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  1. Congratulation to Damascus Jon! well done! I'm sure that you had some fun in the weather! Regards, AD
  2. Goliath i was surprised when i read your post about the SASS flags are no longer available. i got to thinking about it, and this won't help if you use it as a flag from a flagpole. We use a pair of these on the fence of the entrance to our range. if i could not get a replacement from SASS i would go to a local banner maker. A banner wound work for us, perhaps for you also. You also have an opportunity to customize your banner, perhaps adding your clubs name to the artwork. This is the direction we would go when our flags are no longer serviceable. Regards, AD
  3. +1 for the Palo Verde lever wrap. he is also selling a tool for 73 rifle jams - really nice! AD
  4. a d texaz


    Hello Friends We changed thing up a bit at the texican rangers - in an sequence if a target is engaged once it is painted black, if the target is engaged twice it is painted red if a target is engaged 3 times its painted blue, if a target is engaged 4 times it is painted yellow! of course sweeps like 2,4,6,8 gives us some room for interpretation.... so, on a progressive sweep target 1 is black, target 2 is red, target 3 is blue, target 4 is yellow. first hand gun is 1, 2,2, 3,3 first shot of 2nd hand gun is on the red target! Another example - shooter reads the instructions 1, 2,2,2, 3 twice. with the targets painted black, blue, black they might see 1-3-1 based on the colors. the colors certainly brighten up the range. your mileage may vary, our shooters see the paint scheme as a help.
  5. a d texaz

    Can thrower

    wow! That is a launcher! AD
  6. Wow! What a great idea! Good job SASS! Misty et al. The paperwork says 'As an Annual member'..... there is your answer. these are for the annual membership. i hope there is something for the Life members also. Regards, AD
  7. Billy Boots, Sassy, T-Bone, Ellie and 80 other shooters OH MY! 6 months off and we are off to a great start! thanks to everyone! AD
  8. Great Link - Hope this stays pinned to the Wire AD
  9. Howdy all.... later today im off to the automotive supply store for some supplies.... i think i remember that either brake,or carb cleaner contains varnish, and varnish is bad for cleaning firearms. Which one for cleaning firearms. please help. Regards, AD
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