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  1. Actually, some folks come up with some pretty clever and funny stuff at the line, whether they forgot or not... say something better than "shooter ready". Which interpreted means "I think lines and all this Cowboy 'stuff', for that matter, is hokey".
  2. Let me start with, IMHO (that's me, mine), I always write lines, either from a movie or some theme regarding our folks or the time of the year or whatever. Simple, usually no more than a few words, but I do write em. I USED to write stories, but got tired of the vote to read them or not being an overwhelming "don't read em". I spent more time coming up with stories than I did writing the actual stages so... no more stories. The annual is another story; I believe our annual stages should reflect who we are as a club. If we can't do a good job on a match we want folks from out of town to come to, we shouldn't do one. If you want to just go up to the line and start shooting, I feel bad for ya; kinda takes something away from what we do, again, IMHO. I typically find, folks who don't want to say lines, don't do much on the dress either. I know there are folks out there who are beat down from doing most everything for the matches, I get it. Me, I will always write and say the lines.
  3. My club? Yes, I will. Others? Just how bad do I wanna shoot? And if it's because I'm protecting or making my 80 something pard feel better about being there... DAMN right I will! He's my pard. Ya always have the right to stay home; rather than be a thorn... why don't ya?
  4. Yes, the Montado hammer will work just fine, if you can find one. They aren't available from Ruger (or anyone else I know of). The SBH hammers are available from Midway and work great too, Have installed several sets.
  5. Had one back in the early 90s, used McCormick Shooting Star magazines and it ran great with ball ammo.
  6. Prayers to both Marauder and his lovely wife. Wonderful people!
  7. But...why? And Ruger did make some .32s... hard to find but they were made.
  8. Haha, My buddy from Tennessee keeps trying to get my to cook em up. Dang fuzzy-tailed rats
  9. The logistics of the new targets is a problem for me. You have to set up another 33% of targets for this; first: do we have the resources for this and second: someone has to set them up and take them down. Next, where do you draw the line on who is Championship level and who is not? If I (lower level) shoot a really good match and someone in the Championship level shoots poorly, do they automatically place above me? Because they were in the declared "elite" group. I see lots of problems with this. IMHO
  10. LOVE the Buffalo... need to make one!
  11. If you want the wide/lowered hammers, make sure it says "Super" Blackhawk hammers. And if available, get the hammer "assembly"; includes the pin, spring, plunger and should be as drop-in as can be. The Blackhawk hammer (without the "super") is just a regular Blackhawk/Vaquero hammer with the narrower/higher spur. They come in a brushed stainless finish. I like to polish em up like little mirrors.
  12. Heck, I'll trade ya! I have a couple of sets of regular hammers and would love a set of Montado hammers.
  13. bgavin, The best advice I can give you is see, at the matches you attend, who is running fast, dependable guns and highly consider what they have. If price is not the issue, get what works; you will be much happier in the end. Marlins can be made to run very well, 73s and 66s are (mostly) run by the fastest. If they weren't reliable, those shooters would not use them. 92s can work good as well, but will not be as fast as a tuned 73/66 (did I say that?). Stoegers do work for a large number of shooters, but in my experience, fast guys use tuned SKBs for SxS. 97s can be run like lightning if ya practice. Vaqueros and Colts/Clones seem to be the choice for wheel guns. In the end, ya get out what ya put in; from $$ to 'smith work to upkeep to practice (yes, that). Happy Shooting!
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