
  6. Before 1999, they were all 24". After 2003, they were all 20". 2000, 2001 and 2002, Marlin made both. They made the Cowboy II in '97, '98, '99 and 2000.
  7. I had a rough childhood...I had to help my dad build the house I was born in, but then my mother died six months before I was born and left me to raise my younger brother and sister all by myself. I've never recovered...
  8. If you shoot after you are not in danger, you are committing an assault with intent to kill. You can only use self defense to stop the unlawful use of force. Not to play catch up.
  9. At the point that the offender is intentionally trying to, or through grave indifference to human life, endangers your life and has to be stopped from doing so. Ability. Opportunity. Jeopardy. The offender has to have the ability to harm you. He has to have the opportunity to harm you. He has to be placing you in jeopardy of harm, or making you think you are in harm's way. Once those three are met, it's game on. Example. He has an operable vehicle. You are in the path of his vehicle. He accelerates the vehicle towards you when he could have surrendered, or reversed away from you.
  10. I'm eagerly anticipating receiving my CZ Sharptail, especially since I broke my SKB at the Alabama State match.
  11. You know, I’m pretty sure they stopped making ghosts after the Civil War. You never see a ghost with a man bun or smoking a bubblegum flavored vape.
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