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  1. Proving himself again a master wordsmith.
  2. That had two things going against it. First was that both teams came from the same rather small geographic area which limited nation wide interest. Second, and I think more important, was that there was not a long standing rivalry between the two teams. Mets are a fairly new team, only going back to the early '60s. Yanks and Dodgers have a rivalry going for over a century, it would have been a west coast v. eastern seaboard as well as a CA v. NY series. Wide national appeal, even if nothing but to see the team you hate the most get stomped. This Series will be TX v. DC. Symbolic of rugged individualism against the political machine. Or Wild West against staid and stodgy Eastern Propriety.
  3. Some fantastic plays from both teams.
  4. A before photograph for comparison.
  5. As near as I can do quickly in Paint. Red line is longitudinal, green line shows the angle. Keep in mind that the angled flight deck was a refit (SCB-125) to the Essex class carriers, so the angle isn't as marked as in later class carriers.
  6. For screwball comedy, The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!
  7. Yet another FB find.
  8. The Standard to which all others are held, and often found wanting:
  9. https://online.flowpaper.com/77a9072e/AUSAGraphicNovelIssue3AudieMurphy/#page=1
  10. You can find it here: https://www.ausa.org/medal-honor-graphic-novels to read online or download the PDF.
  11. I have to say that my first thought on seeing the subject line was, "Why is he asking something about "Zur Judenfrange?"
  12. I had to look that up. I was expecting to see it as an euphemism for molasses. Boy, was I wrong! Sounds like nectar of the gods.
  13. It's a PDF so you may need to download then open.
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