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  1. a d texaz

    lever wraps

    Same for me and the wife... Best i have ever used. https://pvgunworks.com/Product-category/lever-wraps/ AD
  2. ozark


    i have a storer double bbl that was shot by one of SASS's world champions.


    here is the issues, when you close the bbls the gun does not lock into battery.

    in fact the shooter shot it while holding the action closed!  YIKES


    it is missing the lever, i think

    it is also rising the rear stock.


    if you want to see pictures wend me you email.


    you can have it "as Is' for the price of postage.





    1. Ozark Okie

      Ozark Okie

      AD, that does sound interesting. I would like to see a couple of pictures if its not too much trouble. Sure sounds like it can be a good learning project. Email is - gdrhodes70@gmail.com   

      Thanks again.


  3. a d texaz


    Bill Call Cimarron and ask for a '4 click' STAINLESS low wide hammer. 1 803 997-9090 AD
  4. Ray Make plans now to attend the 2020 Texas State Championship hosted be the Texican Rangers outside of Fredericksburg TX April 1,2,3, 2020! My records go back to 2016 and we have offered Elder Statesman Duelist every year. We need 3 to make a category - and have 4 entries with 3 months to go! ESD will surely be offered again in 2020. AD Match Director Comancheria days 2020 The 2020 Texas State Championship
  5. Hendo, i use lizard litter now adding Mineral Spirits and Nu-finish car wax..... i would like to get the dust down.... AD
  6. Howdy All! I saw a thread on the internet - Facebook - that using white rice in a tumbler would clean the brass well!. The interesting point to me is that the folks using the rice said it was literally dust free. I can buy 50 lbs of white rice at Sams Club for 17.00. You could probably fill the large Dillon tumbler 10 times for 17 bucks..... i can't remember if the folks who use rice add some type polish..... Any one use rice for tumbling media? Thanks AD
  7. Thank you everyone for your input! Great info! AD
  8. Really? ABILENE! i count you as a friend! AD
  9. Howdy! The topic says it all - I have a Coyote Cap 1897 that needs a new left side extractor. When I fire and open the shotgun about 1/2 the time the shell does not clear the frame. Its my favorite 1897 and would like to get it going ASAP. Any suggestions? AD Comancheria Days 2020 Match Director
  10. Great range, keep up the great work AD
  11. Great Link - Hope this stays pinned to the Wire AD
  12. Howdy all.... later today im off to the automotive supply store for some supplies.... i think i remember that either brake,or carb cleaner contains varnish, and varnish is bad for cleaning firearms. Which one for cleaning firearms. please help. Regards, AD
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