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  1. Sold locally.  I've had these for a few years, bought them from Tequila Shooter, IIRC.  They're a smooth running pair of 357 magnum revolvers.  They are four click guns. The grips have been stripped and refinished with TruOil.  The grip frames have been lacquer coated (peeling slightly, easy to recoat).   A couple of years ago, one gun started missing a round every now and then, so I replaced the firing pin with a new one from VTI, and it's been good ever since.  Asking $650 plus shipping to your FFL for the pair.  

    cattleman revolvers.jpg

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  2. Several of our local shops regularly have older guns brought in.  One uses facebook and youtube to advertise his.  He figured out that he could post videos of his guns without angering the facebook gods.  I've bought several from him via these postings.  I picked up a pre lock S&W 625 Mountain Gun in 45 Colt a few months ago that way.  Bought two cases of mixed shotgun shells from him yesterday from his facebook page.  First time I've seen Nitro 27s in a while, and I got over a case of them in the mix.  

  3. 6 hours ago, Alpo said:

    Man alive. How long do you let that set before it's safe to eat?


    Four and a half cups of sugar. Four and a half cups of Karo syrup. 13 ounces of chocolate chips. 1 hour at 350°. My lord, that ought to be lava. And it's got that pecan crust on top of it to hold the heat in.


    Your tongue did not burn off?

    It sat for a little over an hour before we ate it.  I was fixing a chicken pot pie that had to be cooked at a higher temp than the cobbler, so I finished the cobbler first.


    The recipe I copied was 2 1/2 cups of brown sugar and 2 1/2 cups of lite corn syrup.  I actually cut that back to 2 cups of each, and on the next making, will cut it back again to 1 1/2 each.  That based on the capability of my skillet.


    The scoop of 'niller ice cream made sure no tongues were burnt in the consuming of said cobbler.

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  4. Tried a new recipe Sunday.  Chocolate Pecan Cobbler.  Got it from a Youtube channel called "Meat Church".  


    It was awesomely good hot with Blue Bell home made vanilla ice cream, but even better cold the next morning.  

    chocolate pecan cobbler 20 minutes later.jpg

    chocolate pecan cobbler.jpg

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  5. On 5/26/2023 at 9:03 AM, Alpo said:

    One of the advantages of being old. People help you.


    In the grocery store, stuff is either on the top shelf where I can't reach it, or it's on the bottom shelf where if I get down to get it I can't get back up off the floor. And I have stopped random people and asked them to help, and they invariably will stand up on their tippy toes or get down and crawl on their hands and knees to get me what I'm asking for. And I firmly believe that if I was 25 and asked the same question they'd give me a dirty look and go on with what they were doing.

    I'm 6'2" tall.  Strangers ask me to get stuff off the top shelves for them.  


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