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  1. Best of luck on this, and DO let us know how it turns out. There ARE safety concerns, so go cautiously. If it goes well, the rest of us may want to know how to load ammunition for siege use.......
  2. " I've decided the world is insane" You would be correct......
  3. Ah, Grasshopper.......you must not let the ripples from the stones disturb the surface of 'your pond'. I think to myself that "After all this work and the money spent, I'm not letting anything trivial (not even ME) ruin my fun. Besides all the good advice already given, I consider each stage a separate match in itself, and another opportunity to redeem myself...... or not!
  4. Yep, just like riding a bike...... So very glad to hear you're back at it!
  5. Snakebite....... If you need extra SG shells for the RR Bar regional, let me know and I'll bring extra. And let me know your preferred flavor...... Regards, BB
  6. Okaw, shirt is yours. will provide details via PM after work. Phone not cooperative. Thanks!
  7. That '73 is just 'self-identifyin' as a Marlin......... are ya'll tryin' to force an intervention?
  8. PM to Bad Bascomb has worked for everyone so far....... Answer to Okaw..... Will measure shirt tomorrow morning and answer.
  9. My memory trick for that is to recall how the cartridge cases eject (Marlin) or singles are loaded. I COULD write it down, but then I'd have to remember where I wrote it.....
  10. Thanks for finding and sharing this. I think I'd like to have the clip shown on large screen at my funeral.......
  11. Dunno if there is a need for more leather, as was asked. But there IS a need for more leather like was shown..... Verrry nice!
  12. Ya'll wanna be careful shaken 'em...... you'll get all over you what they are so full of.......
  13. Now, THAT'S just WRONG! Regarding OP, I second Pat Riot's opinion. In fact, it looks quite nice.
  14. Thanks for looking at my S&W .22's. But Birdgun, I had to wipe the drool off my keyboard........ Seriously, thanks for sharing.
  15. I very much miss my High Standard HD Military and Supermatic. Sold to get into the SASS game....... Still have Ruger MK I standard, MKII Target and MK I bull barrel. All with trigger mods from Clark. Wonderful guns. Just miss the others......
  16. I keep an old coffee mug with water in it and dunk the stone and brush a few strokes with an old toothbrush every 20 strokes. I wipe the blade about every 2 cycles with a paper towel to clean off the metal residue. (A cycle is 20 strokes on each side of the blade) I've found the oil to be too messy, and don't use it at all. Once you get a routine down you'll be amazed at how you can SLICE a tomato instead of squashing it.....
  17. If you DID heat a CAN of food , you'd want a small vent hole punched in the lid, and a means to prop it up so the can stays upright. Many times I've heated 2 MRE entrees in one heater with fine results.
  18. I use Steiner 7 x 50 for in the vehicle, and 6 x 30 for carrying. Both rubber armored. 7 x 50's are excellent in low light. Avoid variable power. And by all means, try before you buy.
  19. PR, the Amazon deal on the Lansky is great....very near what I have to pay wholesale from my suppliers. I have never felt the need for the C-clamp stand. OLG's suggestion for Comet as a stone cleaner is terrific! BTW, I get the edge angle set and edge fully sharp with the xtra coarse stone, then rapidly work through the other grits taking the striations from the blade until the white stone, which basically polishes the cutting edge. Hint: I begin with a black magic marker line on each side of the edge so I can easily duplicate the original blade angle. Also, if you look edge-on and can actually 'see' the edge, it's not yet sharp.
  20. I use the Spyderco unit for quick and easy, and it's often good enough, but if you have more time and/or higher quality knives, you can't beat the Lansky deluxe system. I use both stone and diamond sets. I use them for my own use and for commercial sharpening. I've sharpened everything from a 1" secondary blade on a Victorinox Executive to a Garand bayonet and a 1943 issue GI machete. I use water, not the provided oil, to flush the metal from the stones about every 20 swipes. I avoid anything electrically powered. If you carefully view a knife's edge through a quality lense with a good light, you often see small areas of the very edge which get overheated. Over time, this bodes ill for the consistent sharpness of the blade. All of the sets using a jig depend on correct setup for both the blade and the stone.
  21. So.....what is the source for Shooter's Lube? and is it for the shooter.....or the firearm?
  22. Besides committing the sin of envy in with unbridled gusto, I undergo the 'shoulda, woulda. coulda' syndrome over all the missed opportunities as I see what vehicles are bringing now, versus what I sold the same models for in my misspent youth....... Still it is marvelous entertainment!
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