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  1. No you're not; none of us are getting any younger and, as humans in this lovely world we live in, we expect the worst. so Happy (belated) Birthday Randy! and I hope ya get to feeling better soon!
  2. If you want the wide/lowered hammers, make sure it says "Super" Blackhawk hammers. And if available, get the hammer "assembly"; includes the pin, spring, plunger and should be as drop-in as can be. The Blackhawk hammer (without the "super") is just a regular Blackhawk/Vaquero hammer with the narrower/higher spur. They come in a brushed stainless finish. I like to polish em up like little mirrors.
  3. Haha, usually for me the "dummy" is the one pullin the shells!
  4. Heck, I'll trade ya! I have a couple of sets of regular hammers and would love a set of Montado hammers.
  5. Hang in the BB, it'll get better. Sometimes I wake up on match day and, even though I've prep'd and set everything out, it'd just be easier to go back to bed. Then I think of all my pards and how much I really do like CAS and I take a step, then another until I'm headed out the door. All my best to ya. It'll all come back soon.
  6. Hope you posted the appropriate review of the seller on GN; that's despicable unless all that was revealed ahead of time.
  7. Sorry to chap the proverbial hide. Just said Rugers were strong and didn't mean to "dis" any other mfr. I have an old Colt that 'll run forever too. Hell, Freedom Arms firearms are stronger than any other I know... but the OP didn't just get a set a those.
  8. Love em or hate em, Rugers are Hell for stout and will last a lot longer than we will. Many aftermarket parts to "hop-up" as well, if yer into that sort. (I am) A couple of different shapes of hammers, grip changes are easily made as well. I, too, have Remmies; both 75s and converted 58s in 45 Colt. Love em! They just don't like to run fast (mine don't) I know you can have a competent 'smith work em to be more reliable at speed but I do my own work and I ain't Jimmy Spurs so... Not getting rid of the Rems, so at times I pull em out and enjoy some (slow) one-handed shootin.
  9. You're right, when I lived there (between Sac and SF), it seemed most of the areas away from the big cities were very conservative. Unfortunately, the (very liberal) cities and their "duly" elected make the rules.
  10. Spotters' call. 2 out of 3 and its a miss.
  11. Lead is a "potent neurotoxin"? What are we dealing with here, VX? Mr. Mullin is... well, he's misinformed. Lead is a toxic heavy metal that occurs in nature and we are ALL exposed to it naturally. Some in trace amounts, some in much higher amounts. I am NOT making light of what lead poisoning can do, but as with all hazards, you mitigate the risks, take precautions and get on with life. This is nothing more than an infringement on shooters, plain and simple. It has nothing to do with public safety. Indoor ranges are under close EPA scrutiny and filtration systems have been required for a while now. Try to open a new indoor range and see what you have to go through. I have two daughters that have shot with me regularly for years and, due to lead hazards, I will not let them reload. They can still enjoy our sport with some safety precautions in place and I am not worried about having three-eyed grandchildren. If you are worried about your lead level, have it tested; you may have to make some changes, but removing lead from your environment entirely is not realistic.
  12. We did one in October using black lights and fluorescent painted targets. Worked great!
  13. 1 MISS, Cannot judge where the 2nd shotgun round was intended to be fired.
  14. Yeah, because we wouldn't want that terrible lead to get (back) into the ground (WHERE IT FRICKIN CAME FROM)!!!
  15. I would love to come (back) out that way. Military had me out west for most of my career and then they sent me east, ugh. We are fortunate to have berms too and one very wide bay we can use sometimes. I'm trying to get some super stages in soon (4 pistols, 2 rifles and many, many shotgun... ) Soon
  16. You have an angel? lol Cowboy plates at 10 yds for pistol next match... just for you.
  17. Heck, let me know yer comin and I'll set up a dang track meet! I have bad knees but I'll run with ya. I like movement too; I write S&D because that's what the pokes want (some more than others) If they complained we never moved, I'd give em a marathon; I don't care. If they ain't happy, they ain't showin up and I can't have that.
  18. Good to know. I manage the website and have been posting PDFs of our scores previously to us using PS. I really don't like having to post a link to someone else's website.
  19. We usually put a S&D stage or two in our monthlies. (6 stages) Both to give the "experienced" pokes a break and most folks like em sometimes. I've had some leave because I don't include MORE S&D stages. I like a balance; S&D, 1 move, 2, 3 moves... Props, no props They say variety IS the spice of life...
  20. For you folks using Practiscore, are you able to download score data from the device using a common format (ie PDF, Word, Excel)? or are you just posting to the Practiscore website? Not really crazy about their website.
  21. ES, I run a pair of '58 Remingtons with Kirst 5-shot conversion cylinders (not into C&B) but they are easy to convert back, if you prefer. They work great, are very reliable and the cool factor when I pull the cylinders for loading/unloading is awesome! I run smokeless most of the time but have run BP cartridges through them. No special loads, just my Trailboss loaded .45 Colts
  22. I took those when I had back surgery... along with a muscle relaxer AND pain meds! I was a zombie! Never again. I'll hurt. I know this stuff works for some and more power to ya, not for me. I'll find the best boots I can.
  23. I can tell ya if I have a suspected squib in my '97, I'll drop a .45 off my belt through the ejection port and if it clears (loaded .45, wad, shot, whatever) falls out the end, I'd say it's clear; if nothing falls out, I ground it and move on. That oughta stir em up!
  24. Lots of ways you can go. My Rossi is an older model and works great (in .45 Colt). I'd save my pennies and move the heck out of Illinois! Born and raised there and I can hardly think of a more firearm-unfriendly state! Love to visit but not movin back. Best of luck to ya.
  25. Sorry PWB, I didn't want to rip the bandage off and start this all over again (hereby incurring the wrath of the Wolf), I just meant I didn't think it was just a simple thing.
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