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  1. I seldom use a seated starting position (bad knees, ya know), but if I do... ALWAYS put the revolvers on the table!
  2. Top shooters will ALWAYS beat the non-top shooters, no matter what they use. Do tricked guns (no specifically short-stroked) make a difference to top shooters? Absolutely, never inferred that they didn't. But that is no where near why they are top shooters in the first place; they are merely attempting to squeeze those last few milliseconds from their times. And folks are always going to complain about stages... ALWAYS. Most likely because THEY didn't perform well on them. Different people like different things, we've heard that here. Ya can't always (hardly ever) make everyone happy. Yes, the challenge is to make a challenging (not easy and boring) match for competitive shooters while still being entertaining and not too difficult for the rest of the pack. I believe we have the right people in SASS to do this. As far as what's been said (I wasn't there) things were a bit different this year over the past few years. I know those involved in producing the match are listening and will take the feedback to heart and make next year's match better for all. EoT match officials... I salute you.
  3. I don't want to argue or attack, but have you been reading any of the previous three pages of posts? EoT is a large match that happens to be our "World Championship". You don't have to qualify for it and anyone can attend. You haven't had to demonstrate your skill to be allowed in and some of the "best in the world" may not even be attending. Stages "have to be complex" in order to "separate the shooters"? Says who? In any competition at any CAS match, the shooters will be "separated" by their abilities and maybe even some luck or bad breaks thrown in there. You do not writes stages to separate shooters to test their "World Champion" qualities. Is a world champion crowned? Yes. Do the top shooters in the world compete to see who is the best? For the most part. Do you want good, interesting stages for all of the shooters attending? Yes. Do you want to ramp up the challenge of the stages for this event over any other large match? I feel that you do not. And if you think that high-end, tricked out guns are what win championships, you are sorely mistaken. Sure, top shooters use good stuff, but they put in many hours of practice to be where they are, no matter what the stages are. From what I've heard over the past three pages is that shooters, for the most part, want EoT to be a grand match that is NOT overly challenging with complicated stages and small, far targets. Shooters like to do well and even though you can't make EoT a "gimme" match, it can't be so challenging that shooters leave feeling frustrated and not wanting to return. We are at a point where we really need to bring in new shooters to perpetuate our beloved sport and if our Grand Match gets a reputation of being a frustrating, difficult match to shoot, then we may have a harder time doing that. Will the top shooters still attend and win? Of course. Will Joe Middle-of-the-Pack shooter continue to travel to distant NM to attend? I doubt it.
  4. Not having been there (confessed to that early on) I cannot speak for the EoT SG targets; I was merely speaking of CAS matches in general. I cannot see how two closely placed or groups of twos are not faster to engage than spread out targets for a double. all other things being equal. And I would never design a stage to make it harder on one shooter over another. What I said was that if you put up an odd number of shotgun targets, dbl buys would have choice words for ya... so we keep em even.
  5. Widder, we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. I can't see how SG targets in closely spaced twos is not an advantage for dbl shooters. And as a thought, try odd numbers of SG targets and you'll get some feedback.
  6. I know you'll say you've never had a problem, but you fellers using a flammable liquid in and electric anything should be careful, especially in a heated ultrasonic... BOOM
  7. Have a checklist and follow it. Works for me... um, most of the time.
  8. You can write stages favoring a particular facet of shooting (i.e. pairs of shotgun targets for dbl shooters or right movement vs left movement) but you will most likely never skew the overall results; winners are winners because they have a talent and they practice. Sure Matt Black is young and has a natural talent for shooting, but I would bet he spends HOURS upon hours dry firing and live firing to be where he is. All writing stages to even the playing field (slow down the speed burners) does is add a little to their times and frustrate people.
  9. Correct, making a judgement based on what's on paper and not actually seeing the stages is not right. You can get an idea, but... On discussing the issues... Um, I think anyone can discuss; we can't exclude. And on the shotgun targets, if you place them all close together or in close pairs, I believe the double guys do have an advantage. They key for me in stage writing, is variety. Mix it up. Spread the targets out one stage, bunch em up the next.
  10. Yosemite Sam … The roughest, toughest, he-man stuffest hombre’ is ever crossed the Rio Grande
  11. They are not posted by SASS. If EOT stages get posted, it's by someone who copied and posted on their own.
  12. I was at a big shoot several years ago with "parallel" (to the firing line) targets and a large open firing line with several stages. I had a large piece of lead come off a target from an adjacent stage and almost take my ear lobe off. If that target had been square to the shooter, that never would have happened. If the shooter is shooting targets at an angle (even if the targets are square to the firing line) THAT'S when you get crazy splatter.
  13. Gotcha, just didn't know where you were goin. I agree, I think our world championship should not be a harder match, just a better, more grand match.
  14. Our fallback seems to be "I work for Mel Brooks".
  15. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend. What philosophy are you referring to?
  16. Hey, and isn't that Shamrock Sadie and Knot Hardly Dunn?
  17. Make sure to get some of the green tip Zombie Max bullets too.
  18. If they're crimped enough, of course. And other things... sooo many other things...
  19. Ya seat em, ya run em through your FCD then ya hold em up to yer ear and listen to em... they'll tell ya.
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