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  1. I almost cry every time I see one up here. They are prohibited and most are now de-activated. The rest are total safe queens the owners can not even take to the range.
  2. Some cats complain they are getting no where fast.
  3. Here's one we pass every trip north on our moose trips.
  4. I found an early picture of Pat, just starting to learn how to ride. It may explain a number of things we have been concerned about.
  5. Our little town has a variety of drinking establishments with various forms of entertainment. The town Fathers hope you cowboys spend visit them all.
  6. Bottles and crew puttin' away and hiding the good stuff.
  7. SSHHH! Tequila and them other cowboys got a winter's wages, just a burnin' a hole in their pockets!!
  8. Of course, some of you may have left your dental care to chance over the winter, in that line shack. A visit to your friendly dentist may be in order. Reasonable rates and I guarantee no pain, unless I get my finger caught somewhere or ya bite me.
  9. Now that you're cleaned up a bit, you might say Howdy to this Dove.
  10. Well part of the problem is most cowboys, coming off the range need to spruce up a bit, unless they got caught in the rain without a slicker. Here's the price list for you all to get cleaned up before starting to party.
  11. That ain't gonna save ya! Let's see now: Retired, Navy Vet. and he's Disabled, so he may not be able to catch us if he gives chase! Well, maybe he could catch me. I can't hobble too well on my crutches right now, but the rest of you????
  12. Abilene Smith and Four Eyed Buck: The Golden Hawks were from the 1960s and used Sabres. They preceded the Snowbirds, who use T-37 Tutors, that are nearing or passed the end of their operational life, according to some aero engineers.
  13. HUMMM! Anybody thinking what I'm thinking?? Should we start A TEQUILA SHOOTER THREAD??
  14. Speaking of planes of the day, my Father was in the RC AF and assigned at one time to the Golden Hawks aerobatic team, handling scheduling and press. Here for your enjoyment, The RCAF Golden Hawks:
  15. Naw, you just stick a credit card in to pay for go juice.
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