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  1. Some great ideas here! Thanks Creeker, great thread. I do think we need a bigger social media presence, especially youtube. It's better if prospective shooters SEE what we do. And GET THE WORD OUT! No matter how we can do it: shows (gunshows or dedicated CAS shows), pamphlets with other products, posters in Western supply stores/on their websites. Bring your kids, your friends, your friends' kids. This is an expensive venture... SHARE. most folks I know borrowed something until they could buy it. I do like the young shooters programs, but it is a slippery slope with the bad press "guns with schools" get. I think moving EoT around is a great idea. I think most other big shoots (WR, CaC come to mind) have their own personality and are best suited staying where they are. I love NM, but lets face it, it's far away from anything but Albuquerque and as much as I love Founder's Ranch, some just don't.
  2. Had it happen a few years ago with a Uberti Rem Outlaw 7.5". Thought it was a light load and no one said a word. The second round hit the target and I thought all was ok until I couldn't cock it again. On closer inspection at ULT, ejector housing had come loose and closer inspection (later at home) revealed a split about 1 1/2" long on the bottom of the barrel (under the housing). Couldn't get a barrel (with the right threads, yes they changed them) for a very long time and gunsmith said the work involved to re-clock the barrel, since it was a take-off from another gun, would not be worth the $$. It's a nice wall hanger now.
  3. Unless I'm wrong, this piece is intended for gunsmithing and troubleshooting purposes. (Like when you have to take it apart repeatedly)
  4. The stuff is very hard, heavy and getting harder to find. Need to pick some up while I can.
  5. I HAVE been around for a bit and I DO remember the great World Champion (many times) China Camp. Never met the man, but he was an icon in our sport long before we had sub-10 sec stages and stand and deliver as a big part of matches. He set the bar for following Champions! Bounty Hunter was another great Champion in our sport. His video really got me going into CAS. Diamond Dick was another in the Northern California area. What a man to look up to. The list goes on... These folks put their heart and soul into Cowboy action shooting and SASS and deserve a special place in our history. In my heart, they will never be forgotten.
  6. Try Woodworker's Source. I used to frequent the store in Tucson when I lived there and have ordered online as well. https://www.woodworkerssource.com/ or try www.cookwoods.com. They seem to have some in stock. Not cheap though. If you're making pistol grips, ask for cut-offs or scraps. Woodworker's Source always had a nice selection of cut-offs.
  7. Is it faster to Chicago or by train??? Actually, I really do appreciate your inquiries. This actually does help with ROs that are not sure. (I can be one of those too) "Engaged" to me means attempted. Failure to fire, malfunction, ejected round, whatever. But if you just skip em, seems like it would be a P.
  8. PWB usually likes to let em go a few pages before he gets to em. I think he likes to watch the train wrecks. He's like that ya know...
  9. Just don't milk the bull. Er... try to milk the bull.
  10. You can instruct instead of chastise. You don't have to be a hammer when you can politely teach. Do you have to be a hammer sometimes? Sure, just don't make it a habit. When folks learn what SASS rules are (yes, at our monthlies) they will be much better equipped to get through a large match with no question as to what they're doing is within the rules. Be nice... but enforce the rules.
  11. Once upon a time, the Rossi Overland was THE hammered double for SASS. Yes, that was long ago and at that time, their were few choices other than originals. But many a Rossi has been run through CAS stages. Buy It!
  12. Boy, we can dance all around this one, can't we? Yes, anytime a shooter has an opportunity for a reshoot, it's automatically an advantage for them as they have already shot it. Sorry to the folks that haven't shot it before it was physically changed (to make it safer) and the poor sap who actually had the issue tripped and fell, most likely injured themselves (as simple as a bruise) spilled their prize firearms out on the ground, got embarrassed in front of the posse, completely flustered, aggravated, wounded and completely thrown off their game. Yes, it is now an advantage for them. In fact, I try to trip over something on the stage, fall, drop a gun and get my DQ just so I can get a reshoot and get that advantage. Politics and slants in one direction or another happen, they just do; we are human. But still, if the stage is deemed unsafe and changed to remove the safety hazard, the folks who faced the stage BEFORE the change, should be offered a reshoot and any DQ removed. Yes, you could throw out the stage (match officials' choice), but I would really hope the stages were looked at enough to avoid something like this before the match (especially a large match). Do things happen that we don't foresee? Of course they do, make the MOST FAIR call you can and move on. Will everyone be happy? Is everyone ever happy?
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