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  1. Yes, the Montado hammer will work just fine, if you can find one. They aren't available from Ruger (or anyone else I know of). The SBH hammers are available from Midway and work great too, Have installed several sets.
  2. Had one back in the early 90s, used McCormick Shooting Star magazines and it ran great with ball ammo.
  3. Prayers to both Marauder and his lovely wife. Wonderful people!
  4. But...why? And Ruger did make some .32s... hard to find but they were made.
  5. Doc Holliday's Immortals in Griffin GA has been posting the stages on our website for several years. Our resident web wizard, Marauder started me out with a nice Excel spreadsheet and when completed and reviewed by a couple other trusted/experienced shooters, they get converted to a PDF and posted on the website. I try to get them uploaded several days in advance. We leave our stages on the website for all to see. I think it's great when clubs post their stages and leave them up. Be proud of what you do.
  6. For parts, I'd try VTI or even Taylors. The Uberti folks in the US are... well... no help. Even EMF used to have parts and sold em off. They can tell you who bought the parts. Most likely VTI or Numrich
  7. Hey, if yer shootin' PURE JW, you'll need to shoot ropes (or some such) with a scoped Sharps. And who said two-handed JW? HERESY!
  8. Haha, My buddy from Tennessee keeps trying to get my to cook em up. Dang fuzzy-tailed rats
  9. Buy the books, do the reading, watch some videos, talk to folks and let er rip! If you follow the guidelines in the manuals, you should be fine. I would recommend NOT deviating from load data until you're more familiar with reloading. For CAS, we tend to run on the lower end (yes I know, not all of us) as far as power is concerned, but getting under established load data as an inexperienced reloader is not a good idea. Yes, you will have some saying "try my 0.5 gr loading for such and such"; some have developed lower than published power loads for whatever that work perfectly fine for them, just don't get ahead of yourself. You can start reloading for not a lot of money and work up to better equipment, plus IMHO, a full-blown progressive loader for a beginner is over their head. Get the knowledge, be careful, be safe and have fun.
  10. The logistics of the new targets is a problem for me. You have to set up another 33% of targets for this; first: do we have the resources for this and second: someone has to set them up and take them down. Next, where do you draw the line on who is Championship level and who is not? If I (lower level) shoot a really good match and someone in the Championship level shoots poorly, do they automatically place above me? Because they were in the declared "elite" group. I see lots of problems with this. IMHO
  11. RIP Fergie. Prayers for your family and friends.
  12. LOVE the Buffalo... need to make one!
  13. I wonder if the full length of the (.357) chamber is a little on the short side. Long enough to chamber the round, but just a tad short. IDK...
  14. I hear ya EHSN, I'd like to use rifle last on a lot of stages but I don't (well, maybe once in a blue moon). And I hate that we have come to visible flight paths for our bullets (yes I know, not everyone). But how would we police it? Check PF before every match? Not very practical and a huge pain in the rump. Oh yeah... and the Cali powers that be can kiss my rump. Won't live there anymore and I'll fight with all I have to keep it from happening here.
  15. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to be able to put the rifle at the end of many of the stages I write, but with what you mentioned above, it is "not recommended" as you said. My bad, I'll choose my words more carefully. But if you write stages in a way that makes it difficult for the TO, no matter the reason; I see it as bad stage design... MY opinion.
  16. I think part of the problem comes in the "well, you never said I couldn't" mentality. We can no longer use logic and common sense for a situation; we have to spell it out to apply to everyone so someone doesn't get their feelings hurt.
  17. He got a miss because he jacked out a round... or because the spotters called a miss?
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