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  1. If that's what the spotters see, maybe THEY need to move. Just a thought
  2. I agree about the expended case/shell deal, but that's another issue. Happy all was figured out. Ya gotta try to make it work and if you, the shooter, can't get it to go, call the malfunction, set it down and move on. That's where a T.O. makes their money (yeah, I wish), guiding the shooter SAFELY through the course of fire.
  3. If they are a junior shooter and able to manually extract expended .22 brass from the chamber, they're a keeper! Praise the sticktoitiveness and pat em on the back and by all means, GET THEIR RIFLE FIXED!
  4. I understand your M.O., but please don't overthink this. If you were shooting Bullseye or long distance, I'd say have at the analytics of the bullets, but for what we do, find something that works for you and press. Try a couple different bullets that are available to you locally and try em out. I'm bettin' that with a 125 gr TC bullet (maybe even coated), you'll be happy. Don't get wrapped around the axle about pressures and hardness and such. With the loads we use (i.e. light) these issues will not make a hill of beans difference. Don't want higher pressures? Don't use a hotter load. A light load of Clays or better yet, Trail Boss and pressures will be very low indeed.
  5. If that's a Henry, get that thing to Widder, he'll make it sing!
  6. If the shooter were to, in fact, remove the empty at the end of the shooting string every time, then I would allow them to continue. How did the gun extract the previous 9 rounds and not the 10th? Hmmm
  7. With a continued "broken gun" problem, the gun needs to be pulled from service until it can be remedied.
  8. Why, yes it does. And that's "tong in chic". Get it right already, would ya? Yikes!
  9. In my experience, 125 gr TC bullets work the best for overall feeding and knockdown ability. Most folks around here use 125s or 105s and TC. I, personally, use Trail Boss but a lot use a light load of Clays with a 105 or 125. Coated are becoming more popular all the time. Great for leading probs. I would have to agree, unless you're looking for a KD bullet, 158s would fall down on the priority list. I have used 158s before and if you like em, knock yourself out. Cost more and most likely have more recoil, but hey, your deal.
  10. Shooters declare broken guns all the time with LIVE rounds in em... no call if declared. (and safely restaged, of course)
  11. Very interesting. Funny, all the powders we've used that were referred to as "flake" powders are called "disk" in this info. Cool to look at close-ups though.
  12. Amen to that, brother! I love the "what if this" and "but you didn't say..." You know what was intended, don't try to game my stage. just shoot it as intended and have fun.
  13. Lotsa folks like Fed, I haven't had any probs with CCI or Fed. Winchester primers seem to be harder though.
  14. I don't care where he gets em from (I know he has plenty already, but DDD need to get back down to Griffin and do some shootin' with his DHI pards. That's what I'm sayin...
  15. I don't know about WallyWorld but shooters have some tough decisions to make. Find a gun across the country for a "bargain price" and have it shipped or go to your LGS and have em order it for you. I love to support my locals (Amazon and the like are killing local commerce) but I also like to save a buck. I have done both, mostly because the LGS did not have what I wanted (Lg frame Vaqueros) and I found them on Gunxxxxxx. I have also walked into said LGS and found exactly what I wanted and even though it was a little more than online, I bought it. We have two in town, one smaller than the other. I love the guys at the smaller one, but to order something through them makes the price a good bit more than I can get it elsewhere. I do buy other than guns from the locals, I try to support them when I can. As for the aforementioned Arkansas based super store, our stores in town have had their gun selling privileges revoked more times than I can count and unless they were giving it away, I don't think I'd ever buy from them. Usually just shotgun shells.
  16. Wow, screamin'! How bad is your leading? Or does the gas check take care of that?
  17. Well said, Creeker. I agree totally. You can only judge on what happened, not what he was thinking. Of course, if he fessed up and admitted the error of his ways, then you know for sure... otherwise, Miss. Did he game it, most likely. Do you know that, no. Look out the side of your eye at him, make a mental note of it, but its a Miss. I view that the same as "jumping the timer"; your hand starts moving before the beep, yer cheatin'... sorry.
  18. I agree on the consensus here, SDQ, but getting back to changing the SHB... if the shooter falls and controls the firearm all the way until it touches the ground... NO CALL!!! Controlled is controlled, whether it touched the ground or not.
  19. When I needed a barrel for my Remington, Uberti was no help whatsoever. Try Taylors, at least they will talk to you.
  20. We just get one or two for the match and chuck em. We also use a low table in front and if going with SG last, just bring it forward so you won't have to shoot over it.
  21. You could angle the long gun rests to the side (so yer not sweepin yerself) and use a hay bale for a forward stopping point and gun rest, if need be. Just an idea.
  22. And maybe even have, oh I don't know, a NO-Shoot target. "What did he say?" Oh the horror! A target in front of another that you're not supposed to shoot? How could this be? Like bad guys never took hostages? And a plate rack was mentioned; not the horizontal plate rack, but the one-behind-another rack. You know if you lean to the side just a little, the plates are all overlapping! For our monthlies, I usually have two stages with no movement, two with one move and two with two moves... but not always. Never more than two stand and deliver stages; they're fun but get old. And I don't want the same old, that's why I started writing stages in the first place. If you have targets that overlap, just shoot the right one at the right time. I don't make it a habit to set them up this way, but what do they say about variety?
  23. Beautiful! If you look, there are beautiful places all over our great country. Headed to Arizona next week for a wedding; love it there!
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