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  1. I can tell you that even if every part had to be hand/custom made for anything I ever break on one of my Mirokus I still would never rely on a Uberti 73’. I’d go back to a Marlin first. Absolutely love and trust my Miroku 73’s. We are working on new aftermarket parts all the time and what isn’t made yet can be sourced from existing parts available due to some very talented smiths. And Winchester does listen, the recent Comp 73 model incorporated some suggestions that came from a couple cowboys who spent some time with lead guy on their rifle line. They are just a bit slow to come to fruition.
  2. SOLD Have 6 1/2 pounds of H4198 that’s been kept well for sale at the Ides of March FL state championship. $165.
  3. SOLD Will have these available at Ides Of March FL state championship this week. Ruger Old Model Vaqueros stainless .357. Here’s what been done. - 3 1/2” stainless octagon barrels installed. - solid brass front sights installed - SBH half cock hammers done by Lassiter no transfer bar (NOT short stroked) -Aluminum ejector rod housing -Bead blasted frame -Round butted grip frames with rosewood Evil Roy grips be eagle hand fitted -proprietary springs installed. $2500 at the Ides. I had these done up for my youngest son but he’s a couple years away from shooting still. Have an upcoming procedure and need to cover some co-pays. SOLD
  4. Not for sale ever but here’s my 1887 made in 1888 done by Fireball and was actually his backup. One of my most coveted cowboy guns.
  5. SOLD Winchester 1873 Comp .357 mag. 20" heavy round barrel, all blued, shotgun style buttstock with checkered steel buttplate. Factory short stroke and action tuning by me which includes one piece tool steel firing pin extension and after market lightweight lever safety/trigger spring, big bead front with flat top rear and lever wrap. No box or papers. Rifle has been used in 6 matches and has some dings particularly on left hand side of wrist as seen in pics. Very nice looking walnut stock. $1350 shipped to your FFL, FFL must be willing to accept from individual. First "I'll take it posted gets it.SOLD
  6. Wilson Stainless Micromete Top Bullet Seater in .308 Win. Everything is there and Wilson Tools are known for their absolute quality. Excellent condition and if I had to guess unused. $75 shipped. Thanks for looking.
  7. SOLDBlack shotgun belt. Holds 6 pairs of 12ga and 5-38 special. It’s used so scuffs anf finish wear is there. But shell retention is great and will give someone great service. Measures 40” to center hole. $65 shipped. PayPal friends and family ok. I DO NOT use Zelle or Venmo. Traditional payment methods are fine too. Thanks for looking. SOLD
  8. Pair of Pietta Great Western II Posse .357 mag blued/cch 3 1/2"barrel. These are new and unfired. I do not have the carboard boxes they come in. Included will be a custom made carry holster by Doc Noper made for one of these cool little handy thumbusters. $1225 shipped to your FFl, FFl must be willing to accept from individual. Thanks for looking
  9. Might be able to shed some more light on this rifle. Colt used a combination of links/lifter arm/and cut lever to achieve the shot stroke. He was partial to and used C&I aluminum carriers which this one appears to have. He also coil sprung the extractors as well in the vast majority of guns I saw him do. He was an excellent fast and accurate rifle shooter and set them to perform to his level. Coffin Filler is a good guy and this appears to be a well maintained rifle.
  10. Smith and Wesson 64-6 4" heavy barrel round butt .38 special. No box or papers. This was apparently a LEO or security trade in but there are no agency marking present. Good condition and it's pretty hard to beat a S&W stainless revolver for a knock around truck gun. $450 shipped to your FFL. FFL must be willing to accept from an individual. First "I'll take it" posted gets it. Thanks for looking.
  11. SOLD Have 2 Dillon shell plates. 1-#2 for .38/.357 and 1-#1 for .45 ACP. $35 a piece shipped or $65 shipped for both. Venmo and PayPal friends and family ok. First “I’ll take ‘em”. Thanks for looking. SOLD
  12. Since I have lost 115 pounds and kept it off it's time to sell off my favorite cold weather cowboy coat. Very nice vintage Filson Packer Coat size 58. Fits like what I would consider a 2x. Very nice condition and it's all there. Very warm for those cold match mornings. For reference in the pics I'm 6'1" and 185 pounds. $600 shipped. If it does not sell here it'll go on Ebay where it will likely fetch more. Thanks for looking.
  13. SOLD Beautiful Winchester 1885 Anniversary High Wall in 45-70 Govt. 28" octagon barrel. Excellent condition. Has been professionally fitted with a decelerator recoil pad. LOP measures 13.5". Factory engraving on receiver and gold filled anniversary letters. Has full tang ready for a tang sight for all your cowboy long range needs. No box or papers. $1400 shipped to your FFL. FFL must be willing to accept from an individual. First " I'll take it" posted gets it. Thanks for looking. SOLD
  14. SOLD Rossi 92 imported by LSI. .357 24' octagon. CCH receiver and buttplate. Good shape some speckling around muzzle. Full action job very slick Feeds .38's loaded with 105 great $625 shipped to your FFL. FFL must be willing to accept from individual. First "I'll take it" gets it. SOLD
  15. Have 2 Dillon 550 conversion kits. 1 unused kit in 44 mag/spl and one used in .46 Colt. $50 each shipped to you. Let me know which one you’d like. I will accept PayPal friends and family on these as well.
  16. Absolutely beautiful, CCH is stunning you have great taste.. Are those grips made of pre-ban rubber?
  17. SOLD Two screw knives by Bone-A-Fyde knives. These have not been used or carried. $75 a piece shipped. Let me know which one you want. SOLD
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