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  1. Yusta B.

    92 questions.

    92 questions and I have only 16 answers - I feel woefully inadequate ..... again ...
  2. If you're talkin about the Shaketails, be aware - not to be offensive in the least - they have a little different idea about target placement, & size as compared to most other clubs. Lake George (Colorado Cowboys) is also in the area & will provide a little different perspective along those lines. Either will provide some real fun !!
  3. Happy 10/22 day pard !
  4. Ever since I started shooting ......I count the holes in the ice cube trays as I fill them.
  5. I R&R'd one using a good magnet and about 10 minutes time.
  6. Or ------ they're just interested in a bunch of fun !!
  7. Long Hunter is a man to trust. If he offers it & you like it, it's an excellent choice.
  8. Any category offered with Gunfighter in it's name + B-Western.
  9. Listen to this fella ^^^^^^ He runs a 97 like a turbocharged banjo !
  10. A .38 Marlin will probably be just about as light as a .32 & a whole lot easier to find.
  11. But - but - but ---- then you couldn't shoot DD !!!
  12. This ^^ Plus Hairtrigger Hayes & T-Bone Dooley. That would be enough to convince me.
  13. Put in a fold down flat top in case your tang sight gets broken/damaged, etc.
  14. Claybuster has loads at 1150 published. Might try some of them. http://www.claybusterwads.com/index.php/winchester-style/33-load-data-cb1075-20
  15. Yusta B.

    Comin at Cha

    Little bit of rain, very shootable match, most stages you could make up misses with shotgun or on stages with knock down plates you would have 20 shots for 15 targets & extra shots at dump plate where misses didn't count. Good bands. Huge Category winner buckles. Big categories had smaller buckles 6 or 7 deep. Motorized mounted shooting. Good banquet, good potluck dinners. Sorry you couldn't make it.
  16. I've shot with a lady in a wheelchair, a double amputee, a shooter with no trigger finger, all sorts of maladies. If a person wants to shoot, there are MANY clubs that will make any adjustments necessary to accommodate them. All that's required is showing up. This is truly a sport for anyone as long as they have the desire to shoot and are capable of safe gun handling.
  17. 3 Pair in our family. I shoot them, my daughter shoots them (won Comin At Cha '19 & Oklahoma State '20 L. Frontier Cart. and my granddaughter shoots them (WR '19 1st in category & 5 various state category 1st. And if anyone fu-fu's .32's, ask them to hold some targets for ya ! We shoot 100 & 115 gr. @ 750-850 fps. They're muy fun & very reliable.
  18. This is what T-Bone does. He also says - you have to stage guns according to stage requirements and baring stage instructions to the contrary, you can shoot them from wherever you like & re-stage anywhere safe.
  19. Texas has a new Ladies Frontier Cartridge State champion - my daughter Mean Michelle.
  20. Yes .. ^^ I don't particularly care for people (except TO) moving around the firing line during my blazingly fast stumble thru the stage.
  21. Couple of BP shooters did quite well !! There was only about 4 sec between 4th overall & 9th. Good close match !!
  22. Spectators don't get to make a call ! BS scoring.
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