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  1. There are four range officers, a T.O. and three spotters. and RO1 says "Final assessment regarding the assessment of penalties is made by the T.O."
  2. I use a list for EVERY match. Left all of our leather one match. Had it out, just left it. I take all of my clothes out the night before as well. Someone else does not and when we got to a regional, found out she had two different boots... Oops! Use the checklist, check yer stuff!
  3. Another great option for the young'uns! Thanks Ruger.
  4. Saw some Marlins at Sportsman's Warehouse in NM at just under $1000. Kinda pricey, but if they are improving, that's great.
  5. Good to hear. Hopefully the firearm manufacturers (especially the American ones) are listening to their customers and making the appropriate changes to their products. Sounds promising, thanks Deuce.
  6. All I had was a stainless 6 1/2" .357 Blackhawk. Sold a WWII relic to buy my Stevens 311 (why did I do that?) Bought a used .45 Rossi 92 (still using it). Bought a new 5 1/2" .45 Remington and a used 7 1/2". Then a '97, then a hammer double, then a pair of '58 Remingtons, then conversion cylinders, then... Ahhhhhh! I'm addicted, someone help me! Help me figure out a way to get more Cowboy guns. hehe
  7. It's hard when you're sharing; we do too. I get it. Hope it all works out. Great match!
  8. He may be able to shoot through on Friday... Just an idea.
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