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  1. Now Page three (3) Even worse form. Time for another Canadian MEME! Don't say ya weren't warned! (Jabez, don't lose yore temper and throw things at the meme below. Just don't let folks forget!
  2. Let's all add Pat to our Prayer Lists, that he makes it out safely, still relatively sane and safe to be around normal other people.
  3. Still 909 days until his parole. Is that working days or calendar days??
  4. Page 4 You were warned. Time for another Canadian themed post. Jabez: Try not to cry.
  5. I once had "Tippy" a medium size black terrier and "Nick the Greek" a black cat. They were both grown when Nick came to live with us, but they became great friends almost at once. They took turns chasing one another until they got tired, then curled up together in one black ball.
  6. In our case, we do wear them out where we can't "Social Distance". Our cases were trending down until some younger folks decided to party after restrictions about the numbers who could gather, with social distancing, were eased, thinking they didn't have anything to worry about. Then there was a dramatic rise among those who attended the functions. Someone there was carrying the virus On a personal note, Sherron, (SWMBO) lost her brother, Lorrie, to Covid 19 and I lost two cousins, Mary and Joyce, all in Nursing Homes. Lorrie was 75, Mary was 81 and Joyce was 83.
  7. True enough. Even if the stuff they want will end up later in your bed!!
  8. Opening here as well. The posse at Grenville, (formerly known as The Wild Turkey Posse, now, Who Knows?) is having a match July 25 and the Square Circle Wranglers have one scheduled for August 1 All will have to maintain "Social Distancing" rules, i.e. 2 meters apart. Oh well, better than nothin'
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