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  1. Naw, just needs a trim and Clangity Jane has been giving him a break, while he's been hiding away in the hanger.
  2. Well, the buildings have been moved onto the dedicated CAS range. Clubhouse is in place and leveled as are the storage sheds. The crew, of Red Storm and Roger cut a large storage shed/repair building in half to make two storage sheds, placed on opposite ends of the range. Coming up: shelves to store the steel, target shrouds and props in the sheds, after the ends are closed in, then install the wood stove in the cabin and cut some firewood for winter use. Hard to be GRUMPY when I see all this coming together. OK, Grumpy 'cause I can't be there right now.
  3. Just in here. The home office. Sulking, 'cause I can't get to the range.
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