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  1. Run a pair of .45 early Vaqueros. Made em as close to the same as I can and I don't know and don't care which is on which side. I wonder if they care...
  2. Very nice pieces! Those studded slim jims are outta this world! Would go great over my converted Rems.
  3. I had an Opera cut frock coat made when I was in Korea by Mr. Oh (love that name). Fun to shoot in and because it was cut back away from the revolvers, it never interfered. And I looked quite the dandy as well. Moved to Georgia and it's too dang hot to wear a coat except to the banquets.
  4. Not saying you guys are wrong, but do you really shoot long guns and pistols from the same stance? i.e. rifle first, left foot forward stance and stay in that for your right-hand pistol, shooting across your body? Just want to know.
  5. Been around for a bit and did a lot of that stuff too; enjoyed it. But fast approaching 60 and a good bit "broken". Not being facetious but how many 70 and 80 year olds were shootin back then? We're all getting older everyday and being physical on stages isn't quite as easy as it used ta be. I'm all for doing fun things both on and off the clock that don't require much physical "acrobatics"; try to write em into the stages whenever I can get away with it. The climate of any game will change over time and in a timed, competitive game like ours, we will see actions and attempts to make things faster and faster. Yes, practice and natural talent play a big part in "faster" but dropping fun actions from stages in the interest of increased speed makes us more like any other speed shooting game and less how we fondly remember days gone by.
  6. Sounds like a volunteer for the ROC! But then we may have a novel. You, sir, have been out-worded. I defer to the gentleman from Georgia.
  7. +1 on the music... can't reload without it. Otherwise I hear the voices...
  8. Guess that's why the OP stated "45 Colt" We got it, there's no 45 Long Colt. This has been spewed ad nauseum on here. Why do we feel the need to correct on this constantly? What difference does it make? OP, 200 gr RNFP
  9. HD, Sorry to hear of your troubles. I hope you get a chance to take a winter breather and come back with an enthusiastic club in the spring. Best of luck!
  10. Lil Rob... ya bob n weave, bob n weave... I'm pretty sure I have seen some that blow so much smoke, no one can see the targets. Can't call a miss if ya can't "see" one... No one would do that.
  11. How in the world would you regulate that? Do we shoot in actual "cone" where you can only move so much? Do we leave it up to spotters or the TO to determine? Good gosh we open a can o worms there... CBB, you get a SDQ on every stage. Hahahahaha We ALL do!
  12. Zero IS cold, just not insane like the temps you folks get. Spent four years in Anchorage and it was cold there, but still not as cold as Fairbanks. Stay warm LM
  13. I've never had the pins out, just cleaned up the hammer notches and cam. The pins are held in with a cross pin and wobble a bit. Seem to work fine. My issue with the Ubertis is the hardness of the metal. Even if they didn't do a great job on fit and finish, if the metal was harder, what you did (or had done) to clean them up would be more durable.
  14. Don't know how hard that is compared to most "Cowboy" bullets but "hard cast" is not really needed for the steel ringin' we do. Hi-Tek coating is great though; many use it.
  15. Polymer and moly coated are just fine. Scarlett sells a mean little red polymer bullet!
  16. My Uberti '75s do have floating firing pins and they have the little T-bar safeties. Don't know what's in Cattlemen IIs
  17. .358 in lead; has to do with bullet/rifling and pressure. .356 would "rattle" down the barrel (not really) and not be very accurate. .357 would probably be fine for jacketed; doesn't compress like lead. (for the non-cowboy shootin') These are for .38 Spl/.357Mag chambered firearms. Diameter of bullet coupled with substance of bullet depends on bore diameter of barrel and type of shooting. Talk to long range BPCR (black powder cartridge rifle) shooters; they know way more about bullet and bore diameters than we ever need to know.
  18. Hey, I got one from Buck several years ago. No Buck... I didn't do it! It wasn't me! Hahahaha.
  19. See the scores from Saturday? I'm comin' for ya...
  20. I think the Dremel (and other rotary tools) get a bad rap. In "skilled" hands they can be great. Like DDD said, less is more. Do less rather than be sorry. Use a finer grit and go slow... you'll save yourself aggravation and probably $$.
  21. Depends on what feeds best in your rifle. The pistols aren't picky but rifles sure can be. I use 125 gr TC coated for my daughter's .38s; feeds great in her Marlin.
  22. Definitely a discussion topic! I can see both points of view. I see people every day that have no business being behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and yet... I, too, abhor the "punish/limit all for the transgressions or shortcomings of the few" mentality but in the age of endless litigations and diversity and inclusion, what do we do? It is hard to single out those who can't or shouldn't so in the interest of "fairness" we throw out a blanket and take the safe way out. Good post and I, personally would love to be able to move and shoot, but there are some, if allowed... I'd hide in the truck!
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