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  1. 2 hours ago, Dusty Devil Dale said:

    You sound like a good dad!  I bet your kids are delightful to be around-- except possibly when they beat you and let you know it.  I agree with everything you stated.  

    Haha, she's a delight even when she beats me. Oh, she relishes the victory but she is a humble winner and I could not be more proud of her.

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  2. Make up your own mind on what you are there to accomplish. Wanna be the fastest? Then practice for that.

    Wanna shoot clean? Then practice and take the time you need to shoot clean.

    I don't practice as much as I need to... I know it. Nobody's fault but mine. If I want to shoot clean, I know that I better not outrun MY skill.

    I like shooting clean but that's not my goal. My goal is to improve and monthly matches are where I can get the practice to do that.

    Had a miss on Saturday AND my kid beat me! Guess I need to practice some more... not get easier stages.

    And if SHE were to practice more... she'd be knockin em down and be in the top couple shooters at monthlies.

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  3. Soaking it with oil. BTW, I have had them pop from overheating while being ground down with a Dremel. Scared the bejeezers outta me! Shoulda soaked longer, I guess.

    Safety glasses always

  4. Use nickel cases (all shined up or new) and lead bullets. You could hit the bullets after loading with fine steel wool to bring up a sheen and coat the lead with clear nail polish to preserve so they won't dull. Dummy or live rounds will weigh basically the same and live primers do look better than popped ones. I made some 38 Spl case head earrings for my daughter and used unpopped primers I had deactivated. They look great. Several ways you could go with it.

  5. It's not just the TO that gets blamed; some folks just have to find fault elsewhere. Spotters, peanut gallery, stage writer... anyone but themselves.

    "I'm mad because bla, bla, bla and I'm not goin back to that club!" Sorry, we'll miss ya. Probably not.

    I hate feeling that way, but everyone had to shoot the same thing. Why did someone else cause YOUR problem?

    Yes I know, folks make mistakes. ROs DO cause problems sometimes, either by mistake or maybe because they're full of themselves.

    But Constable Nelson makes an excellent point... no one gets paid for the work they put in. Appreciate that we have folks that put in the time, lick yer wounds and move on to the next stage. Beep...

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  6. I stand close to the shooters but I do have a couple that flail about :D. You know who you are.

    If I get too close, I will impede them and I've also had them hit the timer after the last shot. Oops!

    Stay close... not too close. Pay attention to the shooter. If you've done this any amount of time, you can tell who you need to stick like glue on or who you can loosen up a bit. Hold the timer in a way that you can take a peek, if you need to and where it can pick up ALL the shots. 

    TRY to do a good job and you'll be fine.


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  7. 2 hours ago, bgavin said:

    I contacted a few manufacturers and was given this data:

    • BHN= 9 Desperado Bullets (uncoated)
    • BHN= 9 Ringer Bullets (Hi-Tek) by Special Order
    • BHN=10 Big Lube Bullets, Outlaw Bullets, Stateline Bullets
    • BHN=12 Missouri Bullets
    • BHN=13 Bear Creek Supply
    • BHN=14 Gallant Bullets
    • BHN=16 Acme, Badman, Bayou, Chey-Cast, Scarlett, SNS, Stateline
    • BHN=18 Falcon Bullets, Missouri Bullets
    • BHN=19 Cast Performance
    • BHN=24 Oregon Trail laser cast

    • BHN= 9 is 11,518 psi
    • BHN=10 is 12,798 psi
    • BHN=12 is 15,358 psi
    • BHN=13 is 16,637 psi
    • BHN=14 is 17,917 psi
    • BHN=16 is 20,477 psi
    • BHN=18 is 23,036 psi
    • BHN=19 is 24,316 psi
    • BHN=24 is 30,715 psi

    The Brinell Hardness Number has a direct correlation between the softness of a lead bullet vs the required cartridge pressure in PSI.

    When the BHN is a match for the PSI, the lead bullet will obdurate (seal) effectively in the barrel.  This is the ideal condition for minimal barrel leading and blow-by.



  8. 58 minutes ago, Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator said:

    R, you are right about tools...much like guns, never to many.

    I have a box of the four grits of Cratex attachments and really like them for Dremel.

    BB, those Cratex 6" wheels on a bench grinder may be the ticket. I don't know if you scrolled down that far on their page.

    I didn't even know they made em. Great, now I gotta go buy a bench grinder... heh, heh, heh... ;)

  9. I know folks say "I only do a good clean on my guns once a year". These guns were not made to operate properly with months of gunk on and in them.

    If you don't clean your guns regularly, I think you're very lucky they're still working properly and on borrowed time as to when they will malfunction.

    I'm not saying they need to be completely disassembled after every shoot, just clean em up some, that's all.

    I think a lot of malfunctions could be prevented/fixed with some judicious cleaning. So there! :D

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  10. On ‎9‎/‎28‎/‎2019 at 10:36 PM, Garrison Joe, SASS #60708 said:

    1 - possible causes: Mainspring (or it's strain screw) has been lightened too much.   Sear or hammer full cock notch angle is wearing/damaged to allow hammer to follow bolt.   Gun (fire control parts) dirty.


    2 - Shell stops malfunctioning and sticking "open" (often they are dirty).


    3 - Rough rims on reloaded shells.   Shell stops malfunctioning and sticking "closed" (often they are dirty).  Dirty magazine tube or follower, or weak spring.  Dinged magazine tube.


    Of course, there are many other ways to get these malfunctions.  I've just listed ones that I have seen cause the problems.


    Good luck, GJ

    Great Info! Thanks

  11. 1 hour ago, Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129 said:

    Because I am using Soft Cast bullets driven by a Powder Charge that gives the exactly the Same Velocity as those loads the REAL COWBOYS shot Per 1900 ....

    I enjoy shooting Cowboy Mostly with Holy Black ,,, And My personal Steel Target has yet to be damaged ....


    Jabez Cowboy

    But... we're not shooting REAL bad guys, we're shooting steel plates at 4-15 yds! With lead bullets, you're never gonna damage your targets unless they're made of tin foil. If your people are ok with you blastin away with hot "authentic" loads... then have a ball. Kinda excessive though... IMO

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