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  1. Well Jabez, you may have 3 feet of snow, but I'm still cutting grass here in the east. Red Storm and I camped out at the home range of The Ottawa Valley Marauders, (ovmcowboys.ca) Friday night and shot the match Saturday. Mind you, it was a little cold in the motor home, (-4 outside) overnight, once we turned off the furnace, but a single burner left on with the stove and good sleeping bags saw us through the night in comfort. Only one match left to go, with the Wild Turkey Posse at Prescott this coming Saturday. Dang. That gets me GRUMPY!
  2. GRUMP! Humid around here right now and rain at Cornwall tomorrow, so my knees are too sore to shoot the newly arrived Texas Star. Dang! I hate missing any more matches. And Stay Off The Lawn! I just over-seeded it!!
  3. Took SWMBO south of the Medicine Line for a break away and do some clothes shopping. Hard for her to do that these days, but I took her wheelchair and she got to select some things. That was the good part. Bad part was the bed was too soft and our backs ached. Sure missed our firm mattress.
  4. GRUMP! Been trying to get to the range to make sure the sights on the 1874 Sharps haven't shifted, for over a week. So far, things have only made it as far as the office/computer room each time, before something else comes up that HAS to be dealt with before I go anywhere. I knew Tuesday was a no because of a hospital day patient trip for SWMBO and Wednesday is no go because of a range inspection by the CFO inspector. And the Buffalo Rifle Match is Saturday. GRUMP!
  5. Well, First Place Senior Duelist at the OVM annual. Mind you, it was a small category. OK, OK I'll admit, I was the only one shooting it. But still......... I had a lot of fun though, in spite of my knees Too bad I have to pass on Wild Bunch today.
  6. City of Ottawa staffer, working on it at the municipal level, then seconded on to a sub-committee to the National. I think the City Treasurer and the Director of Supply nominated me for the National sub-committee. As for compromise, when we worked on the paper and fine paper file, and, thanks to the Pulp & Paper Institute reps and the ones from the printer and copier industry, we managed to get paper on a "soft" conversion, as opposed to the "hard" conversion being pushed by some members. You may also notice that many of the "Metric" weights and measurements are withi
  7. I'm sitting here with an aching back, having a coffee and waiting for the pain killer pills to kick in. Don't know what caused this, but it's day two and the big match for my club is this Saturday. So, I'm GRUMPY!
  8. You have no idea how sensitive a statement that is to me. I was on the Conversion Committee at the time and fought against the switch. Got labeled an obstructionist.
  9. She uses a walker or a wheelchair, so I can likely out run her. But I do sleep with one eye open and keep my guns locked up.
  10. Maybe they could re-inflate that horse by blowing into the undamaged end? Hey, I don't know. I ain't a vet! Or maybe Duct Tape!
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