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  1. hello Tequila!


    regarding the sweeps i posted, you wrote:  


    "A D love it and thanks!  One improvement would be to label column 3 and at the bottom spell out what the abbreviations mean.  Thanks again."


    First of all, i appreciate your feed back. 


    let me try to explain the column.....  

    The abbreviations are a way for me to try to group like sequences together within the number of targets sections.  for example, i use the abbreviation 'pr' in the 4 target section to represent anything that is similar to a 'Lawrence Welk' or Progressive sweep.  The same way in each 'number of targets sections i use the tag NV.  The NV represents Nevada Sweep to me.  if the sequence is an engagement say left to right then right to left then it's kinda a Nevada sweep.


    Both Lassiter and Chuckaroo said - do not name sweeps. i think they are absolutely tight!


    Also, i do not get in a conversation with some one regarding the name of the sequence.


    hope this helps you. 






    1. Tequila Shooter

      Tequila Shooter

      Thanks A D, now that you mentioned it you did say in your post that you don’t name sweeps because of people using different names for the same thing.  Maybe one day the TG’s will get together and come up with one naming convention, of course that’ll stir up a whole new batch of WTC posts :lol:

    2. a d

      a d



      i want to be at that meeting!



  2. a d

    A book of sweeps?

    thanks Santa Fe River.... AD
  3. a d

    A book of sweeps?

    RR The file goes to your downloads on your computer. you will need Excel to open.. originally, I posted as a pdf. if you do not have excel, PM me with your email and I will try to get it to format in .Pekin and I will send it to you let mr know! ad
  4. a d

    A book of sweeps?

    Dream Chaser You are welcomed dream Chaser, in the .xlsx file should print i page per number of targets.... See you saturday! AD
  5. a d

    A book of sweeps?

    Howdy, For the last five years I have written 19 monthly stages and 1 state championship match per year. Attached is an excel file, named ‘AD’s book of sweeps’ that I have used for this period. You will notice that they are separated by number of targets. I used only 3 or 4 names for all of the sweeps in the book sweeps. As stated before by some great stage writers, names seem to be mostly geographical, and can be a source of confusion for visitors to the range. The sweep descriptions might cause some confusion. I use these descriptions as a starting point on how I will write the sweep into the stage description. If you have a ‘why’ question – post it! I will try to answer you. Should your favorite sweep not get listed add a post to the thread. I would expect to add some sweeps to list and eventually post the file to the SASS Texican Rangers web site. Lassiter, Chuckaroo, Skinny, Mad Dog McCoy, 3 Finger Dutchman and Bull, have always been available to answer my questions or suggest new sweeps. I really appreciate these folks, and others, for their time! Regards AD SASS 16339L Regulator Texican Rangers President 2018-2020 AD's list of sweeps PUBLIC .xlsx
  6. Pietta's premium firearms have a pressed in cam! AWA's single action revolver were made by Pietta. AD
  7. Howdy, I bet that you could get a new hammer cam from EMF if you have a gunsmith that could put it in to your hammer. Goody is right, tejas Long rifles, Lonnie is the man to call after you secure the cam! EMF website: https://www.emf-company.com/store/pc/F-LLI-Pietta-b1.htm AD
  8. a d

    Dillon 650 vs 750

    11-6, That's not too bad...... AD
  9. a d

    Dillon 650 vs 750

    moves like this is why you are my hero! see you saturday! AD
  10. a d

    Dillon 650 vs 750

    Hoss, Talk to Cptn George Baylor..... he switched to a 750 from a 650! he is very tired of all of the primers exploding at once! see you saturday! AD
  11. Totes.... i have a great uberti 45-70 with lee shaver sights. also lave the ultimate 45-70 gammer loads for 250 yds or less! I had the creseant butt plate cut off the stock.. i plan to shoot with you all Saturday, do you want to see this. i would also get ahold of Kettleman from Austin, he started with the 38-55 and has changed. AD
  12. Marshal i use 4.4 gr of WST. they are 170+ power factor! the 4.0 gr should be a great load and power factor around 160 or less! I selected WST because of all of the comments on Brian Enos website. They recommend WST because it smokes less with lead bullets! If IDPA and ISPIC shooters use it, based on the qty of rounds that they shoot- it's good for me! i am also shooting WST in my 38 special rounds! YMMV! AD
  13. Folks, This is 100% true. AD
  14. a d

    TO question

    absolutely! btw, if im timing, im wearing a mask so that someone doesn't have to ask! AD
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