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  1. Back when I was shootin skeet I thought my Baretta was a great shotgun(and it is) Then one day a friend let me shoot his Krieghoff the difference was amazing so I saved up and bought one. Same with my SXS started with a Bakal, shot a friends SKB now I shoot an SKB .

    Happy New year everyone Bandit

  2. Use a miter saw for the cut.......Place the stock with top of the comb against the back fence .....A small wedge to keep the stock from moving and measure and cut......Put a wrap of masking tape where the pad meets the stock and grind away without touching the tape. Hard to explain without photos but I have only done about 25 or 30 for my pards. Pm me with yer phone # if you would like and I might be able to give you a better explanation.........Bandit

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