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  1. July, You shooting this weekend at the texican rangers? have a few cut off stocks on my rifles you might want to see! AD
  2. .....The crud that is inside the powder hopper and the shot hopper on a P/W press? AD
  3. Howdy, I am following this with great interest..... What type of roller are you talking about, is this something a machine shop would have? AD
  4. You all are very kind. Thank you for the comments. We are meeting next week to start landing CD 2022! AD TEXICAN RANGERS Treasurer
  5. This is the sportsmanship that makes SASS so good! AD
  6. hello Tequila!


    regarding the sweeps i posted, you wrote:  


    "A D love it and thanks!  One improvement would be to label column 3 and at the bottom spell out what the abbreviations mean.  Thanks again."


    First of all, i appreciate your feed back. 


    let me try to explain the column.....  

    The abbreviations are a way for me to try to group like sequences together within the number of targets sections.  for example, i use the abbreviation 'pr' in the 4 target section to represent anything that is similar to a 'Lawrence Welk' or Progressive sweep.  The same way in each 'number of targets sections i use the tag NV.  The NV represents Nevada Sweep to me.  if the sequence is an engagement say left to right then right to left then it's kinda a Nevada sweep.


    Both Lassiter and Chuckaroo said - do not name sweeps. i think they are absolutely tight!


    Also, i do not get in a conversation with some one regarding the name of the sequence.


    hope this helps you. 






    1. Tequila Shooter

      Tequila Shooter

      Thanks A D, now that you mentioned it you did say in your post that you don’t name sweeps because of people using different names for the same thing.  Maybe one day the TG’s will get together and come up with one naming convention, of course that’ll stir up a whole new batch of WTC posts :lol:

    2. a d

      a d



      i want to be at that meeting!



  7. Stirrup Trouble


    how bout hosting the Nebraska Championship labor day weekend here in comfort,  

    we will be hosting the SASS texas state championship and could handle up to 40 shooters.

    I'm serious!  




    Texican Rangers

    SASS Texas State Championship - 

         the 25 Anniversary of Comancheria Days



    1. StirrupTrouble


      I will propose it to my club

  8. Howdy all.... later today im off to the automotive supply store for some supplies.... i think i remember that either brake,or carb cleaner contains varnish, and varnish is bad for cleaning firearms. Which one for cleaning firearms. please help. Regards, AD
  9. C

    You there.

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