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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/22/science/maps-elevation-geodetic-survey.html?smid=fb-share&fbclid=IwAR19L1p12rnLWnBFHp2964oVbkllCqTT45iu9AS_ls71Y8_1xAQmnoGg8NU Height Modernization A recalibration of the system for measuring height will officially shrink much of the United States, especially the Pacific Northwest.
  2. https://loaddata.com/Cartridge/115X57Rmm-43-Spanish-Reformado/6278 Looks almost like they just opened up the brass from the .43 and shoved teh .454 into it.
  3. A milblog i follow. Good article. Good comments. https://oldafsarge.blogspot.com/2020/05/the-other-side.html
  4. By Vulcan's left nut that is the best news i have heard in years! Thanks, Bob. You just made my week. Maybe month. O Lord God Jesus Christ, the Life and strength of all that put their hope in You, Whose mercies are numberless, and the treasury of goodness that is infinite, we give thanks to You for the blessings which You have bestowed upon Your servant Carol; and we humbly beseech You to continue Your goodness toward us; and as You have been well pleased to restore Your servant to her bodily health, so do You imbue her soul with all the heavenly graces, perseverance in good works, and prepare us by Your blessings in this life for the enjoyment of eternal happiness in the Life to come; for to You are due all glory, honor, and worship, as also to Your Eternal Father and Your All Holy, Good and Life creating Spirit, both now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.
  5. http://www.militaryrifles.com/Spain/Ovid-Rem.htm 1889 most Oviedo Spanish rolling blocks were rechambered to the improved Spanish "Reformado" cartridge. This cartridge was developed by two Spanish Army officers and had a brass covered, larger, heavier bullet (.454 in dia., vs. .439; 375 gr. vs. 395 gr.). It was this cartridge that US soldiers faced in Cuba during the Spanish-American war. PHOTO: The rifle shown is an unaltered M1871 Spanish manufactured (Fabrica de Armas de Oviedo) Remington Rolling block rifle chambered in .43 Spanish Remington caliber. Most rifles of this model have been altered to chamber the later .43 Spanish Reformado cartridge. An example of this later converted rifle is shown in the link below. DISTINGUISHING CHARECTERISTICS: A traverse bolt through the rear of the forestock is probably the first distinguishing charecteristic. But for the conversion of the Swedish M1867 to the smokeless M1889 chambered in 8mm, no other military rolling block carries this feature. The firing pin retractor, which sticks up out of the breech block when the rifle has been fired (or any time that the hammer is lowered) is the second significant distinction, although that feature is occationally seen in the more scarce, Belgian made Uruguan Remington. The upper tang is devoid of markings and the right side of the receiver is marked with the Spanish Crown over AR O and the year built. (AR O/1885 on the right side, signifying manufacture in 1885 at the Spanish arsenal at Oviedo (AR = Alfonso Rex XII Spanish king 1874-1888.) This model has no bayonet lug or tenon. MISC NOTES: Quantities of the M89 Spanish Reformado Cartridges are still seen frequently at gun shows today. Most examples, however, have very poor, flatteded headstamps, a result of the Spanish Army's policy of reloading its spent brass, the raised headstamps being flattened out as a result of repeated firing. MORE: Good view of the traverse bolt through the rear of the forestock. Markings of the M1871 Spanish made Rolling Block (see text above) Above and Below: Firing pin retractor in the exposed (hammer down) position. The firing pin retractor is visible just sticking out of the breech block. It rotates on the screw seen to the right of the proom mark.When the hammer is cocked and the breech block is rotated back to open the breech, the retractor cams against the hammer mounting and internally levers against the firing pin retracting it. The M1867 Danish Rolling Block has a similar firing pin retraction device but it is looks somewhat different. Above: On the left - Original .43 Spanish Remington cartridges (11.15x58R) On the right - the Spanish "Reformado" (11.4x57R) cartridge. The bore of the rifle was not altered by the modification, only the chamber. The bullet just had to deal with it ... making for a tighter fit of course).
  6. “I was looking for sea glass for some craft projects and stumbled across this dog tag that was practically buried in the sand,” she said in an email to Military Times. The dog tag belonged to a sailor named Willard Leslie Richerson, who served aboard a cannery tender converted into a Navy patrol boat called the YP-73." Terry Richerson holds up a letter with his father's dog tag that was found by a woman in Kodiak, Alaska. (Photo courtesy of Dawn Johnson)
  7. Look for beef on sale and grind it yourself. I'll buy tri tip on sale at 3 bucks a pound, likely 4 bucks now, and grind it for burgers.
  8. Ah. Snapping your fingers to stop a charging elephant. Thought so.
  9. How will a flashing red light deter crime?
  10. The guy in front isn't wearing gloves.
  11. Either Wings of Eagles or Sands of Iwo Jima
  12. With a roasting pan, some foil, and a disposable foil tray you can rig up a stovetop smoker. Something along the lines of this just a few modifications because of the type of pot. Or maybe sort of like
  13. I hung the black ribbon on our flag about an hour ago.
  14. Now, now....don't make fun of him because his knee locked up on him!
  15. Lisa and I really like that version. Especially the portraile of the Constable. The supporting actors of the Tuscan Chefs Regiment are pretty good too:
  16. Looks like they need to weld on a pipe wrench.
  17. The comment by Mr. Bob about Polonius got me to browsing. Wonderful speech, and very sage advice: That site also provided a "translation" into contemporary English (I'll not say "modern English" as The Bard did compose in modern English). Talk about pressing the juice out of something: Good GAWD! What dreck. Now, re my subject line:
  18. Ah! Think's thou upon this passage then: "Be thou familiar but by no means vulgar. Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, Grapple them unto thy soul with hoops of steel,"
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