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  1. 55 minutes ago, Alpo said:

    I believe in starting them young. I started my daughter when she was 11.






    The oldest girl - this was her fifth birthday.




    And the younger girl - the blonde - in that picture with the pistol and her daddy she's four.

    Both of mine started around 6 years old.  The daughter quit being interested when she discovered boys.  The son quit when he got a drivers license.  Neither one has shown any interest since.  I do have a couple of grandsons who may be interested.  But they both live 2500 miles away.


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  2. 6 hours ago, Alpo said:

    I had one of them. Bought it to fund my retirement. Bought it, put it in the safe, leave it alone. Unfired new in box it will be worth a fortune.


    Several years after I bought it I checked the going price. It was worth $5 more than what I had paid for it.


    So I gave it to my daughter. I get more fun out of this





    than I ever did out of having it in the safe.

    That's awesome!  If one of my kids or grandkids showed any desire in shooting, i'd unbox mine.

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  3. I have a 1953 Colt Police Positive that is new in box, unfired.  I've had it about 25 years.  I have a Ruger 50th Anniversary 22 pistol new in box, unfired.  


    I have multiple copies of similar guns to both of them.  


    Other than that, a lot of my guns are in danger of being traded if they don't get shot in 12 months or so.


    Very few of them ever reach that status.

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  4. I have two 1911s with adjustable sights.  A Colt Gold Cup and a Springfield Armory Loaded.  After taking them out of the box, and setting them where I wanted the rounds to hit, I have never adjusted the sights again.  I've had the Gold Cup over 25 years, and the Springfield about 12 or so.  I have about 17 other 1911s that are pretty much stock, with a couple of exceptions.  I have replaced front sights on several with fiber optics.  Most notably, a Springfield EMP.  Dang thing always shot low, so I measured the front sight and found out it was way too high.  Ordered a Dawson Precision that was the appropriate height, and it's been an awesome shooter ever since.

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  5. On 10/21/2023 at 4:04 PM, Cat Cummings SASS #1870L said:

    What is the MFG of the brass?

    It's mixed brass.  Mostly Winchester and Remington Peters.  A few Frontier Cartridge.  The rest consist of the following headstamps:  S.A. Corp, Frontier, Hornady, Super Speed, WW Super, Remington UMC, PMC and Super X.  Some may have been reloaded. It's brass picked up at shooting ranges and given to my by family members.  I have 3 30-30s, but also have a bunch of factory ammo, so this is extra to me.  

  6. 42 minutes ago, Alpo said:

    I've heard something similar. Skeeter Skelton? Maybe.


    The article was, I believe, on having your gun snatched. The cop was left-handed. Carried an empty gun in his holster on his right side, and a snubby in the hand warmer pocket of his jacket on the left. If he was in a spot where it might be likely that someone would try to snatch his gun, he would be holding on to the left hand gun in the pocket.

    Could have been that my acquaintance copied something he read.  But he sure enough did it that way.  

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  7. Knew a cop who, in the days before security holsters were common, habitually carried a model 10 empty in his holster.  He also carried a model 12 snub in his left front pocket, fully loaded.  His plan was that if someone grabbed his model 10 from the holster (it did have a over the hammer strap), he was going to left hand draw the model 12 and give them all six.  


    Nobody he knew thought it was a good plan, but for the 10 plus years he was in LE, that's what he did.  

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  8. The wife has Windows 11 on her new Dell.  I am running Windows 10 on my going on 7 year old Acer.  I don't seem to have as many issues as she does.  And I do a lot more with documents than she does.  Her computer is used for web surfing and photos, while I work with Word, Excel, and Adobe Acrobat quite a bit.  Mine is slower on start up, but then again, it is 7 years old.  I'm good with it lasting a few more years.  

  9. Went by the local H-D dealership to pick up a couple of HOG tee shirts Sunday.  They had this on the floor, and now I've got an urge that I need to stay away from...2021 Fatboy 114.  

    2021 fatboy.JPG

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  10. 8 hours ago, bgavin said:

    If the ridge requires extensive work, consider cutting them all off and installing ridge vent.
    I have this on my place and it does an excellent job of helping to vent hot attic air.

    +1 for the ridge vent.  Really works well.  And yes, buy 3 tab shingles and cut your own caps unless you just want to spend extra money.  I've done tons of roofing jobs and repairs, years ago.  Spent a half day on a roof yesterday replacing some damaged tin (it was a shed, not a residential roof).  My knees are really telling me about it this morning.

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