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  1. And that's exactly how it is supposed to work, the three spotters deciding. You may have very well had a hit taken away but if two are sure, they decide.
  2. I have one my daughter uses. I did some work on it (polishing and spring lightening) and it works great. nice looking gun too. I am worried about the parts issue. They are made in Turkey by an established company but if no one imports them anymore, hope for parts seems grim. Like mine though.
  3. Oh, I think those second bullets pictured are for an 1895 Winchester in 30/40 Krag. You'll have to get one of those now. Wontcha???
  4. My son lives in SD, if I get out there, I'll give you all a ring. Best of luck and happy shooting.
  5. Gunfighters, duelist or whatever, a round count stage applies to all shooters. Yes, gunfighters can come up with some pretty creative ways to shoot a stage, but there is a big difference between a sequence stage and a round count stage. Hey, Capt Bill holds a pretty good RO1 class; just got refreshed a few weeks ago myself. I don't mean to hack on ROs, we are all volunteers, but you should learn different types of stages if you're going to RO.
  6. If your range officers cannot discern that this is a round count stage with no mention of double-taps, they should bow out of their positions. All four of them? You have some problems.
  7. No One said the spotters cannot call Ps, I hope they do if they see em. (Good spotter) And you, as the shooter, have NO bearing at all on whether a P is called on you or not... OTHER THAN YOUR ACTIONS DURING THE STAGE! Your words after the stage carry no weight whatsoever and if your TOs are swayed by the shooters, they should be replaced! Right, TOs can't see everything, no one said they could. That's why we have spotters and three of them. But when it comes down to it, the TO makes the call on P or no P. Yes, you may dispute to a higher authority, but if it's a judgement call, no MD should ever overturn the TO's call.
  8. Neigh... gasp, gasp...…………….
  9. Congrats! The Duke would be proud.
  10. Excellent! communication is key. Between TO and spotters, between TO and shooter, etc. Everyone should understand the calls recorded and why; that's how we learn and improve.
  11. Revolvers are last... last shot (from revolver) goes off and stage is OVER!!! As long as revolvers are reholstered and taken to unloading table, there is no Procedural. First pistol went to the table after firing (pistol string was not over yet). If stage instructions said to reholster each pistol after firing (why would you say that?) then it's a P, otherwise no call.
  12. There are four range officers, a T.O. and three spotters. and RO1 says "Final assessment regarding the assessment of penalties is made by the T.O."
  13. I use a list for EVERY match. Left all of our leather one match. Had it out, just left it. I take all of my clothes out the night before as well. Someone else does not and when we got to a regional, found out she had two different boots... Oops! Use the checklist, check yer stuff!
  14. Another great option for the young'uns! Thanks Ruger.
  15. Yeah, and except on very few occasions, they got it done with rifle or pistols and never needed the scattergun. We use all three all the time, get what makes ya happy and works for you.
  16. I use Lyman (45 Colt) and RCBS (38/357) dies in my Dillon 550C with Lee factory crimp dies and have no problems whatsoever with lead shaved. I don't even use to much of a bell on the case mouth. The FC dies are great and give a nice finished product. I find setting a minor bell extends case life and still allows for smooth bullet feeding. For what its worth, when using a Lee single stage, I was getting most of my off-brand cases not fitting through the case checker; with the Dillon and the Lee FCD, 99.5% of loaded cartridges slide right in.
  17. Several makers make a canvas shotgun belt with MANY loops and you can place the buckle anywhere you please. (I slide mine around back)
  18. I tried the extra power base pin springs as well, still had a pin jumping. Locking pins from Power Custom... no more pin probs. Pig or not, it worked. 8 (: )
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