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  1. I am so sorry to hear this. She was a great lady. My thoughts and prayers with Fly.
  2. While I normally shoot real black powder occasionally I use a sub, like Black MZ now discontinued. I just became aware of a "new" bp sub from Shooters World called "Multi-Purpose Black Sulfurless Powder". It is available from Grafs and Midsouth and is described as being made by APP. Has anyone tried it? Is it the same as the old APP? Cost is about $22 lb.
  3. Doc, my rounds are a full case of Goex FFFg. In my opinion, the Big Lube bullet is key. I also have an early Uberti Schofield, a Navy Arms import, and it runs about the same with this load as do all my other Uberti top breaks. They won't shoot all day like a Colt or an original Smith but it doesn't take much to keep them running, even for match shooting. Most of mine will run longer with real black and a Big Lube than with the subs and a conventional, waxy lubed cast bullet
  4. I’ve been shooting one for the past two months in .45. I load .45 S&W (Schofield) rounds in it, both smokeless and bp. I’m very fond of it. Shoots to point of aim. I’ve run as many as 50 rounds of bp through it with no binding, using a Big Lube bullet, on humid days. Other days I get about 30-35 rounds through it before it starts to foul out. This is comparable to all my other Uberti top breaks. A couple of drops of moose milk on the arbor and it’s good to go again. BP is possible with these guns with the right loads, especially for match shooting where you can tend to the guns between stages.
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