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    The Texas Quote of the Day is a description of the notorious outlaw-turned-rancher King Fisher, who was apparently quite the dandy in his day:
    "King Fisher and his followers stole the settlers' livestock; robbed their corn cribs; and murdered those who opposed them.
    Fisher was then [the late 1870s] about twenty-five years old, and a perfect specimen of frontier dandy. He was tall and exceedingly handsome. He wore the finest clothes procurable, and of the picturesque, dime-novel type. His white, broad-brimmed sombrero was ornamented with gold and silver lace and had a golden snake for a band. His Mexican short jacket of fine buckskin was heavily embroidered with gold. His sheer, expensive shirt was worn open at the throat, with a silk handkerchief knotted about its wide collar. A crimson silk sash was wound about his waist. His chaperejos, or "chaps," were made of a royal Bengal tiger, ornamented down the seams with gold fringe. The tiger's skin had been procured at a circus in Northern Texas. He and some of his fellows had literally captured the circus, killed the tiger and skinned it, just because the desperado chief fancied he'd like to have a pair of tiger skin "chaps." He wore high-heel boots of costly leather, and silver spurs ornamented with little silver bells. He rode the best horses he could steal in Texas and Mexico."
    ----- N.W. Jennings, "A Texas Ranger," 1930
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  2. Quote

    Stone cooking supports used to grill skewers of meat by Minoans on Santorini, circa 3600 years old. The line of holes in the base supplied coals with oxygen. Many consider modern "souvlaki" street kebabs a direct descendant of this portable food system. Museum of Prehistoric Thera, Greece.

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Texas Joker said:

    If its a hiway you should not cut across the gore to return to traffic. Like was said once the line goes solid do not cross.


    Sunday on the way to church, southbound 101 in Santa Rosa, a section with the merge lane from one on ramp becomes the lane for the next off ramp.

    A guy got on, I gave him the space to merge on, he stayed in that lane as if to take that next exit...not uncommon...so I passed him once he got to the solid line.   Watched in my mirror as he cut through the gore point just barely missing the sand barrels and got back onto 101.

  4. 38 minutes ago, Alpo said:


    Frequently you will see signs on the road - RIGHT LANE MUST TURN RIGHT. If such a sinus present,


    If you are into the section with a solid line take the exit.   If you are still in the section with a dashed line go ahead and merge back if it's safe.


    I'd the exit, find the nearest on ramp for the direction I need to go.


    OR... just use surface streets to go the half mile or so to whatever street I want.


    If the sinus is still giving me problems I'll take an antihistamine.



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  5. Naomi Parker Fraley was an American war worker during the Second World War. She worked worker on aircraft assembly She was photographed in 1942 using a machine tool at the Naval Air Station Alameda. The picture was published in the local press, including the Pittsburgh Press. The following year, the iconic propaganda poster of "We Can Do lt!" started appearing in factories to campaign for worker morale. It is now considered that Naomi Parker Fraley is the most ikely model (known as "Rosie the Riveter") for the "We Can Do lt!" poster. The subject of the poster has previously been assumed to be of Geraldine Hogg Doyle, and only in 2011 did Naomi Parker Fraley notice the mistake and corrected it. She passed away in 2018, at the age of 96.



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  6. In your original scenario it wouldn't be "could you quit" but "would you be allowed to quit" or maybe "could you quit and stay alive."

    In your twist at the end, people get into acting because they like the attention, or maybe like the fantasy of being someone else.  Yeah, the money is great for some, but look at how many stick with it even if at the most they get "and a cast of hundreds" or on IMDB, "John Doe (uncredited)" without even a photo.

    Pick anything, and the people driven to get to that high level are driven by things other than just getting paid in money.  Look at the guys who are professional CEOs, spend 5 years here, 3 years there, 6 years somewhere else digging companies out of (or maybe into) a hole, and moving on to to do the same thing with a different company. The power, the ability to manipulate and change a huge company, and, of course, the fame and being able to hob-nob with the swells who like to be seen in each others company, fake smiles on their faces and a drink in hand.  

    Heck, look at your basic contractor.  Often they could be comfortable retiring at 50, not megamillion rich, but in the "not wealthy, not weeping" range, able to do what they want, pretty much buy what they want, without having to count pennies.  But they keep working because, in spite of how much they complain, they like the work.

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  7. SOB  for dinner. 


    I  thawed some shrimp for dinner tonight.   About 3/4 pound of 31-40 EZ-peel (deveined, shell on). 


    I started cutting it into bite-sized pieces and wondering just what to do with it.   "Ah! I'll just cook up some spaghetti,  make a lemon-garlic sauce."  Went to the stove to start some water and saw the plate of leftover biscuits from breakfast.  Hmmmm......biscuits....."I'll make SOB!" That's Shrimp On a Buscuit.


    Finished cutting the Shrimp, sprinkled a bit of Smoked Hot Paprika,  a pinch of Salt,  a smaller pinch of Aleppo Pepper, and a few grinds of Black Pepper on it.  Grated in 2 cloves of Garlic,  the Zest of one Lemon, and squeezed the juice of half the Lemon onto it.  Stirred it some to coat the Shrimp. 


    In my nonstick skillet over medium heat, I put about 1 TBS of Garlic Infused Oil*, 1 TBS Margarine**.  When the Margarine had melted I added the Shrimp.   Sautéed it until about half done, added about 2 TBS of flour.  Stirred until the Flour was coated with the fat, then slowly added about a cup and a half of Unsweetened Coconut Milk**.  Cooked, stirring constantly until thickened,  and added the juice of the other half of the Lemon. 

    Served over a Biscuit I had broken into a bowl. Pretty tasty. 





    *I buy small containers of peeled garlic and put most of it in a small har of oil in the refrigerator,  it's often less expensive than buying whole bulbs, but with just the 2 of us a lot would go bad if I didn't cover it with oil.


    **If not a fast day,  these would be Butter and regular Milk.

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  8. 46 minutes ago, Linn Keller, SASS 27332, BOLD 103 said:

    This proves you are a knowledgeable and well rounded individual!


    These parts, "Well rounded" is likely to mean lots of ammunition in many calibres.

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