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  1. Dupont Car Camp Recreational Vehicle, 1910s
  2. I use them for freezing lemon juice and such. Or stock.
  3. I got that you were kidding on the square. It DOES need sod. But in the past few years they have torn up most of the grass. There is some around the clubhouse and by the pool. There are a few largeish open areas that have grass, but all of the smaller areas have been stripped. We are on a private well here, with a hook up to the city water for emergencies. If power goes out the whole trailer park is without water, hence the hookup to the city.
  4. Ain't my house, but only about 25 yards away. Not that there is a lot of di But, thank you. Hmm...I don't seem to have any photos or videos of the place! What a second while I take one and upload it. Wind chimes, bird feeders, and, on the right, with stretch wrap around the cages to keep deer out, our tomato plants and a few herbs.
  5. I've often pondered that. "I had but one chance, and that was to run" suggests that the "handsome young cowboy" was a "somebody" with friends who would avenge him. On the other hand, he does steal a horse. Then the story of Feleena: Reincarnation?
  6. Lightly smoked herring. They go well with a big pile of mashed potatoes. Also, they are smoked whole, as opposed to kippers, which are gutted.
  7. Bingo! You can get it much hotter on the stove than in the oven.
  8. 200 boxes Fresh Tomatoes 1/2 ton Onions
  9. This is California. Almost all the grass in the complex has been removed for water conservation.
  10. And how much scorched paint had to be scraped off the bulkheads after the skipper got through with them
  11. Crew was about 750 to 830 officers and ratings. Figure this for about two weeks. Now, consider the manpower and time to load and stow those provisions and the cubage needed for them.
  12. Puree of ice. Wonderful stuff. Especially if seasoned with lime and tequila.
  13. Who doesn't? It's "The Onion" of the military press. Hmmm....not really "bogus." More "satire" or "farce."
  14. QUANTICO, Va. — Headquarters Marine Corps will add wait training to the physical fitness test to reflect increased demands on the time of today’s Marines, sources confirmed today.
  15. An important step that many leave out. Not doing it may lead to uneven freezing.
  16. I'm thinking of adding some glow sticks tonight.
  17. Way too difficult for the home cook.
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