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  1. What you made is sort of an amalgam of pimento cheese and deviled ham. Yeah, I oversimplified, but close in essence. All sort of ways to play with it. I like the idea of capers.
  2. After the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami, when the US sent a carrier and supporting vessels to render aid one of the guys at church was grousing about it, "What are we going to do, invade?" I pointed out to him the assets it brought, SAR, electric power, desalination capabilities to supply fresh water, medical facilities, food, and a whole bunch of manpower. He shut up after that.
  3. That Sounds GOOD!!! Be interesting to add some sliced green olives or pickle relish to it.
  4. https://www.thedrive.com/news/39378/how-canadians-derailed-a-train-and-drove-it-to-city-hall-for-power-after-a-brutal-ice-storm?xid=fbshare&fbclid=IwAR3bqC58U-IuhEC5gy5hWWLMFjm7TQZ_NBAFYuRmOLOWFk2Zr2gchNW6Vmo
  5. Old Photographs YtuesothtaaeSrodpaoryhnsf famstosutmrn 5:e23dti ldAM · Can you imagine moving and entire house....using horses? (San Francisco, 1908)
  6. They aren't useless. They are perfectly stunning Horrible Examples.
  7. Today in Old-West History -- On today’s date 175 years ago, Thursday, February 26, 1846, famous Victorian-Era American buffalo hunter, U.S. Army Scout, & Wild West showman Colonel William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody (1846-1917) was born on a farm near the town of Le Claire in Scott County, Iowa Territory. William Cody began his working career at the age of eleven following his father’s death -- employed as a mounted messenger for a railroad company. In 1860, after trapping beaver, Cody joined the Gold Rush to Pike’s Peak
  8. If the school industry used problems like these more boys would take an interest in math.
  9. Ни шагу назад! 1934: It's just a tax on machine guns, silencers, and short barreled rifles & shotguns. 1968: It's just a ban on buying guns through the mail. 1986: It's just a ban on new machine guns. 1989: It's just a ban on importing "non-sporting rifles." 1993: It's just a background check when you buy a gun from a dealer. 1994: It's just a common-sense temporary ban on extra scary guns. 2014, 2017: It's just a ban on importing Russian guns. 2021: It's just a common-sense ban on the most comm
  10. Nope. Not even. OK, I'[ll admit to liking Kermit. But the others? Nah.
  11. Oh. Given the way the subject line is formatted I thought it was a thread about
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