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  1. The reverse of that story is a widow I know who believed what her deceased husband told her about the value of his guns. She offered a H&R 9 shot 22 for $400, and wanted $5500 for a pair of extremely worn 3rd gen Colts. I wished her well with her sales and made a hasty retreat.
  2. Early '90s, there was a pawn shop owner I had helped out on several occasions. He sold me a 1979 Colt Python for what the pawn shop had in it. $100. Three years later, in a moment of stupidity, I sold it for 6 times what I had given for it.
  3. Political stunt from 2018. Karen Mallard of Virginia. Never prosecuted, as she should have been.
  4. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-16-m4-carbine-length-5-56-nato-1-7-nitride-freedom-rifle-kit-5076171.html https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-ar-15-sheepdog-15-stripped-lower-receiver.html $420 plus shipping and FFL fee, if you have to pay one.
  5. 80% of the time, ours get used for frozen tater tots and okra. I made potato wedges last week and they were a hit. Wife uses it more than me.
  6. It's considerably more than the "I'm waiting" expressed by a mother or spouse.
  7. I recently drew 30 days for reposting a Gary Larson Far Side cartoon I found on facebook. The account that originally posted it wasnt censored in any way. I was prohibited from making calls, selling or going live for 30 days. All activities I dont do anyway.
  8. An Alabama gunshop sells on gunbroker. They regularly sell "gunsmith specials" in groups of four or five guns. They do a pretty good job of describing the group, and add the disclaimer "as is, no returns".
  9. The basement in my house was a selling point to the wife, who is terrified of tornados and thunder storms. She heads to the "safe room" any time there is significant weather. The worst water infiltration we've had is a single wall that gets damp enough you can feel moisture on it. I do run a dehumidifier year round. Most of the time, I'll go weeks without having any condensation in the bucket. During the spring and summer, I'll have to empty it daily.
  10. Most often a Commander sized 1911. Sometimes, a pair of little ones, specifically my LCP+ 380 and my S&W 642. LCP+ in a pocket holster, 642 on my ankle. I do have a Ruger LC9 that I carry some. It was my brothers before he passed. I can wear it under a tee shirt in a Mitch Rosen belt holster. Holds 9 rounds of 9mm.
  11. Bad Byron's Butt Rub is what I use. I can make it as good, but it ain't as convenient as buying my favorite flavor off shelf.
  12. Alabama's insurance rates, like Florida's, are tied to the risk of natural disasters (read that hurricanes and tornados). We in North Alabama pay a higher rate because of beach houses on about 35 square miles of sand in the Gulf Shores area.
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