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  1. Nope. I have seen pictures of him. I had never even thought about Lenin having a wife.
  2. I'm used to seeing the Sheriff's helicopter not show on the radar site. Likewise the Santa Rosa Police one. Security and all. But in the five years or so I've been using that site this is the first time I've seen an icon for a different kind of aircraft than what I observed and with a tag moving with it when I click on it that reads BLOCKED.
  3. Old American Photos Oncrrttttdodbertnc S1f7potnht calacitc 4:s3ored6e AshM ยท Men, boys, wagons, and carriages gather at the McComb Shop, Austin, Nevada, c.1885. Not sure what the McComb Shop's business was, but it may have had something to do with wagon and carriage repair. Stolen from https://www.facebook.com/Old-American-Photos-1729349357319134/photos/?ref=page_internal
  4. Fascinating stuff. October 19, 1842 U.S. Naval Commodore Jones, acting on rumors of war with Mexico, captured Monterey, the capital of Alta California. The next day when he learned war was not declared, he apologized then left. Watercolor of the capture of Monterey by Gunner William H. Meyers of the warship Cyane. Courtesy of The Bancroft Library, U.C. Berkeley. #CaliforniaHistory #Monterey Follow This Week in California History on Instagram https://www.jstor.org/stable/41167605?seq=1#metadata_info_tab_contents https://www.wearethemighty.com/articles/time-us-accidentally-captured-mexican-city That right there makes me doubt it. Well behaved Marines???
  5. Re historic Toms. I went to a Catholic school through 8th grade, most of the nuns were from Ireland. More than once i heard them say to an unruly kid. "Aren't you the littleTom Tyrant!"
  6. That's quite a find. If you plan to be cremated save it for the ashes.
  7. Black Tom Tyrant. Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl Strafford.
  8. Heck of a good game! Lots of "WOW! Nice play!" sometimes followed by a "DAMMIT!" from me or my wife. Some beautiful defensive plays from both sides.
  9. From what I have read, granted not a serious study, many German soldiers starting in '44, even before D-Day, were starting to question if they could win. By '45, if I read things right, a majority of the line grunts were wondering why they were still fighting. Not that they dared show it.
  10. As Barry said, you play the hand you're dealt. They may have little chance of winning, but there is a chance. Think of how they will feel if thy win.
  11. I haven't gotten out in time to see it. There have been several trips, all to the same general area.
  12. Typically records are kept for 7 to 10 years, and most these days are on computer. Contact you doctor and tell him that you want a disc of all your records.
  13. Ditto for a lot of classical violin.
  14. Interesting. I heard a helicopter going by, opened up Flightradar 24 to see what it was, the icon was a fixed wing and it said "BLOCKED" and I could get no information about altitude, airspeed, etc. Curiouser and curiouser.
  15. WOW! I had forgotten that opening. And piano that I liked! I have said before that I'm not a big fan of the piano, especially what is called classical which, to me sounds like random key strokes showing how fast the pianist can run up and down the keys. I like some, I guess honky-tonk a la Jerry Lee Lewis, e.g. Chantilly Lace. Some of that, I think, is because of my hearing and not being able to pick out the subtleties of it. Part of is, likely the major part of it, is the overbearing, clunky piano playing I've endured at school recitals where (sometimes mercifully) the piano drowns out the kids voices. Organ? Fine. Harpsichord? Wonderful. Clavichord? Great. Piano? Eh! OH! Strauss waltzes and polkas on the piano I like.
  16. I'm puzzled by the blacks in America who convert to mohammedeanism because "it banned slavery" and "Christians supported slavery." Yes, mohammedeanism bans enslaving other mohammedeans, but they were usually the go betweens from the blacks who sold other blacks into slavery and the European and American slavers. It was those evil white Christians who were instrumental in ending the western slave trade. More like a theocratic dictatorship. A political system that poses as a religion.
  17. Both ALCS and NLCS have shown us some excellent playing. I'm rooting for the Dodgers just because they are the team from California.
  18. I missed that. Had to take the dog out before it got that far, didn't bother to go back and watch the last few minutes.
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