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  1. Lathe or mill. I posted it mainly to give some sort of reference- fast and fast, slow and fast, slow and slow.
  2. Police, providing service during this "crisis" OBERLIN, Kan. — The Decatur County Sheriff's Office in Oberlin, Kansas, said meth purchased locally might be contaminated with coronavirus (which is not true) and they are advising drug users to get their supplies tested for free. It's the sheriff's attempt to get meth off the streets in northwest Kansas with a funny twist. Advertisement In a Facebook post, the Sheriff's Office asked users to bring their meth in to have it tested. The sheriff even said they would be willing to come to users’ homes if they’re too embarrassed to bring it in. “If you have recently purchased meth locally, it may be contaminated with the coronavirus,” the post said. “Please take it to the sheriff's office or police department and they will test it for free. “If you're not comfortable going into an office, please contact any officer and they'll test your meth in the privacy of your home. Please spread the word!” According to the CDC, there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in the state of Kansas. There have been 60 reported cases of the coronavirus in the United States.
  3. http://www.norsemandrill.com/feeds-speeds-drill.php https://www.thesawguy.com/best-drill-bits-steel/
  4. http://nixle.us/BNAW4?fbclid=IwAR2F3KBCf60FT2DrzFQHd8gmYYGCZIi6ngSss1gJJYK6LH6LB8oiwmUW8uY Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety Thursday February 27th, 2020 :: 02:56 p.m. PST Community BEFORE YOU GET INTO A RIDESHARE, ASK “WHAT IS MY NAME?” The use of rideshares have added convenience to our daily lives. The term rideshare is frequently used to describe services such as Uber or Lyft. We encourage the use of rideshares in place of driving impaired from alcohol or another substance, or being a passenger in a vehicle with an impaired driver. As is true with something positive, there can also be negatives. One risk is someone will pose as a rideshare driver to take advantage of passengers. Unfortunately, many of the negative outcomes from fake drivers have been sexually related in nature. A driver may also take financial advantage of a passenger by telling a passenger there was a technical problem with a payment and asks for financial information such as a credit card. Rohnert Park Public Safety encourages the community to reduce the risks associated with rideshares by remembering and using these simple preventative tips. Before you hop into a stranger’s vehicle, SLOW DOWN and look for the rideshare decals, verify the make, model, and license plate that is listed in your app. Next step, or if you missed the first, ask “What is my name?” A legitimate driver will know your name and to further validate the driver, ask about your destination. Other steps you can take to reduce risk is notifying a family member or friend about your trip verbally, by text, or using trip-sharing features within the app you are using. Also, mention to the driver your trip is being tracked or make a phone call during your ride. Be sure to remain current on the payment and safety features available in the app you are using. If you feel uncomfortable during your ride, ask to end the ride in a safe place or call 911 if you believe you are in danger. Remember to SLOW DOWN, look around, as prevention is essential to rider safety.
  5. "Would you bring me a wheat grass rather than sweet tea?"
  6. Exactly. It would be quite rare for something to be found in a strata with no organic content at all. If it were, then likely they could get a relative date, "We know that the layer just above it dates from 4,500 years BCE, and the layer just below it dates about 5,000 years BCE. So this artifact would be ~4,700 years BCE. " ALPO - In the scenario you struck through, an analysis of the metal - alloy, trace minerals and such - could like as not tell them it was a modern reproduction. Also, for the gems it wouldn't be reasonable for the thieves to use natural gems, so an analysis of them could reveal them to either be paste or synthetic.
  7. https://lynceans.org/all-posts/the-complexity-of-a-ww-ii-p-47-thunderbolts-powerplant/?fbclid=IwAR0fAqJzJ6NEsLPqFzLNCsgvU8c2K4LrQT1uOMD9QFiivKhEulEwTRhKpjQ These basic intake air and exhaust flow paths are shown in the following diagram. Source: National Museum of the USAF National Museum of WW II Aviation in Colorado Springs, CO, complete P-47 powertrain shown in the following photo. The engine is at the extreme left, the turbocharger is at the extreme right, and the intercooler is at the point where the carburetor air duct (top) converges in a “V” with the main air duct (bottom). The darker exhaust tailpipes flank the main air duct along the bottom of the powerplant. From the back of the powerplant, the turbocharger dominates the view in the following photo. As shown by the arrows, intake air enters the compressor section of the turbocharger from the top (grey arrow) and exits via the volute (red arrow), headed for the intercooler. The darker exhaust tailpipe can be seen connecting to the turbine secion of the turbocharger (below the red arrow) and exhausting under the turbocharger (yellow arrow).
  8. LOL! I just talked about it in our weekly safety meeting. In part: COVID-19: Approximately 81,322 cases worldwide; 59 cases in the U.S. as of Feb. 26, 2020. Flu: Estimated 1 billion cases worldwide; 9.3 million to 45 million cases in the U.S. per year. COVID-19: Approximately 2,770 deaths reported worldwide; 0 deaths in the U.S., as of Feb. 26, 2020. Flu: 291,000 to 646,000 deaths worldwide; 12,000 to 61,000 deaths in the U.S. per year.
  9. NASA's $1 Billion Jupiter Probe Just Sent Back Dazzling New Photos of the Giant Planet and Its Great Red Spot
  10. AH! I was thinking either major repair or replacement of the radiator.
  11. Even in '67 dollars how did you manage to get all that, especially the radiator, fixed for fifteen bucks?
  12. He died doing something he believed in. My condolences to his family.
  13. I have read accounts from both World Wars of such from both mortar rounds and regular Artillery.
  14. They might also differ from State to State.
  15. More like Support Your Local Gunfighter and Support Your Local Sheriff.
  16. Waterhole #3 Heck of a cast: James Coburn as Lewton Cole Carroll O'Connor as Sheriff Copperud Margaret Blye as Billie Claude Akins as Foggers James Whitmore as Shipley Bruce Dern as the Deputy Timothy Carey as Hilb Joan Blondell as Lavinia Jennifer Gan (uncredited) as Dove
  17. Quite the filmography I liked him in Support Your Local Gunfighter. Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (TV Series) Sheriff Dowd - The Promise (1995) ... Sheriff Dowd 1994Lightning Jack Shopkeeper in Bank 1987The Story of Book One (Video short) 1986L.A. Law (TV Series) J. Howard Tucker - Gibbon Take (1986) ... J. Howard Tucker 1986Knots Landing (TV Series) Bureaucrat - His Brother's Keeper (1986) ... Bureaucrat 1984-19851st & Ten (TV Series) Paul Barrow - Super Bull Sunday (1985) ... Paul Barrow - All Roads Lead to Dayton (1984) ... Paul Barrow - By the Bulls (Pilot) (1984) ... Paul Barrow (uncredited) 1985Dallas (TV Series) Mr. Parrish - Terms of Estrangement (1985) ... Mr. Parrish - Dead Ends (1985) ... Mr. Parrish 1984Who's the Boss? (TV Series) The Manager - Truth in Dating (1984) ... The Manager 1981-1983The Fall Guy (TV Series) Director - The Molly Sue (1983) ... Director - The Further Adventures of Ozzie and Harold (1983) ... Director - Manhunter (1983) ... Director - License to Kill: Part 1 (1982) ... Director - No Way Out (1982) ... Director Show all 7 episodes 1979-1980The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo (TV Series) Waverly - Perkins Bombs Out (1980) ... Waverly - Treasure of Nature Beach (1980) ... Waverly - Police Escort (1980) ... Waverly - The Boom Boom Lady (1979) ... Waverly - Dean Martin and the Moonshiners (1979) ... Waverly 1979B.J. and the Bear (TV Series) Waverly - Lobo (1979) ... Waverly 1975The Magical World of Disney (TV Series) Hank - The Sky's the Limit: Part 2 (1975) ... Hank - The Sky's the Limit: Part 1 (1975) ... Hank 1975The Sky's the Limit Hank 1974Lucas Tanner (TV Series) Ben Steward - Cheers (1974) ... Ben Steward 1974Kung Fu (TV Series) Goodnight - The Cenotaph: Part II (1974) ... Goodnight 1971Room 222 (TV Series) Roy Hemmings - Stay Awhile, Mr. Dream Chaser (1971) ... Roy Hemmings 1971Funny Face (TV Series) Lawyer - The Repairman Cheateth (1971) ... Lawyer 1971One More Train to Rob First Deputy 1971Support Your Local Gunfighter Colorado 1969-1970Mannix (TV Series) Frank / Pete Joplin - To Cage a Seagull (1970) ... Frank - The Playground (1969) ... Pete Joplin 1970The Virginian (TV Series) Jason - With Love, Bullets and Valentines (1970) ... Jason 1970Adam-12 (TV Series) Officer Brinkman - Log 95: Purse Snatcher (1970) ... Officer Brinkman 1970Marcus Welby, M.D. (TV Series) Larry Adams - Sea of Security (1970) ... Larry Adams 1969Death Valley Days (TV Series) Jason Tugwell - Biscuits and Billy, the Kid (1969) ... Jason Tugwell 1969It Takes a Thief (TV Series) Captain Maxwell - The Great Chess Gambit (1969) ... Captain Maxwell 1969The Outsider (TV Series) Fred Rhodes - Behind God's Back (1969) ... Fred Rhodes 1968Premiere (TV Series) Arleigh Marley - The Freebooters (1968) ... Arleigh Marley 1967The Fastest Guitar Alive Rink 1967Red Tomahawk Lieutenant Drake 1966The Time Tunnel (TV Series) Nazarro - One Way to the Moon (1966) ... Nazarro 1966Waco Scotty Moore 1961-1965Perry Mason (TV Series) Lowell Rupert / Clyde Jasper / James Grove / ... - The Case of the Baffling Bug (1965) ... Lowell Rupert - The Case of the Mischievous Doll (1965) ... Clyde Jasper - The Case of the Polka Dot Pony (1962) ... James Grove - The Case of the Promoter's Pillbox (1962) ... Davis Crane - The Case of the Impatient Partner (1961) ... Frank Wells 1963-1965Combat! (TV Series) Willy Kleve / Cpl. John Cross - Main Event (1965) ... Willy Kleve - Next in Command (1963) ... Cpl. John Cross 1965Arizona Raiders Willie Martin 1961-1965Gunsmoke (TV Series) Breck Taylor / Pitt Campbell - Two Tall Men (1965) ... Breck Taylor - Breckinridge (1965) ... Breck Taylor - Apprentice Doc (1961) ... Pitt Campbell 1965Kraft Suspense Theatre (TV Series) Sam Grayson - Won't It Ever Be Morning? (1965) ... Sam Grayson 1964Rawhide (TV Series) Clell Miller - The Photographer (1964) ... Clell Miller 1964The Littlest Hobo (TV Series) - The Chaperone (1964) 1963The Raiders Tom King 1963Gunfight at Comanche Creek Carter 1962Laramie (TV Series) Johnny Hartley / Sandy Catlin - Gun Duel (1962) ... Johnny Hartley - The Runt (1962) ... Sandy Catlin 1962Window on Main Street (TV Series) Mark Perry - The Exclusive Story (1962) ... Mark Perry 1961Adventures in Paradise (TV Series) Doug Forsythe - The Trial of Adam Troy (1961) ... Doug Forsythe 1960-1961Bonanza (TV Series) Johnny Lightly / Sam Kirby - The Horse Breaker (1961) ... Johnny Lightly - Showdown (1960) ... Sam Kirby 1961The Twilight Zone (TV Series) Dauger - Still Valley (1961) ... Dauger 1961The Americans (TV Series) Ward Roberts - The Sentry (1961) ... Ward Roberts 1961The Rifleman (TV Series) Simon Lee - Face of Yesterday (1961) ... Simon Lee 1960Chartroose Caboose Dub Dawson 1960The Westerner (TV Series) Cal Davis - Hand on the Gun (1960) ... Cal Davis 1960Stagecoach West (TV Series) Jeremy Boone - The Saga of Jeremy Boone (1960) ... Jeremy Boone 1960The Best of the Post (TV Series) Lt. Cohill - Command (1960) ... Lt. Cohill 1956-1960Zane Grey Theater (TV Series) Sandy / Darryl Thompson / Sam Duskin Jr. / ... - Desert Flight (1960) ... Sandy - Miss Jenny (1960) ... Darryl Thompson - The Sunrise Gun (1959) ... Sam Duskin Jr. - Vengeance Canyon (1956) ... Clint Harding 1959-1960Wagon Train (TV Series) Tom Tuckett / Steve Campden II - The Tom Tuckett Story (1960) ... Tom Tuckett - The Steve Campden Story (1959) ... Steve Campden II 1960Johnny Ringo (TV Series) The Reno Brothers - The Reno Brothers (1960) ... The Reno Brothers 1959Wichita Town (TV Series) Tom Warren - Passage to the Enemy (1959) ... Tom Warren 1959Tales of Wells Fargo (TV Series) Matthew Land - Home Town (1959) ... Matthew Land 1959One Step Beyond (TV Series) Ronnie Watson - Front Runner (1959) ... Ronnie Watson 1959Playhouse 90 (TV Series) Interne - Diary of a Nurse (1959) ... Interne 1959The Millionaire (TV Series) William Williams - Millionaire Alicia Osante (1959) ... William Williams 1956-1957Matinee Theatre (TV Series) - The Little Minister (1957) - Notebook Warrior (1956) 1957Outlaw's Son Jeff Blaine 1957Duel at Apache Wells Johnny Shattuck 1955-1956Schlitz Playhouse (TV Series) Lt. Charles Baker - I'll Wait for You (1956) - On the Nose (1955) ... Lt. Charles Baker 1956Rebel in Town Gray Mason 1956A Strange Adventure Harold Norton 1955The Fighting Chance Mike Gargan 1955The Rose Tattoo Seaman Jack Hunter 1955Headline Hunters David Flynn 1955The Last Command Jeb Lacey 1955The Eternal Sea Seaman P.J. 'Zuggy' Zugbaum 1955Crusade for Freedom (TV Movie) Benjamin Franklin 1954Hell's Outpost Alec Bacchione 1954The Choir Minister of Leipzig (TV Movie) Johann Sebastian Bach 1954The Outcast The Kid 1954Johnny Guitar Turkey Ralston 1953Flight Nurse Pfc. Marvin Judd 1953Sea of Lost Ships 3rd Plane Crewman 1953A Perilous Journey Sam 1953Woman They Almost Lynched Jesse James 1952Thunderbirds Calvin Jones 1951-1952Armstrong Circle Theatre (TV Series) - Changing Dream (1952) - The Commandant's Clock (1951) 1951Fireside Theatre (TV Series) - Deliver Us from Evil (1951) 1950Suspense (TV Series) Michael / Jerry - The Tip (1950) ... Michael - The Man Who Talked in His Sleep (1950) ... Jerry 1950Rocky King, Detective (TV Series) - The Man Who Bragged about Murder (1950) 1950Side Street Young Man at Cleaners (uncredited) Show Thanks (1 credit) Show Self (7 credits) Show Archive footage (2 credits)
  18. Or it could be assessed after the return, taking 15 yards off the run. That it's a high school game (an important bit of information not in the original post) the rules would likely be different than in a professional game, and likely guided by either county or state regulations.
  19. I often wonder how many who go all out on Shrove Tuesday observe The Great and Holy Lent with the same fervor?
  20. I don't like sweet tea. "Oh, you don't have to call me Ma'am (or Sir), Darlin', just use my first name."
  21. blob:https://nypost.com/01faafe5-7a70-4b5b-a2c1-8969df90850b https://nypost.com/2020/02/25/reporter-accidentally-turns-on-facebook-filters-before-going-live/
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