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  1. I can tell ya if I have a suspected squib in my '97, I'll drop a .45 off my belt through the ejection port and if it clears (loaded .45, wad, shot, whatever) falls out the end, I'd say it's clear; if nothing falls out, I ground it and move on. That oughta stir em up!
  2. Lots of ways you can go. My Rossi is an older model and works great (in .45 Colt). I'd save my pennies and move the heck out of Illinois! Born and raised there and I can hardly think of a more firearm-unfriendly state! Love to visit but not movin back. Best of luck to ya.
  3. Sorry PWB, I didn't want to rip the bandage off and start this all over again (hereby incurring the wrath of the Wolf), I just meant I didn't think it was just a simple thing.
  4. Well pardon my French, but there ARE some "friggin" caveats in this situation that have caused confusion; hence 5 pages of debate. It is not as simple as hit or miss.
  5. He's just restin' up so he can reign down hell fire on the unsuspecting Wire poster... Mwah ha ha... Glad yer doin well
  6. Definitely NOT "hobbyist" work! Amazing! Looks great!
  7. Notifications let you know that someone either reacted to a post you've made or responded to it on the active thread. Messages are private and only you can read them.
  8. bgavin, The best advice I can give you is see, at the matches you attend, who is running fast, dependable guns and highly consider what they have. If price is not the issue, get what works; you will be much happier in the end. Marlins can be made to run very well, 73s and 66s are (mostly) run by the fastest. If they weren't reliable, those shooters would not use them. 92s can work good as well, but will not be as fast as a tuned 73/66 (did I say that?). Stoegers do work for a large number of shooters, but in my experience, fast guys use tuned SKBs for SxS. 97s can be run like lightning if ya practice. Vaqueros and Colts/Clones seem to be the choice for wheel guns. In the end, ya get out what ya put in; from $$ to 'smith work to upkeep to practice (yes, that). Happy Shooting!
  9. I use Clean Shot for 12 ga loads. 1oz #7.5 with 16 gr of Clean Shot for me 1 oz # 7.5 with 13 gr for kid (maybe a touch lighter than Win LRLN) Works great!
  10. Yes, much easier to shoot and score, but unfortunately it does add to the "flavor" of the stage to mix the target types, and that is ill-advised due to scenarios such as this.
  11. Patient? He was snickerin' the whole time...
  12. There were no KD left up...
  13. Ok, I'll buy that the 4th stationary target is not a miss, due to the P. But the miss on #5 plate was to be made up with the SG, not the rifle - Miss At this point all the KD are down with No opportunity for a make up.
  14. No miss for only hitting Buffalos 3 times?
  15. Buyer beware on quality of what you buy. Some mfrs make HORRIBLE fitting grips. Don't know about their grip frames tho...
  16. Think of this: plate rack make-ups are stipulated to be made up with the shotgun, shooter made up a plate rack miss with his rifle... P Shooter then only fired three rounds at buffalos: Miss Shooter failed to hit target with correct firearm (shotgun on plate make-up): miss Failed to hit stationary targets 4 times: miss Made up target with SG: NC Hmmmmm
  17. Sounds pretty "Steven Seagal" but I channel anything bad into the shooting of the stage. Concentration If it's worse than that and I am really out of sorts, back off, go to the end of the line and start over.
  18. Said "misses on the plate rack can be made up on a shotgun target"; all targets on the plate rack were down, no make-up needed. 4th Buffalo missed (not engaged) and cannot be made up. Miss
  19. Way to go! That's impressive to watch.
  20. Miss, No P. Stage instructions don't say to only use 6 rounds on the plates (maybe they should have and were intended) shooter engaged plates until down (again stage instructions may have said to ONLY make up plates with SG) and moved to Buffaloes for 3, not 4. Round not fired is a miss. Yes, as stage writers we have to be careful to actually write our intent. Implied is not always understood and by some even argued as "well you didn't say I couldn't". And yes, where was the make-up? OP said all plates were hit (with 7 shots).
  21. I had 4' fluorescents in my new shop; switching to all LEDs. Inline Fab light on the 550
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