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  1. Hahahaha, I live in Georgia... dry? What's that? When it's raining, I have an umbrella on the cart and wear a slicker. The humidity is so high here... raining or not, you do not stay dry.
  2. Winter Range '17 was a blast and this year's Georgia State Match was great!
  3. Because it would be unsafe to only load 4 rounds in a revolver. Really?
  4. Contact Steve (Nate Kiowa Jones) at StevesGunz.com. He IS the Rossi guy.
  5. Yer choice, but it IS quite common in AZ
  6. I'm not advocating breaking the law, just making the point that most every driver in the world has exceeded the speed limit at one time or another; not that they make a habit of it. I do know others ALWAYS speed.
  7. Where I was going is bad press for standing against the Left loses them $$. They'd rather lose the $$ from Gun rights folks as opposed to snubbing the media and taking that $$ hit. I know what they care about and that's the mighty dollar.
  8. Multi-billion dollar corporation that would rather take a hit from the loss of "gun nuts" like us than risk bad press as being a corporation that supports a "domestic terrorist" organization like the NRA and their ilk.
  9. Those are very tall cases, maybe they're "leaning" a bit when going into the die. I had that problem on my single stage if I wasn't holding the brass into the holder all the way.
  10. I don't think it's lead, I think it's brass.
  11. Then post stuff like that here! Loud and proud.
  12. If I was a bettin man, I'd put 20 up against your 10. This is going to happen more and more in the future. We've seen it with sporting goods stores, grocery stores and others. This is not going away. The anti-gunners are foaming at the mouth and BIG money is behind the disarming of America. Not only will this not reverse, with continued shootings from nut jobs, this will only spread. Someone told me over 40 years ago this was going to happen and everyone said he was a radical and worried for nothing. Glad he's not alive to see where we've gone in this country.
  13. From what I remember of my time in California (lived there 4 years) the firearm has to be unloaded (wherever it is), out of the reach of the operator (like in a trunk or back of a pickup) and the ammo must be separate from the firearm. Was 15 years ago and I'm sure I inadvertently brought terrible, illegal items into the state (stupidly thinking they were harmless gun parts) but I never had any issues with the authorities because I was very careful in what I did. Living on a military installation, there are stringent enough regulations to follow, so I am usually well inside local rules anyway. Funny, when I lived in Idaho, they wanted everything visible to THEM when you came in the gate (like up on the dashboard!) Had gate guards get real nervous when a friend and I came in the gate one night with "a few" firearms in the trunk. From then on, we placed them up on the dash when we came in and they were fine. Lol Guess they figured if they could see em, we weren't hiding anything. Funny
  14. Thanks. I do know I get metal slivers in the primer "cup" on the 550 but that only usually gives me a little deformation in the primer. I wouldn't think I have loaded enough through mine to be crudded up but maybe. I'll check it. Hate wasting primers.
  15. Congrats! You are rare indeed. Never got over the speed limit? Never?
  16. Yes, I have known people who have died from speed related accidents. I also have known people that have died from accidents with speeds well under the speed limit. I know people that have died from smoking. And on and on and on.... I know people that have been shot, some by themselves! What's your point? That I have a mentality that thinks speed is cool? Yes, I do. I love racing. And if I ever attain a high speed, I do my best to ensure I'm not endangering anyone else. Above OR below the speed limit. Again, is speed cool? Dang right it is. Be responsible for what you do, that's all.
  17. Hahaha... I can neither confirm or deny... Big block Chevelle and 2 '66 GTOs. Mwahahahahaha
  18. Shaved it pretty close though. So what's the line not to cross? 75? 84? 90? I'm not advocating 91 either, I'm just saying we have all sped at one time or another. Shame on you Capt Bill! Speeder!
  19. I'd bet just maybe the root of the issue is some hurt feelings? Just guessin. Yer biz. Just rejoin already
  20. Maybe there is something to having EoT at other venues. Say, every other year at some of the bigger venues and hopefully closer to larger population centers. Yes, I know there are complications with state laws here and there (yes, California is one of them.) So EoT is held in CA and you don't wish to attend, it will come to a closer, more amenable location sooner or later. There are many large matches around the country held at great venues... use em for more than just one big match a year. If EoT moved around, SASS could still take a large cut (provided they produce it) and folks that maybe have never been, say from the Northeast maybe, could attend easier. Maybe???
  21. So rejoin! Easy Btw, I was a member before you... still am. And Phantom, so you've never been irresponsible and drove over the speed limit? Anyone on here NEVER speed? I doubt it.
  22. If you watch the news at all when one of the tragic (and I would NEVER make light of one) shootings occurs, the press always reports on the amount of firearms, amount of ammo, body armor and any other terrible killing objects they may have in their possession. You will NEVER hear the media attack the selling of these products; that is not their agenda. And alcohol, tobacco and cell phones will never allow any populace to stand up to a tyrannical government... 2nd Amendment anyone???
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