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  1. I don't remember what happened to this idjit.
  2. Essentially all side-firing gunships utilize the same principle. AC-119K STINGER. OFFICIAL US AIR FORCE PHOTOGRAPH A C-119K STINGER. OFFICIAL US AIR FORCE PHOTOGRAPH
  3. My first thought was that he meant The Bronx Bombers. Then "Wasn't there a boxer who was called the NewYork Bomber?" When looking for that, I found https://www.britannica.com/biography/George-Metesky
  4. Yep. Any cut that requires being smothered in sauce to have amy flavor isn't worth it. Oh, it's wonderfully tender, but bland.
  5. About a year ago I was looking in the store for some vegetable base (bouillon) and saw a small pack of it that proclaimed "Vegan & Gluten Free." It was a bit on the expensive side, but the sodium level was acceptable, and I just HAD to show that to my wife to enjoy the look on her face. I commented to the checker that I was glad it was vegan free. She didn't understand. Yes - the look on my wife's face was worth it. I did write to the company and suggested that they do something about the wording.
  6. I don't mind my threads being high jacked. It happens in conversations. But this is the same subject so it isn't a high jack. Try again!
  7. Do I detect a slight Esperanto accent?
  8. I wasn't able to find an image of pop up targets, but you can see that it is mounted on a target plate.
  9. Pop up target of the OPFOR. https://www.alternatewars.com/WW3/Trigons/Trigons.htm
  10. A person posted this photo in a FB group I follow
  11. You may have nailed it. https://images.app.goo.gl/H5erLhdmMKguZ2918
  12. OK. Had someone say: " The stubbly little howitzer is the German "15cm. schwere Feldhaubitze Model 1893" made by Krupp. (15cm. s.F.H. 1893). Somewhere I have a list of cannons on display, prepared by a volunteer associated with the Army's Rock Island Arsenal Museum which may include serial number and possibly origin. Almost certainly a WW1 souvenir donated by the Army to Legion/VFW post. For more info on these (or many other types of mainly WW1 German artillery see the incredible private collection of Leon and Ralph Lovett, of Artillery, Anti-Tank Guns, Naval Guns, and Mortars. https://www.lovettartillery.com/index.html
  13. On another forum someone suggested the archie may be a Japanese Type 96 25mm Hotchkiss.
  14. The entire email he sent me was the photos and: "Here are the pictures of the two guns. Cannot find serial # or other information. " That's my gut feeling. Without something for scale it is hard to tell. I wouldn't be too hard on the Post Commander, likely there is nothing in their archives about either piece. When I was in Lake Co. CA the county courthouse in Lakeport had a pair of Japanese Type 92 Battalion Guns that they got to replace the two bronze Dahlgren 12 pound Boat Guns they had given up in the metal drives of early WWII. Took me a couple of days in the back room of the Lake County Museum to find details on that. The American Legion Post in Clearlake had the tube of a 3" Ordnance Rifle that had been converted to a breach loading salute gun. The Post Commander had no information about it. He did allow me to scrape some of the paint off the muzzle face to read the number. #334, 1863, Phoenix Iron Works, inspector TTSL (Theodore Thaddeus Sobieski Laidley ) When I went to check the Registry of Surviving Civil War Artillery it wasn't listed. Took me about two weeks to find out about the conversion from muzzle loader to breach loader. Never was able to track it down more than that.
  15. I'm fairly sure that many of you heard about the incident at the La Mesa American Legion Post 2 weeks ago and the guy who climbed the pole to replace the flag. https://www.legion.org/flag/249242/civilian-climbs-60-foot-pole-replace-burned-flag-california-post In one of the photos there is what I think may be an 8 inch howitzer from WWI. I emailed the Post Commander asking about it. He said he had no clue about it but would send me photos, maybe I could give him some information about the guns they have. He sent me 4 pictures. I'll, of course, do some research on my own, but I thought I would also ask here since a fair number of people are familiar with such things.
  16. Funny sign - calling for a bunt when you are down by 3, bases loaded, two out, bottom of the 9th.
  17. You could do a red velvet cake and a white cake, slice them horizontally, and stack them. For the blue, white cake with a good blue food coloring paste, bake it, cut a ring out of it, then fill the center with layers of the red velvet and white cake. Not really technically all that difficult.
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