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  1. Had an electrician look at things and he advised a 14 but I see Generac now only has a 16 Besides, for the difference in cost between a smaller unit and the larger, I might as well go for the gusto.
  2. Yep. I'm looking at over 10k for a whole house unit with an automatic transfer switch. Need about a 16kvw minimum to run everything, in spite of having NG for the cooktop, stove, fireplace, water heater, dryer etc. all of which require electricity to make them fire and run. Looking at a Generac air cooled model.
  3. Almost everything back up, but a few isolated areas still w/o electricity. Turns out we had no less than 6 tornados touch down, biggest being an E/F3 SWMBO is bugging me about getting a whole house NG generator, so I guess I better get going on that.
  4. F3 Tornado here. Lost power for a couple of days. Back on now. Lots of damage where the tornado touched down at Dunrobin Our freezers stayed frozen, with a blanket over them. Sheltering a friend here, as her apartment is out and she is on the 14th floor. No water, elevator or lights at her place. I was at Prescott for a match when Sherron called at 6:00 AM to let me know the power had been out for 15 hours at that point and my flag was blown out. Shingles seem to be OK. Parts of Ottawa have a lot of trees and power poles down. Tornado touched down on a main
  5. Holy Shamooly!!! Page 3! What the heck happened? All the Grumps asleep or just busy?
  6. No match overalls and not too many category firsts. My buddy Red Storm always seems to ease me out of first place. I'll have to think of something to slip into his morning tea when we camp out the night before. (We usually bunk together in the motor home, on the range the night before a match. Saves driving in early in the morning.) And yes, we're very friendly!
  7. Our posse's annual CAS match is coming up next Saturday with a Wild Bunch match on Sunday. I'll be able to shoot the CAS match on Saturday, but the WB match is out since I have the duty at Church that day. Complicating that, Big Red, # 1 son, has to work Sunday and we don't want to leave SWMBO alone too long. Big Red was around last Saturday and Sunday, so I was able to help Regulator, Red Storm set-up for the upcoming matches next Saturday and Sunday. Man, those rigid leg braces are hot, but I was able to stay on my feet most of the time. Trouble on match day is they
  8. Thanks Pards. Those prayers worked the last time, when an X-Ray showed a shadow around my heart. (GULP!) That turned out to be a partially calcified aneurism and a blood clot surrounded by fibrous tissue, from heart surgery almost 50 years before, when I was 16. The Heart Institute just keeps a watching brief on that and tells me to keep on keeping on. Hopefully, this will end up being something along the same line.
  9. No, not the best. SWMBO picked something up while at the hospital, waiting for some tests and has been worshiping The Great White Goddess. And missed the first time. She says she's now OK and tells me to go to the match coming up in Kingston, but I don't want to that far away, because Big Red (#1 Son) is working Saturday. That and an upcoming trip to the Cancer Assessment Clinic next week for a problem discovered with my plumbing has me a little off my game..
  10. GRUMP! GET THE HECK OFF MY LAWN! Had to miss Strangers Buffalo Rifle Match on Saturday. Had my precision bullets all weighed, loaded into carefully examined and trimmed .45-70 cases that were loaded individually with Trail Boss after weighing each and every charge. Then a family health emergency stopped me from attending. Oh well. Maybe next time.
  11. Making some sales of toys I no longer use. Arthritis in the knees mean I can't do my share around the moose camp or if we get one. Pards. want me to come anyway, but wife's health issues are such that I don't want to be 10 to 12 hours drive away. Moose rifle, in .338wm with bullets, cases dies etc. on the block. So keep off my grass, 'cause I'm GRUMPY! Luckily, I can hunt deer an hour away, with my friend, Dr. Dr. Bob, at his place where I have access to a phone, so I can talk to her a couple of times a day. Our son, Big Red will handle most things while I'm away.
  12. OK, That's a simple problem to fix. Use slower bullets. Geez, do I have to teach you everything?
  13. I've been thinking about this Jabez and I think I found a way for you to have a clean match. Every time. Use the Holy Black. Lots of Holy Black. The blacker the better. Have a pard standing nearby, but out of sight, with a steel plate and a hammer. After each shot into the smoke, your pard hits the steel plate. If it clangs twice, just claim it's an echo. No-No, don't thank me. Anything to help a pard. What? Cheat? Who Me? Spirit of the Game?? What? Asked to leave? What? Why?
  14. Just dropped off three new picnic tables at the Square Circle Ranch, (Our new CAS facility at EOSC) Buildings are getting moved in soon so I'm not quite as grumpy as usual. But GET OFF THE GRASS ANYWAY. EH
  15. I'll have a cup. Any donuts or sticky buns? Got a Clean Match certificate for my efforts at the "Lipstick on a Pig" match in May. Disappointing now though that they no longer use a timer with that "BEEP" when I get to the line. Now it's a whistle to start me and a sun dial.
  16. Dino's were sort of an off grey/green. My own pet, when it was young was a Hadrosaur, but I couldn't keep up with its feed and had to set back out in the wilds. Near Calgary. Later, Buffa caught it again and tried to break it to saddle. Didn't work. It was a star bucker in the first Stampede.
  17. Yore a tuffer man than I Gunga Din. (Or maybe I'm older and weaker)
  18. GRUMP! Shot the "Come On Safari" match at Cornwall, emanating from the twisted fertile mind(?) of Johnny Cheater. ( I can't imagine what He** his poor students go through during the year!) Red Storm & I drove up in the early AM; Me anticipating a clean match, (note, I didn't say fast!), that was until the first stage and the onset of heat stroke. Oh well, ice water over my head and quiet sulking contemplation, sitting in the shade, under the canopy and I was ready to go again. A wobbly pop and supper at historic Quinn's Inn improved my morale. Now get off the
  19. Shades of "OPEN RANGE" ! We need another one of that calibre. (Spelling is correct for North of the Medicine Line)
  20. I'd have liked to try the .40-65 etc, but availability of brass and lead bullets kinda held me back. That's why I stuck with .45-70; availability of brass and I have a fellow with a Magna-caster who casts for me. But I do love those big thumpers! I recently bought a new Trapdoor, in .45-70 of course, to go with my original .50-70 conversion, that Bubba's Grandfather got to. It's the one with the open breech.
  21. OK, I'm jealous. Can 'it Nutin' and Stranger had a Buffalo Rifle match in Kingston, a couple of hours drive south of here and I couldn't go. SWMBO is feeling bad about it, but I don't feel right about leaving her alone overnight, after the recent falls she's had. Messed up her arm, side and back. I had the Sharps, Rolling Block and the Hiwal (.45-70's) tuned up for the longer ranges promised. Oh well, maybe next year.
  22. I've been trying to stain the deck now for almost two years. Directions on the can tell me to make sure the wood is dry, but the ()*&^%$%#$#@!@! rain won't lay off long enough for the wood to dry before it gets too hot around here to work outside. (For most of us Canadians - That's anything over 80. After that we just drink beer) Anyway, I covered the deck with a tarp and it's only coming off when it ain't gonna rain. I'll dry that thing one way or another. Now get off the soggy lawn! (Only 1207 post to go before the thread goes POOF)
  23. Do like I just did: Get your kid(s) to do it. Then they can tell YOU: GET OFF THE LAWN! Thread saved from the ignominy of page 2
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