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  1. What you are describing is personal timing. Heavy springs etc are bandaids.There are a couple guys commenting on this thread who achieve shot splits that cannot be measured on a timer on CAS steel. I know at least 2 of them don't depend on heavier springs to do that.And being a World champ and the like has less to do with shots splits and lock time and more about surviving for 3 days mistake free as possible.




    Sorry, but lock time can be a factor. I know of at least one multi world champ that can out run the hammer fall of a revolver to a point that if the hammer fall is really slow he will actually be moving to the next target before detonation causing misses. To improve locktime you have two options. Lighter components like hammers and firing pins or SASS mandated standard weight parts and heavier springs.

  2. Deuce,

    That is a purdy and impressive collection.

    The photo plaque with the buckles is very special.

    I would suppose that is $100,000+ of travel, ammunition, guns, entry fees, time, etc.

    Probably a lot more in great memories.

    Thanks for sharing with us mere mortals.

    Thank you Pete! Lets not get into $$$ specifics please LOL, I don't want to think about it. The memories and friendships made along the way have been priceless and would have been just as good without the buckles etc. I'd trade em all in a heartbeat for a few more minutes with friends that have passed on. Unbelievable rewards in this game that you can't put on a shelf.

  3. Here are a few of what I could actually get to without tearing the basement apart. Some are my wife and some are mine. Proud of them all but feel bad cause we don't do anything with them as far as display. Good memory fuel for all the good times and all the places I've been fortunate enough to go shoot at over the years.



  4. Welcome, going to the State shoot will be a really good option and gives you the chance to support a vendor. Wild West Mercantile online is also a very good choice and has been a huge supporter of SASS/CAS over the years. While it is possible to start and stay with the bare minimum I applaud anyone who is looking to start off trying a little harder in the clothing department. What we wear along with the spirit in which the game is played is what distinguishes SASS from other shooting sports and I love to see it embraced. Enjoy

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  5. Have shot hundreds of stages that use rebar stands and thousands and thousands of rounds at targets hung on them. As someone who has moved TONS of steel I love the versatityand ease if use. Yiur targets and stands look great!!!!!

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  6. The quality and craftsmanship differences are so obvious thats it's not worth touching on. Yes Stoegers have been in the winners circle many many many times. But currently there are a hundred shooters than can outrun the best SxS shooter there was in the game 10 years ago. Everything changes. Techniques have evolved over time. I thought I would never stop shooting my BSS. Loved that gun. When I finally broke down and tried a SKB the handling differences alone cut 3/4 of a second instantly. Shotgun is where THE most time is lost in the game. The Stoeger fills a much needed gap in the game by getting many shooters into the sport economically and fairly reliably, still have mine in my safe (first cowboy gun I ever owned). And guys if you don't want to drop the cash for a SKB for yourselves and you are lucky enough to have your wife shooting with you do her a favor and buy her a SKB, she will love you for it.

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  7. I am pushing the reset button on this and resisting had some email issues with my Mac. This is my personal back up that has been a safe queen and never has seen a cowboy match. It's in really nice condition and has a lifetimes worth of cowboy shooting in it. Very small crack on right hand side, a couple scratches on stock from handling but other than that it's a cream puff. 22" barrel action work by Doc Noper. I should be keeping this for a backup but funds are needed elsewhere right now. Again awesome gun and not a slapped out backup. $1385 shipped to your FFL. Price is firm and no trades. SKB's this nice are getting hard to find. First "I'll take it" posted here gets it. Thanks for looking and Merry Christmas.







  8. Interesting topic,with some good thoughts being shared. The match director side of me recognizes that we are in the entertainment business. I am all for recognizing as many shooters as a mach sees fit to. How a shooter chooses to feel about their own accomplishments is up to them. Recently at a board meeting for our state match the question was posed would shooters rather see a smaller amount of buckles awarded but make the buckles higher quality or more buckles making them not as "fancy" due to cost, the first reaction was higher quality buckles but stick with more of them LOL. It seems a lot of our shooters sport wide like lots of awards given. As Four Bucks pointed out what does it really matter. The core of this game is meeting individual goals and self satisfaction, because in the end there really is not anything else. Not to switch subjects but I always scratch my head when people talk about all that shooters have sacrificed to be successful in this game. Sacrifice is something that a soldier does,something a LEO or Fireman does, or even a Mom and Dad, not someone who chose to dryfire more than the next guy. I can speak with 100% certainty that the biggest award you will receive comes from within knowing that for that particular few days you happened to put together a match that got you to your finish. If you are expecting more you will be disappointed. Probably not a popular view but hey I've been there before. It's the contributions that folks make on and off the range that labels champions. Anyway thats the view from this old busted up soon to be wranglers saddle LOL.

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  9. It just needs to be fitted.


    Think about this. You go to an auto parts store for a part expecting that part to bolt right one. But, the first thing they will ask you is what make, what model and what year. In the case of the Marlins which have been made since 1880's, much of that info is not available. So there will always be possibility it won’t drop right in. As a gunsmith the best you can hope for is a part that is too big. You can always whittle it down to fit.


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  10. The concept of trying to keep the shells spaced correctly from the belt,bando or whatever your using to the chambers while also trying to get max speed has never made sense to me I guess. I let the gun do that and try to do everything else as efficiently as possible. When someone shows me different on the timer I'll starting thinking about changing and teaching differently.

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