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  1. I had some minor problems with my Frankford tumbler leaking. I took a piece of about 150 grit sandpaper & a 12" long board & squared & smoothed the ends of the tub a bit & used a small bit of Mobile 1 grease on the gasket. Seemed to help a lot.
  2. He probably should otta discuss that with the TO a'fore he starts the stage.
  3. He'd be known as 2 fingered Ike .....
  4. The way he was throwin shot into the shore - what he shoulda got is arrested !!
  5. Straight triggers were invented by hungry gunsmiths - no offense intended, we all gotta eat ! If you THINK it makes you faster - that's all that counts. Good psychology never hurts ........
  6. Guess I'd better git rid of the 1 I shot for 12 years & the 2 my girls shoot.
  7. Not for those powders but - I loaded Promo down to 10 gr for my granddaughter when she was 10 @ 7/8 oz.. Iffy in cold weather, very dirty.
  8. Probably not what you're looking for - but do not miss driving the Chief Joseph Highway out of Yellowstone.
  9. The flip caps will be much easier to use than the screw caps.
  10. Have a friend up in CO. that shot 32-20 in frontier cartridge for years - both rifle & pistols.
  11. Buffalo Arms is advertising 45 colt cowboy ammo in stock. A-N-D now out of stock Might be worth a call ?????
  12. I don't know where to find one but try lightening the mainspring. I wouldn't mess with the stock spring until you have a replacement in your possession...... VTI is out of stock.
  13. Gee - thanks a lot Joe now I can't shake this playing in my head .....
  14. Thanks - got one on order.
  15. call 972-977-2356 polymer coated high quality. https://www.cimarronbullets.com/ in Texas. Was free shipping on 2200. Don't know if still available.
  16. Bunch of wisdom here ^^^^^ In your past recreational experiences - golf, fishing, cycling, archery etc. have you found satisfaction in competing or participating ? Both ? Take a hard look at your previous endeavors & evaluate what you have previously been satisfied with. I've always been a competitor, but have been satisfied with bottom of the upper third in ranking. (Struggling to make the mid to bottom of middle third now) But in this pastime, with the people I've met & shot with, I'm SOOOO satisfied with this experience.
  17. Double Alpha bullet feeder, die only no carousel. I made an adapter for a single polycarbonate tube holding 50 bullets. I load 5 of these tubes before starting loading. I hand prime 250 cases ahead of time. I can load 100 rnds in about 8 minutes this way.
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