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  1. :ph34r:  Remington 700.  For some reason, on the 3rd try, the post seemed to properly send.  However, it obviously didn't.  Might be my server.....I believe it's overloaded with the amount of patronage it's receiving.


    Thanks, LM Mark!

  2. Have an old safe queen and curious as to it's birth date.  Serial # is 63669xx.  Appears to be solid quality and very smooth operationally, with one of the best triggers I've ever experienced.

     Any Remington enthusiasts out there?


    Thanks for any tips!

  3. :ph34r:  Was about to have surgery on left pinky finger for trigger finger syndrome when all this C-19 hit the fan, so no "elective" surgeries for the duration.  Now I stretch it and force motion of it first thing in the morning, and it's ok for the rest of the day.  Went through the cortisone shots, which definitely help, but effect only lasts about 2 or 3 months for me, and Dr. said more than 3 shots not recommended.  He said some respond more permanently than others, and if the 3 shots don't work, the only remedy is a 'simple' surgery.....  Cause is the sheath surrounding the tendon becoming inflamed and sticking, causing the digit not to respond to nerve impulses.


    Regarding the arthritis situation......lots of sage advice in above posts for living with it, but lots of experience has shown what can AGGRAVATE  the condition, and indeed make it worse.

    Most folks don't want to hear that the most dire irritants are SUGAR, in all of its forms (especially ice cream and white flour pastries, cake & pie), Caffiene, ALCOHOL, and vegetables of the nightshade family (potatoes, tomatoes, most peppers, and eggplant--I have NO trouble avoiding eggplant....).  Some can tolerate the red potatoes with the thin red skin, as opposed to the traditional Russet Idaho spuds.


    Gentle exercise emphasizing range of motion and avoidance of impact is beneficial (bicycle as opposed to jogging, yoga rather than HEAVY weight training).

    At almost 77 years and with a terribly misspent youth entailing bodily abuse and motorcycles, I avoid aggravation, utilize whatever pain relief method that seems to work, and eagerly await warm weather.


    Good luck to you.




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  4. :ph34r:  One of the redeeming happenings during my weekly podiatry sessions is discussing firearms history, effects, and collector interest with my Dr.  Makes the pains almost worth it......

    Last visit he asked if I was familiar with the 'glove gun', a specially constructed glove with a firing mechanism constructed such that when the gloved fist struck a victim, a barrel affixed to the back of the glove would fire.


    I had to admit I'd never heard of such.  Any of our many WWll history buffs have any information on such a device?


     I one-upped him the week before when he was unaware of flechet rounds for 12 ga shotguns.  When I told him they were like beehive artillery rounds but just on a smaller scale, he knew what that meant.


    Thanks for any input.

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  5. :ph34r:  Would it be a serious crime if one or two of those fake testers received an application to the side of the knee with a 4 foot piece of 1/2" rebar?


    On second thought, I'd use a 6 foot piece to comply with social distancing requirements.....

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  6. :ph34r:  I committed the apparently unpardonable sin of suggesting, in the teacher's lounge, that if we REALLY WANTED to actually EDUCATE students, we would teach a comprehensive course on firearm safety, and that it logically would fall under the Health and PE curriculum.

    This was Orange County, CA, 1969.   I'm sure it had an impact on the duration of my career as a teacher.

    It was short.  VERY short.

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  7. :ph34r:  I began 'freelancing' in 1961.  Had a few professional episodes along the way, maybe half dozen, just to set a shape to follow.  At one point I tallied up the savings.

    Haircuts varied from $2.25 to $15.


    A "Flowbee" sounded like some kind of sexual aid....

  8. :ph34r:  Get the $25 Wahl kit from Walmart and a hand-held mirror and you can do it yourself very nicely.  I just bought my 3rd one in 55 years (last one broke pieces from outer casing when it fell from shelf during our earthquake last July, and finally became unreliable).   The haircut $$ I've saved has funded some of my gun hobby.....  :D

     No vacuum needed.

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  9. :ph34r:  Did my part already.....my Postal Service carrier hates me......  "I'll bet these are bullets!" she gasped as she came through the door.


    Being self-employed, my business won't shut down.  But business volume is off about 60%.

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  10. :ph34r: 

    31 minutes ago, Utah Bob #35998 said:

    Those people and price gouges should be treated like looters in my opinion. They are predators.



    Cockroaches!  No offense to SASS member Cockroach :)......


    Lady leaving Walmart here in town had her cart of groceries stolen by strong arm thug as she went to her car.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Widder, SASS #59054 said:





    I wonder how a good fiber enriched meal will taste covered in syrup..... :mellow:




    :ph34r:  Just think of them as super thin French fries.......

  12. :ph34r: The Lamestream media keeps whipping the coronavirus horse all they can.  Some wild-eyed customers come in and start whining about what's happening and I tell them to just quit watching TV, they'll recover quickly!

    UB hits it squarely in above post.

  13. :ph34r: Aahhh, Pat, they're kids at heart.....


    BTW, a distraught woman was in to my store the other day looking for 12 ga. ammunition.  Said she'd been to the local super Walmart to get some for her nephew so they could go out clay shooting.  The procedure was she had to give them her driver's license, and when they ran it through their system the Cal DOJ said she had no 12 ga. registered to her, and therefor couldn't buy any ammunition for it.......


    Sold out of N95 masks, MRE's, low on freeze dried food, both pouches and cans, and even sold out of gas masks......  Interesting times.

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