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  1. Turkey Flat First item is that both are old model frames. it is std for old model revolvers to have bullseye ejectors heads. the secondary issue is that its a large caliber ejector rods. so when you talk to Cimarron, make sure they are aware of both of these issues. hopefully they have the part in stock to fix Uberti's mix up. Best AD
  2. Love me some Pietta revolvers. left work a couple of years now, and my goal was to build a pair of Pietta with the conversion cylinders, you post reminded me that im not too far on the project. i need to get to work! AD
  3. Drifter..... So Sorry to hear the news that your feather passed! I remember him shooting at Tin Star Ranch a couple of times. Great man to talk to! A true friend of anyone who had a chance to talk to him. You are right, he is in a better place! SASS's light is a little dimmer right now. Best to you and your family. AD San Antonio TX
  4. Howdy, Sad to admit that i took advantage of the offer. $240 for 2k primers.... 8.33 cents per primer. Still cheap enough.... Figure that i had enough for a year of shooting but could always use some for practicing! AD
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