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  1. https://cdn.dvidshub.net/media/video/2010/DOD_108017115/DOD_108017115-1024x576-1769k.mp4
  2. Nope. They just keep being stupid, just with less expensive toys.
  3. https://www.onet.pl/informacje/onetszczecin/swinoujscie-neutralizacja-tallboya-szczegoly-akcji-neutralizacji-ogromnej-bomby/g6ljfpn,79cfc278?fbclid=IwAR1dj7dYNKwYbudzGQXQ3B4l3t2hocKBqI-Mpd7-MOwUagcqYLWaRMzVqk8 Article is in Polish. Use a browser that has a decent translation program.
  4. <disreputable looking guy holding open filthy duster> "Pssssst! Hey kid! You wanna buy a Soule tang sight?"
  5. I could go back, maybe, to the 1750s. But even during the Revolution the prevailing attitude, aside from identifying more with the colony than any nation, our identity was as Englishmen, subjects of the Crown rather than as Americans. You could even make a case that state identity was more important to the individual than was national identity until after the War of 1861. Many Texicans would still make the case for state over national identity. Re Germany. One could easily argue that Germany as we know it only dates from late 1945. Heck, even later if you want to date it from when the Wall came down.
  6. http://www.airfields-freeman.com/CA/Airfields_CA_SanRafael.htm#hamilton http://www.airfields-freeman.com/CA/Airfields_CA_SanRafael.htm
  7. I had to look up "snook." Other than one short excursion on a charter to do some fishing down off Baja, all my fishing has been in California, and haven't even done that for over a decade. I guess they have sharp gill plates. Wonder if the term "He got snookered" came from that? Nah, more likely from the game. Anyway, in my search I ran across this and, even better, this , both addressing BMC's comment about mishandling during catch & release. Some of the stuff from the Florida Fish & Wildlife link (second link) seems as if it would apply to almost any fish.
  8. Если бы не придурки, мы все были бы полны дерьма.
  9. Well, according to the supporters of certain elected politicians in California, I'm a Russian Bot. Лично, я не понимаю, почему они сказали бы это. Может потому, что я называю их красногвардейцами или штурмовиками.
  10. How about "Another example of how young our nation is?" My usual example of how young we are as a people with a national identity is my "Four Handshakes": When I was little I met a Spanish American War veteran. He likely knew veterans of the War of 1861, They likely knew a Revolutionary War veteran. So four handshakes, not even four full lifetimes, to span our entire history.
  11. Another example of how young our republic is. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/obituaries/lyon-g-tyler-jr-grandson-of-president-john-tyler-dies-at-95/2020/10/10/6c5825c8-0a60-11eb-859b-f9c27abe638d_story.html Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr. did not meet his paternal grandfather when he was growing up in Virginia in the 1930s. He never had the chance to walk through fields with his grandfather or hear his stories about an earlier time — tales about growing up when George Washington was president and of going to Monticello, where he listened as a family friend played the fiddle. The friend was Thomas Jefferson. Support our journalism. Subscribe today. In later years, Dr. Tyler went on to become a Navy officer, a lawyer and a professor of history — and practically the living embodiment of almost the entire history of the nation. Until his death on Sept. 26, Dr. Tyler had been one of two living grandsons of John Tyler, who was president of the United States from 1841 to 1845. Dr. Tyler was born 63 years after his grandfather died. He was 95 when he died at a hospital in Franklin, Tenn., of complications from Alzheimer’s disease, said his daughter, Susan Selina Tyler.
  12. A heck of a cast. John Agar. Leo Carroll. Mara Corday, even, at the end, a barely seen Clint Eastwood.
  13. Filmed mostly in the Lucerne Valley California. On Me TV right now.
  14. Some of his soldiers managed to live to be photographed. What I find most amazing is how good they look for men in their 70s in that era. Three links, two with black and white, the other with some of the images colorized. Monsieur Maire 7th Hussars c. 1809-15. Photo by: Brown University Library Monsieur Maire, 7th Hussars Regiment, served from 1809 to 1815 and was one of the last surviving veterans of Napoleon's army. He is shown here in full dress uniform, wearing a white crossbelt and the Saint Helene medal. It was issued on August 12, 1857, and was given to all veterans of the wars of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Empire. The uniform of the Napoleonic hussars included the pelisse, seen here, a short fur edged jacket which was often worn slung over one shoulder in the style of a cape, and was fastened with a cord. His bearskin headwear with its tall shako, pompon and plume, indicate he is a Hussar Elite Monsieur Dupont, Fourier for the 1st Hussar IMAGE: BROWN UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Monsieur Dupont, who was a fourier for the 1st Hussars Regiment, stands in full uniform with a Mameluke sword and a Saint Helene medal. His garment are extensively adorned with braiding (often gold or silver for officers) and several rows of multiple buttons. Under it was worn the dolman or tunic which was also decorated in braid. On active service the hussar normally wore reinforced breeches which had leather on the inside of the leg to prevent them from wearing due to the extensive riding in the saddle. On the outside of such breeches, running up the outside was a row of buttons, and sometimes a stripe in a different colour to distinguish from other regiments. His peaked shako, or hat, show he was an Officer Infantry
  15. 1.) My wife and I were drooling over those cars in the opening shot. 2.) At about 0:45 my wife made the comment, "She has quite a hitch in her gitalong." 3.) I second that comment.
  16. Great information, thank you. One would think that the salesman would have that information and could have said something like, "Federal law says that you can't disable the drivers airbag, but there are settings to let the system know that you will driving in conditions that are likely to have minor collisions and it makes allowances for that. The airbag is not likely to deploy in normal off road conditions."
  17. WWII US Navy Range Indicator, Antiaircraft Gunnery, Mark 1 &nbsp;
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