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  1. wish i was there! Congratulations to THSS for a good event under difficult circumstances! AD Texican Rangers Comancheria Days 2020
  2. i can't imagine anyone doing that to the revolver shields and firing pin holes...... Colt and Pietta have removable firing pin bushings, however i dont thing it would have helped the 'gunsmith'. AD
  3. Yesterday, May 23rd, the Green Mountain Regulators held a match! It was very well ru by club officers Lewie Ledslinger and Whiskey Kid. The Safety measures that were in effect for the match was spot on. Effective and not overboard. They also had hand sanitizers available for all of the shooters at all of the stages, and 3 separate hand washing stations. i would like to thank the club, officers, and all of the shooters for a great day! AD
  4. Stirrup Trouble


    how bout hosting the Nebraska Championship labor day weekend here in comfort,  

    we will be hosting the SASS texas state championship and could handle up to 40 shooters.

    I'm serious!  




    Texican Rangers

    SASS Texas State Championship - 

         the 25 Anniversary of Comancheria Days



    1. StirrupTrouble


      I will propose it to my club

  5. Sagebrush.... Good news, Please keep posting about this match! The Texican Rangers are in the process of getting re-started for 2020. Speaking to the county judge this week. Hopeing for a positive response from him too! Regards, AD
  6. T-Bone prayers UP from Tombstone Mary & AD
  7. JP please post pics asap. AD
  8. Like the big wheels, hope they are flat free! like the plow handle vertical handle. well done, AD
  9. WOW! Short bbl black powder revolvers are sooo cool. keep going! AD
  10. Ranger Dan I have been shooting an Uberti Carbine off and on for 15 years. its sporting an original Cowboys and Indian 4th generation short stroke kit with the lever and many more upgrades. The best front sight that i have bought is from Pioneer gun works. if you go with the PGW front sight i would suggest that you remove the block from the barrel the best DIY sight would be to get the largest shotgun bead and drill, tap or pin that into the block. if you go this way remember you need to get the bead high enough to have a correct sight picture. the best one of these sights i have ever saw was from Jim Bowie from Cowboys and Indian. he took the pitiful sight that comes std on an uberti rifle and ground the top of the sight and drilled and tapped a huge shotgun bead into the sight. remember, you milage may vary.... Remember the Alamo! Self-quarantined in San Antonio AD
  11. Rusty. this is terrible news, cancelled the trailer that I was to rent for the event via RV.COM, refunded whole amount. what hotel were you going to use. call them directly and keep us informed, please AD
  12. ozark


    i have a storer double bbl that was shot by one of SASS's world champions.


    here is the issues, when you close the bbls the gun does not lock into battery.

    in fact the shooter shot it while holding the action closed!  YIKES


    it is missing the lever, i think

    it is also rising the rear stock.


    if you want to see pictures wend me you email.


    you can have it "as Is' for the price of postage.





    1. Ozark Okie

      Ozark Okie

      AD, that does sound interesting. I would like to see a couple of pictures if its not too much trouble. Sure sounds like it can be a good learning project. Email is - gdrhodes70@gmail.com   

      Thanks again.


  13. Great Link - Hope this stays pinned to the Wire AD
  14. Howdy all.... later today im off to the automotive supply store for some supplies.... i think i remember that either brake,or carb cleaner contains varnish, and varnish is bad for cleaning firearms. Which one for cleaning firearms. please help. Regards, AD
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