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  1. At the risk of great personal injury and/or being socially ostracized:
  2. Thanks Bottles, I will have another!! Put this one on Tequila's tab OK?
  3. Did you know that Pat now has a new riding partner to accompany him on his retirement bike rides? Injun Rider snapped this picture just the other day, of KItty on the smaller, learner bike. BRAVO Pat!
  4. The Aussie promoting the cat curfew should be made aware the cats are organizing their own defensive squads.
  5. Well,you threw your tea into the harbour, so that's all you get now!!
  6. Funny when you get stopped or visited and passers-by and neighbours are peering out the windows and doors to see if they're coming to take you away. I used to get pulled over by friends, on patrol in marked Crown Vics and my wife would have to deal with a phone call or two about, how The cops have your husband pulled off the road when we drove by." Then I'd get the questions when I got home. Sometime, we were planning a fishing or hunting trip, other times it was business; I was the Purchasing Agent and often their shifts didn't align with my work day, so we handled things by hook o
  7. Isn't it too bad tar and feathering has gone out of fashion along with love of country ?
  8. DAG NABITT!! PAGE 4 AGAIN! It's bad enough my new therapist has new knee exercises lined up for me. He sent me this video so I could learn them! Knee excercise13.mp4
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