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  1. You been sneakin over to the Bar-3 ?
  2. N.E. Texas usually $15, at least one club includes lunch with that. It also includes PCC match in the afternoon.
  3. This is from the ad - no 32-20 listed Home Metallic Reloading Handgun Dies Die Sets 32 ACP / 32 S&W / 32 H&R Mag
  4. Are you absolutely, unequivocally sort of positive those are the correct pins for the caliber ??
  5. Check Fleabay & gunbreaker for a Mec 600 jr in descent shape. You'll thank yourself.
  6. Absolutely, positively monthlies are for practice ............... right up until that dang timer goes off.
  7. Wish I was. Gonna shoot as many as I can at Bar-3 Sat. Last time I shot there only made it thru 3 stages.
  8. See Sedalia Dave's data above. It's spot on.
  9. Ahhh - Curt Rich IS the good Capt. Baylor ...........
  10. And check the lifter arm and timing after parts are replaced.
  11. I'm reloading them & like them better than AAs.
  12. Don't reload BP in a carpeted area......
  13. Haven't seen anyone in SASS shooting those profile bullets & have them work reliable in 15 years. 160, 180 or 200 gr round nose flat points will give a more harmonious outcome.
  14. I like to shoot - but I think it's really the people ....
  15. Here's a Potterfield video showing rim to center fire conversion.
  16. All the Estates I have seen are 8 pt.
  17. Ole T Bone shoots right handed & loads thru the gate left handed. He occasionally practices at the LT by loading his rifle that way. Gets 60 rnds. practice in a 6 stage match. I wonder why he's so good at it ??
  18. There were 25 at CAC last year if you include the Senior CC's.
  19. They are $5.54 at Wally World. Don't know if they will deal on a case.
  20. Try the SUPER SPORT COMPETITION TARGET LOAD. 12 2 3/4 1 8 1180 fps. I think they reload better than AAs, last longer.
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