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  1. :ph34r:   Marlin in .38/.357 will likely be lighter.  Using the same barrel blank as the .32, it has a larger diameter hole.  I have both.  The .32 is heavier and as has been mentioned, it balances differently.  I have massaged the rifle so that it will shoot .32 S&W long as well as the H&R magnums, and will do so interchangeably as fast as I can operate it.    SWC and RN bullets work just fine, and weights range from 78 gr. to 125 gr.

    Just takes time, patience, and thought. 

    Many thanks to the efforts of Widder and Marauder which they have so unselfishly shared online.

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  2. :ph34r:   Hamms, the beer refreshing......


    Ten; two and four!


    -------, the beer that made Milwaukee famous!


    I'd walk a mile for a --------


    L-A-V-A, L-A-V-A......


    Carter's little liver pills.....

  3. Saw them at the modified banquet and told them to be careful, they were 'behind enemy lines', meaning across the border.....:D.


    Will scores be on RR Bar site?  At present, it has no scores at all for year 2020....


    BTW, event is scheduled for April next year, and barring interference from state or county, should be better for weather.

  4. Haven't seen any comments about the state match, so I'll start. 

    John Ringo and Calamity Annie gathered a great group and they put on a great event given the circumstances of state mandates, and a heat wave, complete with wildfire smoke.  Many RR Bar Regulators worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make people comfortable and stay safe.

    Water, water everywhere!  Must have had a semi worth of bottled water (not allowed to have the 5 gallon ice water containers and paper cups) and tubs of ice.  Industrial sized fans with water misting devices gave opportunities to cool off.  Beginning shooting at 7:30 am allowed posses to finish by 11 am.  Heat still became a factor by the 4th or 5th stage of the 6 stage day.  Energy drinks and magic elixers abounded.

    Stages were fast, close and enjoyable.  No tricks or traps, memory contests or track meets.  Glancing around I realized the majority of us are at a stage where simple is good.

    Mobility is challenging for some of us now, but the design of the match accommodated everyone.


    My wife Goode and I thank our posse leader, Sassy Kittie and RO's Clint Steel and Trainwreck for putting up with us old folks and helping to make this a fun event for us.

    Posse 3 rocks.


    I'm sure someone can chime in with a link to scores......  We had to leave before any info was out.

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  5. :ph34r:  I use LED lights on 550 and 650 and find a plus to their use is ease of identifying split cases as they arrive at station #1. 


    As Cliffhanger and Imis mention, I found the ball handle more comfortable for hand and wrist because of the freedom of positioning. To prevent blisters I wear a thin glove (Las Vegas slot machine fabric glove, from the old Riviera) when doing volume marathons.....

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  6. My electrician, who has been working wonders to rehab the electrical system in my store, is not a gun person.  He has a TZ-75 which is without a firing pin.  Offering to help, I discovered CZ parts do not 'necessarily' fit in TZ's.  Numrich has taken their phones out of service.  I hoped to find what is needed by serial #.  Online searches show different styles.  It is 9mm.

    The slide is marked  "TZ-Tanfoglio Spa; FIE; Armi Fratelli; CZ H095xx".


    Anyone familiar with these?

    Thanks for any helpful clues!

  7. :ph34r:  C'mon Snakebite,  us old guys are gonna keep doing WHAT we can, as WELL as we can, for as LONG as we can, and WHENEVER we can.


    Hopefully, we'll see you at RR Bar for the State match.   I'm operating at about 60% these days, but the smell of burning powder and the sound of lead clanging steel is a great tonic......

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  8. :ph34r:  I happen to LIKE my Hawaiian shirts.  Nicely obscures my appendix carry in my store.  I wear my cargo pants (OD or plain tan ripstop) because they're COMFORTABLE (and since I sell them, I get them wholesale) and  they allow me to carry my Swiss Army knife, larger box-opening knife, Surefire Scorpion, and key to my display cabinets (all necessary for my daily work) each in separate pockets.

    IF I ever do go 'tactical', no one will have to guess or wonder.......

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