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  1. its yours if you want it, just to make sure you understand it was cut down to fit a woman, the stock is 12 inches long from the receiver butt to the end of the recoil pad, let me know, thanks

  2. WE have decided to get out of the game as we are slowing down and finding easier fun :.) Im going to be selling off a lot of stuff in the next few weeks, a little at a time. For sale right now is my wife's 97 shotgun, it has been cut down to SASS length, slick and are in great shape, just the usual age patina. Also stock has been cut down and recoil pad installed and covered. $300.00 and $25.00 shipping and insurance. (.12 ga SOLD!)
  3. just an FYI the mag pouch is a military one for carrying two mags for a 1911 .45, I carried one for many years on my sam brown as a deputy with the Miami Dade Sheriffs dept :.)
  4. Id love to have the mag well for my SS KImber but the grips would fit because its a commander size:.( Let me know if you would separate it from the grips.
  5. I just cut down the stocks on three shotguns for Katt, I have a iron butt plate for a original 97 12 ga, a plastic butplate for a original 97 16 GA and a plastic butt plate for a stoeger rabbit ear SXS 12 ga. fee to anyone who can use them? Also non SASS original magazine and bayonet for a SKS rife.
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