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  1. Major Well I shot a match Saturday and again today (Sunday) at Leonard Texas with smokie stuff. This time managed to get the 87 to work just fine with the smoking rounds. Decided to attend a special Labor Day match tomorrow (Monday) in Oklahoma at a club I have never been to before. Seems they are also hosting the Oklahoma State Championship this next weekend so the stages tomorrow should be good. I like shooting at places I have not been to before, it adds variety and makes you a more rounded shooter. My entry form is filled out for Border Wars 2020 and I will be shooting the Classic Cowboy Challenge in the Black Powder sub category (although using APP ). The form and check will go in the mail on Tuesday. Before I make lodging arrangements, what is the plan for a CC Dinner? Would not want to miss that if you are planning to have one. Scout
  2. You only have 11 listed on the front page. I plan on shooting a match this weekend and will make my decision next week about attending including if BP. Have not shot since March and June before that. Scout
  3. Yep, this is for Classic Cowboy and Cowgirl. Gunfighter does not qualify. Kodak is a great cowboy and certainly dresses the part.
  4. I just clicked on this link https://freestaterangers.files.wordpress.com/2020/06/border-wars-2020.pdf and got the entry form.
  5. I just clicked on the link in the Major's post above and it went right to the registration form.
  6. Can you change the font in your new venue note, its hard to read? I'll have to check out those dates.
  7. Talking some now and started to walk with therapist. Miracle for sure. Great strides!
  8. What a wonderful Birthday Present. I am overjoyed by her progress! And yes we all have a great cowboy family all over the world.
  9. Some of us don't do Facebook so you are providing us much appreciated updates. This thread also provides a central place for the SASS family to share their thoughts.
  10. That's what I'm doing also. Two days at Tombstone followed by Winter Range. Scout
  11. Congratulations on 30 years! I'm into my 14th year and am very grateful for ALL the wonderful folks I've met through this great game that SASS is responsible for starting and keeping going. Scout
  12. Hope the Steelers win also, and there won't be no Packers in the Super Bowl.
  13. AA and RP payments received and packages shipped. See PM for tracking numbers. Two lots of 500 each still available.
  14. Don't do Facebook. Sure would to see the video.
  15. Pretty Cool Larsen I like it, where did you find it?
  16. Seattle Seahawks playing the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC playoff game.
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