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  1. Reminds me of the time a friend & I went canoeing down a small river in Ohio on New Years day. Yeah, we dumped it all right & I have since gained a little more common sense & now live in Texas. :D
  2. Please let TBone or Ellie know if you're interested in shooting Plainsman. Griff has volunteered to run it as a side match if there are enough shooters interested.
  3. Would anyone like to copy the list & post it on here ?
  4. Page not viewable if you are using Adblocker. No thanks......
  5. It was good to meet & shoot with you. Another fine cowboy added to the list.
  6. I'm a-comin & smoked chicken Alfredo is comin with me !
  7. http://www.reloadammo.com/9mloads.htm I load 124 gr Berry's & Clays.
  8. Yusta B.


    I don't disagree with your reasoning at all - just with what's written if that's not with what's meant.
  9. If a stage writer wants it one way or the other, he/she needs to specify that. I think it's BS to require something not specified in the stage description.
  10. Yusta B.


    In response to: "Believe you have BADLY misinterpreted the definition of "Range Officers" The way I read the ROI manual, it states: MATCH PROCEDURES AND TERMS All match positions described below are Range Officers. The Timer Operator is the Chief Range Officer during shooting stage operations. And then lists the 9 positions listed above. (I agree with A.O. Hearts)
  11. Asking for a little intervention on his behalf here .........
  12. Seller&Bellot is another option. They typically are about $6/K cheaper. I am into my second 5K using them in .32 Single Sixes, .38 Cody '73 and 9mm Ruger SR9C with no failures of any kind.
  13. Yusta B.

    32 vs 38

    One category requires .40 cal minimum. In others .45, .44, .38, .36 and .32 are all legal. So, yes, if you shoot .38s you will be competing against all the others.
  14. Ahhhh - Lucas, the Prince of Darkness ..... :D
  15. Boomstick did my ROAs & they are very nice. Look factory done.
  16. Nope - just info for those who might be interested.
  17. I learned the importance of always using the exact shell holder that was used to setup the reloading dies. In other words don't setup your dies with a shell holder & expect to get the same seating depth, etc. with different brand shell holders.
  18. 16 lb Clays, 5K Win 209 - $400 delivered.
  19. So would a true good guy !
  20. Boozy Creek & Quickly Down Under come to mind & they're both pretty fast.
  21. And lube well after. They remove any & all rust preventative products.
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