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  1. Ok, so DDD, I got you coming in the second Saturday of October and we'll get this club whipped into shape! Wish I had the time and resources to do all he does. Most don't. And Phantom doesn't even believe what he's saying; it was just a little slow on the wire lately with no real contention and he had to poke the bear. Didn't ya?
  2. Haven't shopped there since their "stand" after Sandy Hook. Won't again. And per their stock jump... you can take a stand or take a buck. I take a stand!
  3. If I load guns and stage them on the LT and someone else pushes them off or causes them to fall off (loaded OR unloaded), I'm not taking the penalty. If, for some reason, I was negligent in placing them on the LT, then I can see it but otherwise... you knock it off, you get the prize! And maybe a nice "Gibbs" to the back of the head for knockin my gun on the ground. Watch what yer doin!
  4. Been shooting in SASS since '93; never, ever heard that you couldn't leave loaded guns on the loading table. In fact, been told many times that to leave the LT for any reason, that loaded guns stay on the table.
  5. Unless it's one a them double barrel computers with two hard drives Just don't go reloadin anything in the plugged up drive
  6. To be clear, I never inferred that Trail Boss was a BP sub, only that is produces much less pressure than many of the smokeless powders and I use a VERY small dose. This is what I do, you would have to make your own choice on what to use. Trail Boss is NOT a BP sub!
  7. I have a Forehand & Wadsworth (Who?) pocket pistol in 38 S&W and am running very light Trail Boss loads... works great for PP distances.
  8. Try other's 97s, at least for feel and YOU decide. Lotsa 20s out there, mine's a 22.
  9. I would think CLR would be pretty caustic for an old finish like that. Flitz or any other mild polishing paste should work well. Yes, NO to the ammonia!
  10. Sure SASS has changed... everything changes. What's that saying? "You can never go home" Everything is different than we remember and usually we are fond of the way it WAS. Yes, competition is up, speeds are up, times are down, Matt Black (and the like) is a blurr! But there are still great pards in the game. Make it what you want with you and your pards. Let the speed burners run and just have fun with what you do. Sometimes WE have to be the ones that make things better... even if it's a return to what used to be.
  11. I don't suggest no SG make-ups but you do have to mix things up once in a while. Folks get bored with 10-10-4 Nevada Sweeps al the time. And Grass Range, you're in the wrong organization. You need SRTS (Single Rope Throwing Society), then you'll be welcomed right on in.
  12. AND... ya have to shoot from the hip (Lucas McCain style)
  13. That does it! I'm taking up knitting, this is too dangerous!
  14. SMD, You said a mouthful... "as soon as it is safe to do so". This can vary greatly and depends on several factors.
  15. They key is, what is called for in the stage instructions. Stage instructions direct you for that specific stage and can override conventions. Conventions are just there so stage writers don't have to keep writing the same instructions over and over.
  16. I know it is, but not if the stage instructions say to restage on a table. OR... if it was DROPPED on the ground. Dropped gun = SDQ
  17. The debacle I see is that we've gone almost 5 pages with this. Who knows? Maybe we needed to. Funny that a SxS shooter would think a 97 guy should stay out of this, since the OP stated the shotgun in question WAS a 97. Should it be a consistent in how this is handled? Yes! For all shooters (my opinion). For a suspected squib in a revolver or rifle, I'd call an immediate cease fire for ANY shooter, but we've added one of a double barrel, speed/ability of the shooter (or TO for that matter) and all manner of other what-ifs. As TO, do the best you know how to keep the shooter, the officials, the gallery and YOU safe.
  18. Oh, I think PWB is sittin back and enjoying this debacle
  19. That's a stretch and good luck with that. Did the stage instructions say to restage on the table? If in the process of restaging, the guns landed on the ground then its an SDQ, the ground is NOT a legal restaging point.
  20. Contact Nate Kiowa Jones (Steve) at https//:stevesgunz.com. If anyone knows Rossis, it's him.
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