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  1. 1 hour ago, Ramblin Gambler said:


    So I guess anytime a gun bounces it's got to be called a drop because it didn't come to rest exactly where the shooter intended.  Either we allow for all legal final locations or we call any loss of contact with the prop after release a drop. "Grounded" is, generally speaking, a legal staging location. 



    That's a stretch and good luck with that.

    Did the stage instructions say to restage on the table? If in the process of restaging, the guns landed on the ground then its an SDQ, the ground is NOT a legal restaging point.

  2. But I bet both could tell you EXACTLY what's happening even at the lightning speed they run.

    I'm not fast and I don't worry about what's happening but I do know I'm right-handed and left eye dominant and keep both eyes open, shoot long guns left-handed and it all just happens. I used to watch fast shooters and think their guns just jumped back in the holsters. After doing this for a while now... mine jump too. Cool

  3. 4 hours ago, Ramblin Gambler said:


    So all the shooters had to say was that they INTENDED for the rifle to be on the ground in the gap and it's no penalty?  Cause unless the stage instructions say different, the ground is a legal staging surface.  If it does say they have to use the table, then it's just a P for staging in the wrong place. 


    The only legitimate reason for moving the table was if there was a safety concern.  We can argue that there wasn't a real safety concern and that he didn't do it correctly, but the clearly the PM thought there was one.  Assuming the PMs reason was because of the dropped rifles, that was a prop failure and the shooters should have had the SDQ removed (or a reshoot if they didn't get a time recorded). 


    Now, maybe the PM had another reason that had nothing to do with the rifles that slipped and fell, but I can't think of any. 

    WHAT? The PM was WRONG!!! In moving the table, he changed the whole match. No one ever said anything about the table being unstable or unsafe at all, just not as wide as the door. Be more careful, don't DROP your long guns.

  4. I could too. Haha


    Back to the table... If the table was unstable, tilted or in some other way not a flat, stable platform, I could buy the re-shoot.

    But if the long guns were safely staged there and nothing was said prior to the start of the stage and in the process of restaging, they fell... SDQ!

  5. I just meant that we set up what we do and that's what the shooter has, not what they would WANT. (i.e. a larger table or larger targets)

    And I knew you'd like the pistol KDs. I will never give those to ya without giving SG makeups. I know they were a challenge and I don't use em all the time.

    I did rattle of a sub 20 time Saturday, which for me is outta sight. lol

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  6. If you don't find the exact information you need for a specific load in the Hodgdon tables, give them a call, they are very helpful.

    BTW, Universal is great powder! Clean and you generally use less than other powders.


    Hodgdon lists a load for .357 using Universal for a 135 gr. bullet. Using the low end data for that load ought to get you pretty close for CAS.

  7. How is this a prop failure?

    If I set up a 36" table and the shooter planned on a 38" table (and dropped a gun), should I have put a 38" table there and now change the stage for subsequent shooters? I don't think so. Could the set-up have been better, using a wider table to start with? Yes. Prop failure? No

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  8. Yes, the RO1/RO2 classes are not enough to be a good PM, You need the disposition to do it. The desire to be a good PM.

    At least the RO1/RO2 pins are an "indication" they know what's going on. The Match Directors will have to determine the rest.

    And... PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT"S GOING ON!!! Not just PMs, but ALL match officials.

    If you can't pay attention to what's happening, don't be an official. Period!!!

  9. With what you're probably saving on an internet purchase, (if that's what you're doing) a few bucks for shipping/processing at your local FFL shouldn't be a big deal. If buying on GB, you get the shipping figure the seller gives. Don't like it, don't buy. I buy on GB because I can't find it local.

    So do your local FFL a solid and transfer through them to the other guy's FFL... just easier.

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  10. Better idea... sell the '73 to your pal, Rainmaker and give up on all that sooty mess. More guns, more equipment, more money; it just goes on and on.

    The Rainmaker will make good use a that '73 (you said it's faster than my '92) and I already shoot .45s so...


    Sound good?  ;)

  11. Funny how the wire will do that... and run down soooo many rabbit trails in the process.

    I'm sure the SI shoots are a hoot!

    Moved from Fairfield to Middle GA 15 yrs ago. Miss you Sac area folks.

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  12. Creeker, people who give to CAS what you say you have are to be commended... but there are not enough of you.

    We have a handful of clubs in our area where folks can shoot so loyalties are divided. We do have some dedicated folks and they are very much appreciated, but we just don't have enough to do more than we do. I'm pretty sure I can say that with all those responsibilities, you've felt at times that others should kick in and do more. Some folks (me) are those that would rather "just do it themselves", but that wears on you and sooner or later you realize that you should let others help. A club that has several to run the show are blessed beyond measure, but not all clubs do.

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  13. Nope. Safety, safety, safety. Do what you do safely and all will be well.

    I do suggest that when you re-arm, go to the LT and place pistols on the table, secure belt and then holster.

    They can find a way out of them holsters at the worst time...

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  14. We have posted our stages for YEARS. We don't post distances and sizes of targets, but they don't change much.

    I notice in looking at a lot of clubs' websites, most don't publish stages at all.

    Be proud of your stuff! And people do like to get a peek in advance.

    I don't know about the whole "info down to the inch" stuff though. Just me...

  15. I guess I've been extremely blessed to have my kids actually WANT to come shoot with me.

    Out of my four, two have shot with me for years. I respect that it's not the other two's "thing", just get out and do something.

    The other two, btw, hike and camp regularly. It's a beautiful country; get out and enjoy it.

    And for what it's worth, we had video games but they were never allowed to spend mindless hours on them.

    Paintball is fun but I have an aversion to being shot at.

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