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  1. Ok, "trained" gunsmith. You get the point... don't you?
  2. Saw some Marlins at Sportsman's Warehouse in NM at just under $1000. Kinda pricey, but if they are improving, that's great.
  3. Good to hear. Hopefully the firearm manufacturers (especially the American ones) are listening to their customers and making the appropriate changes to their products. Sounds promising, thanks Deuce.
  4. +1, I have very light sensitive eyes and squint quite a bit on sunny days, have to have dark tint. And on cloudy days, the amber seems to work best. I have changed during a match according to inside/outside shooting scenarios and sunny/cloudy situations. Like GJ says, even though you will get lots of input, you need to "see" what works best for your eyes.
  5. Not to mention the safety aspect of it. What happens if someone is hurt and the ambulance is greeted by a locked gate. Not smart. Didn't mean to ruffle feathers, just meant it was kind of odd to hold folks until teardown is over. I, absolutely think folks should help with teardown in some capacity, but that's a little extreme. My opinion.
  6. I can tell ya this, that plastic (plexi) hopper on my 550C sure does hold some static. I'm guessin' Dillon knows what's up.
  7. Ah hahahaha, I live in Georgia, my humidity is ALWAYS high! If powder companies thought the static issue was so great, they wouldn't use plastic bottles. Just a thought.
  8. I have a bit of ESD experience as well (30 yrs Air Force calibration) and you have to take many steps, as SD has said and shown to really have a true static free environment. Wonder how many static incidents folks have had igniting powder or primers. I have never heard of any, BP or not.
  9. Marlin safety... What's that? Still have T-bars btw, just haven't decided whether I want em gone or not. I do all my own work (oh my, I'm not a certified gunsmith. More liability!) and haven't ventured into transfer bar removal yet. My lg frame Vaqueros are pretty slick though...
  10. Because I said it was an "interesting policy" to lock folks in? And the word "yikes"? You had better look at other responses. And that "interesting policy" WILL drive folks away. I had other descriptions for this club's actions, but I kept them to myself.
  11. Folks sue. And you could find a lawyer to sue over just about anything. We load our own ammo, correct? And I'm sure the dangerous "killing rounds" we load are much more dangerous than the "safe" factory loaded rounds. Silly, huh? So are many frivolous lawsuits, but lawyers try em and judges convict. Hear about the guy (I know there was more than one) that broke in through the ceiling of the liquor store, fell and injured his back and sued the store owner? Ridiculous! If you're afraid of legal liability over removing your transfer bars, you had better sell all your guns. They're dangerous, don't ya know.
  12. I just wondered if you found the "locking in" shameful or what I said about it. No prob
  13. Locked you in? Wow, sounds like an interesting policy... Yikes!
  14. Being a fantasy game, I wanted a name/persona that is nothing like me at all. Rainmaker is the name of a song by the band Kansas about a gun runner/medicine man turned "rain maker" for a small, dry Kansas town. The Rainmaker was born. Give a listen, cool song.
  15. Got a chance to volunteer at a reunion several years ago, what an honor! These men were heroes, plain and simple and they deserve the utmost respect and honor. RIP Dick Cole and the rest of the Raiders.
  16. That DOES look fun, but you would definitely need a "saddle", especially during a Phoenix summer. Ouch!
  17. It's tough to get help when you have people shooting matches every weekend at different clubs and only aligned with one or maybe none as a worker. I know some will work as an R.O. and feel that they have "worked" for the match. That should be the minimum you put in. I know not everyone is qualified to run a timer, not everyone can tote steel... but you CAN do something. Do we want the non-workers to quit coming? No, we don't, we just want a little effort. The few who work very hard to set-up, run and tear down a match get burned out and stop doing it... seen it. We all enjoy the shooting; pitch in and help, even a little, and it will make it easier (and more enjoyable) for all involved.
  18. Shot with em at the SE Regional in Memphis... those two are EVERYWHERE!!! Well done!
  19. I've heard good feedback on this game but I'd rather put any free time I have into my real shootin'
  20. For a really big match, such as EOT, I'd be ok with that. Or this mega-match TJD is talking about. I'm sure it will bring lotsa folks if it happens.
  21. I know some of the bigger matches would have several gun giveaways, but as raffle/door prizes, not match awards. It is appealing to have a chance at a gun no matter how you finish. I have seen lots of em given away (I never win anything big). Winter Range has nice prizes for winners and several very nice raffle prizes.
  22. What were the big prizes? Who was giving them out? Were these big prizes for the winners or raffle/door prizes?
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