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  1. As a Canadian, I normally don't like to post US political jokes or memes, but this just made me chuckle. (Now, if you know or followed anything about the Canadian political train wreck, I have LOTS of those, but likely Buffalo Creek Law Dog and Jabez are among the few that would get them.)
  2. More prayers for this fair lady. Let here keep up her spirits and continue to get better.
  3. No tornadoes here: Just a snow storm, followed by above freezing temperatures and some melting. But, with 5 and 6 feet of snow, that's going to take a while.
  4. I heard that about you,all the way back here in the east. Didn't believe it, but now that you admit it............
  5. Shrove Tuesdsay today. Pancakes and sausages at the Church supper tonight. Ash Wednesday tomorrow. I burned last Easter's blessed palm crosses for smudging, so that's ready.
  6. A little more Knee Mail coming from North of the Medicine Line.
  7. Sponsored by The Wild Turkey Posse, July 15 to the 18th at the Grenville Fish and Game Club, near Prescott, Ontario, just off the 401 By the way, here's a message from Mike, from Canmore.
  8. Up in this country we tell our youngsters, "Don't Eat Yellow Snow!"
  9. Between shooters and Jasper Yates hadn't yet dirtied up the snow with the coal fired cannons he uses. Propane heaters in the windowless shooting shacks. Couldn't put it off any longer and had to go on the knee replacement list. I suppose it will interfere with this summers fun. Oh, and by the way>>>>
  10. Heated, (Well, sorta) shooting shack with the Ottawa Valley Marauders. And a question: What big match is coming to the Grenville Fish and Game Club, hosted by the Wild Turkey Posse?
  11. Thanks for the Prayers Pards and please keep them coming. I now have Sherron home although she is not out of the woods. She is in a weakened condition and needs a lot of help, which I am happy to provide. She is doing better now she is home although it's keeping me busy. Our son played Santa and brought the Christmas presents upstairs to our bedroom and we exchanged belated Christmas gifts there.
  12. I turned a year older Christmas Day and a friend sent me this gem.
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