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  1. Love It! I've seen a few things on social media about the males who became shot. Seems as if two, if not all three, had prior convictions for violent crimes, felonies. If so, what are the chances that at random the young man could shoot three felons?
  2. Games not played in "protest" should be counted as a loss. No chance for a make up game. Players should be docked pay for missed games. In fact, I can see that it could be grounds for a violation of contract firing. My wife and I like pro sports except for basketball and soccer, the sound of it, the amazing athleticism displayed. But Friday, with all the racist BS being spewed by the announcers - yes, Jackie Robinson and all that is fine, but give it a rest - and binge watched Cook's Country on Amazon Prime.
  3. It almost seems as if military tracked vehicles are more prone to that than are bulldozers and other tracked construction equipment. My dad had a story of having to help dig a tracked vehicle out of a bog on Guam. Seems that after the shooting had (mostly) stopped some grand high mucky-muck was visiting and some not so high and not so grand mucky-muck wanted to impress him ... and got some of his tracked vehicles stuck. I was expecting the same. Well, they got experience in how to rig for towing and how to be towed. I'm sure their CO did not pass up the wonderful chance to turn it into a Learning Experience.
  4. After his 3rd try I wondered why he didn't go back on one, forward on the other to pivot and go parallel to the ditch to get to ground that was less soupy.
  5. Well laid out by the facts known at the time.
  6. Graduate of Someplace USA Teachers College (now Someplace USA University). I've seen it dealt with several ways. Like the above. The reverse with the current name followed by the former. The example you gave and the opposite with the name when the person graduated.
  7. Which is farther west, Reno or Los Angeles?
  8. I'll take Alaska for $7,200,000, Alex.
  9. https://theaviationist.com/2020/08/29/ukrainian-su-27-flanker-hit-a-road-sign-during-highway-landing-training/?fbclid=IwAR3leUDeZk39WUogHbleiYp4C9lhNuPjWcP8hHIs2X3fwegXSovY68rgJsI
  10. Interesting. I thought Californios were the Mexicans who came to Alta California prior to 1848. My Confirmation Sponsor was an elegant gentleman in all senses of that word who was proud to be a 5th generation Californio. Got very upset if someone asked if he was Mexican. He would draw himself up to his full 5'4" and, with frost in his voice, say, "I'm a Californio." He had been born around 1910, so his family must have been in San Diego County since the early 1800s.
  11. I just couldn't stop the film to get a decent read on those. I kept going back and forth so looked for something else and the landing gear jumped out.
  12. Almost a twin of the SBN-1 that Bob posted. Going back and looking at the landing gear, I think you have it. The information on Wiki doesn't indicate that the Kingfisher was used as a trainer, but that almost all the SBN-1s produced were used for training.
  13. Thankfully, most of the injustices and bigotry he experienced have been erased from our society. Sounds like a helluva man. https://www.nationalguard.mil/News/Article/1515966/wwi-hero-henry-johnson-fought-for-his-life-with-a-bolo-knife/
  14. OK, did a quick bit of looking around. Candlestick came down in 2015. Video was posted in 2013. So, we know it was before that. Hmmm.....they have a special little welcome with the fire rigs giving the plane a shower....must be a special occasion....maybe some company's first A380 into SFO? The first commercial Lufthansa A380 flight landed in San Francisco complete with its two floors of up to 526 passengers and first class tickets that could cost $16,000. SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT--With the arrival Tuesday of Lufthansa flight 454 from Frankfurt, Germany, the airline became the first to fly daily service of Airbus' giant A380 to SFO. Published: May 11, 2011 -- 11:28 GMT (04:28 PDT) Caption by: Andy Smith
  15. I'm not sure, but I think you may have misconstrued what Bob meant. That German "manned torpedo" was more a small semi-submersible ship made to get the weapon near the target, release the weapon, and escape. The Japanese versions were meant to have the pilot ride the weapon from the release point all the way in to the target.
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