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  1. July...... Talk about thread drift....... Taz at laser graphics, who will probably be ad Comancheria days 2020, did the forearm on my rifle last year. it is really good. i wanted some fine checkering where the points not sharp. thats exactly what i got..... take a look at my carbine, i bet you will like has work ad
  2. a d texaz

    WTC. Equipment

    Howdy, i has has seen this rig also. the suspenders hold up the gun belt / holsters. The sg shell holder is attached to the suspenders and the shotgun holder is worn in the correct position. So a question - is it legal to have suspenders holding up your gun belt. its ok to attach a shotgun slide to your gun belt. if the suspenders are attached and are part of the gun belt then isn’t the shotgun slide ‘attached’ to the gun belt? just a question... AD
  3. Johnny is there a "progress" picture you can post? Wish i was there to help! AD
  4. 3' hope they don't belong to your Dillon 55o press! AD
  5. Semper Fi..... You will likely buy a large rifle case that will hold your rifle shotgun and revolvers. make sure that there are 2 latches on the front and a latch on each end you will also want to lock the case with 2 locks. i just looked at the pelican cases. they are expensive, and simple the best. it is funny to watch the vendors at the shot shot bringing in thier products. Pelicans are used 20 to 1. They are used because they work. They sell a case that is 14x8x44. Its 300$ - Expensive. it would be perfect! plenty or room. another thing to consider when flying..... the large Pelican cases i used weighed 26 pounds! I could put 20 revolvers in a case, or 3 long guns and 12 revolvers into a long case. these were heavy! 99% of the time i flew it was on on South West with the flights originating in San Antonio. The TSA in San Antonio were accustomed to seeing firearms - it was seamless! Of all the places i flew, only 4 or 5 terminals would not take you back to the area where they inspected the firearms. i made sure the the TRA agent who took the firearms understood the they did not have TSA approved locks, and I asked them where they wanted me to wait, so if they wanted to look inside the box they could get the keys from me. curiously, of the 4 or 5 places that took the cases, only Denver and Raleigh asked for the keys after they X-rayed the cases........ It's really easy to fly with firearms. Get to the terminal 2 hours early, Got through TSA screening/ and get a Starbucks with a couple of extra shots - you will be fine! AD
  6. DUSTY Go to his web site, https://pvgunworks.com a lot of cool stuff. you can order directly from him. Regards, AD
  7. Howdy i vote for Palo Verde! You even get a video on its use. AD
  8. Howdy Black RZR.... i love to tinker with guns, sounds like you are in the same boat - Welcome aboard. if you change the hammers and springs you will have stock revolvers with 2 of the features that a gunsmith would install on a regular action job. Your trigger pull will get marginally better because of the spring change.... i do not know how much you will spend on the the hammers and springs.... $125.00? you might be better off talking to a good gunsmith like Longhunter or Boomstick Jay and see what an action job on both would cost. Hope this helps... AD
  9. Howdy Baltazar Been using the same 'long hunter' rig from Kirkpatrick from Laredo Texas since 1998. Mernickle are very good too! Regards, AD
  10. a d texaz

    Which Choke

    Howdy. In my ‘97 I’m cyl +0.05! my Browning SS no klu. I believe that at 10 yards it doesn’t matter. For clay birds at 25 yards, I think the skeet shooters know best and they use Cyl. and skeet. AD
  11. Have you tried VTI Parts ad
  12. Hello PD give me a call. i have your answer! AD
  13. No Problama Congratulations look forward to seeing you guys soon! AD Texican Rangers
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